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Egypt has one of the oldest civilizations in the world [1]. Thus, it has been in contact with many other civilizations and nations and also has been through so many eras, starting from pre-historic age to the modern age, passing through so many ages such as; Pharonic, Roman, Greek, Islamic and many other ages. Because of this wide variation of ages and the continuous contact with other nations, many museums may be found in Egypt, covering a wide area of these ages.

Following is a sortable list of museums in Egypt.

Name Arabic-language
native name
City Type Year
Official website Coordinates
Abdeen Palace Museum قصر عابدين Cairo 1863 30°02′30″N 31°14′54″E / 30.04167°N 31.24833°E / 30.04167; 31.24833
Agricultural Museum Cairo agriculture 1930
Ahmed Shawki Museum Cairo
Alexandria National Museum Alexandria
Al Minya Museum
Al-Alemein War Museum
Aswan Museum Elephantine 1912 24°05′5″N 32°53′12″E / 24.08472°N 32.88667°E / 24.08472; 32.88667
Bayt al-Kritliyya Cairo
Bayt Al-Suhaymi Cairo
Beit El-Umma (House of the People) Cairo
Beshtak Palace Cairo
Carriage Museum Cairo
Child Museum Cairo children's 1985
Coptic Museum Cairo
Denshway Museum al-Minufiyah
Egyptian Geological Museum Cairo
Gamal Abdel Nasser Museum Cairo
Gayer-Anderson Museum Cairo
Gezira Center for Modern Art
(also known as the Egyptian Modern Art Museum)
Cairo contemporary and
modern art
Graeco-Roman Museum Alexandria 1892
Hurghada Museum Hurghada 2020
Imhotep Museum Saqqara 2006
Ismaïlia Museum Ismaïlia archaeology 1932
Karanis Site Museum Faiyum archaeology
Kasr (Qasr) El-Gawhara (Jewel Palace) Cairo
Kharga Museum El Kharga
Library of Alexandria Museum Alexandria
Luxor Museum Luxor
Manyal Palace Cairo
Marine Museum Hurghada
Mellaoui Museum
Egyptian Military museum Cairo Citadel 1938
Military Museum Port Said
Mohamed Mahmoud Khalil Museum Giza 1962
Mohamed Nagy Museum Cairo
Mukhtar Museum Cairo
Mummification Museum Luxor 1997
Museum of Egyptian Antiquities
(also known as the Egyptian Museum or
the Cairo Museum)
Museum of Egyptian Railways Cairo
Museum of Islamic Art, Cairo Cairo
Museum of Islamic Ceramics Cairo
National Museum of Egyptian Civilization Cairo 2017
Museum of Modern Art in Egypt Port Said contemporary and modern art 1995
National Museum of Sharqeya [2] Herriat Raznah archaeology 1973
Nubian Museum Aswan 1997 41°23′37″N 2°09′53″E / 41.39361°N 2.16472°E / 41.39361; 2.16472
Om Kalthoum Museum Cairo
Pharaonic Village Jacob Island, Giza
Postal Museum Cairo
Qasr Al-Eini Museum Cairo medical 1998
Ramses Wessa Wassef Art Center
Royal Jewelry Museum Alexandria art and history 1986
Taha Hussein Museum Cairo historic house
Museum in the University of Al-Zagazig [3] Zagazig archaeology 1981


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