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This is a list of museums in Estonia.

Name Image Type Summary County Municipality Location URL
AHHAA AHHAA.jpg Science Science Introduction of science. Tartu Tartu Sadama 1
58°22′35.87″N 26°44′4.59″E / 58.3766306°N 26.7346083°E / 58.3766306; 26.7346083 (Science Centre AHHAA)
Dominican Monastery Museum Püha Katariina kirik 2013-06-02.JPG Historic Site Historic Site Former monastery Harju Tallinn Müürivahe 33
59°26′16.38″N 24°44′57.04″E / 59.4378833°N 24.7491778°E / 59.4378833; 24.7491778 (Dominican Monastery Museum)
Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design Lai tn 17.IMG 4009.jpg Art Art Exposition on the history of Estonian applied art. Harju Tallinn Lai 17
59°26′23.08″N 24°44′42.23″E / 59.4397444°N 24.7450639°E / 59.4397444; 24.7450639 (Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design)
Museum of Estonian Architecture Eesti Arhitektuurimuuseum, 24. august 2011.jpg Architecture Architecture Development of Estonian architecture through time. Located at an old Rotermann Salt Storage building. Harju Tallinn Ahtri 2
59°26′25.12″N 24°45′23.13″E / 59.4403111°N 24.7564250°E / 59.4403111; 24.7564250 (Museum of Estonian Architecture)
Art Museum of Estonia
  • Adamson-Eric Museum
Adamson-Ericu muuseum (Lühike jalg 3) 20120929 by Ahsoous.jpg Art Art Personal museum of artist Adamson-Eric. Harju Tallinn Lühike jalg 3
59°26′10.73″N 24°44′30.91″E / 59.4363139°N 24.7419194°E / 59.4363139; 24.7419194 (Adamson-Eric Museum)
Tallinn Legends Entrance to Tallinn Legends History History, Folklore Features Tallinn's medieval history and legends. Harju Tallinn Kullassepa St. No 7
Art Museum of Estonia Kadrioru loss,.jpg Art Art Western European and Russian art from 16th to 19th centuries. Located at the Kadriorg Palace. Harju Tallinn A. Weizenbergi 37
59°26′18.65″N 24°47′27.5″E / 59.4385139°N 24.790972°E / 59.4385139; 24.790972 (Kadriorg Art Museum)
Art Museum of Estonia Le KUMU, musée dart estonien (Tallinn) (7643040944).jpg Art Art Estonian art from the 18th century to the present day. Harju Tallinn A. Weizenbergi 34
59°26′11.64″N 24°47′48.12″E / 59.4365667°N 24.7967000°E / 59.4365667; 24.7967000 (Kumu Art Museum)
Art Museum of Estonia Kadrioru lossikompleksi köögihoone, A.Weizenbergi 28 (1).jpg Art Art European and Oriental art from Johannes Mikkel's private collection. Harju Tallinn A. Weizenbergi 28
59°26′14.93″N 24°47′28.79″E / 59.4374806°N 24.7913306°E / 59.4374806; 24.7913306 (Mikkel Museum)
Art Museum of Estonia 04 tallin church.jpg Art Art Ecclesiastical art dating back to the Middle Ages. Located at the St. Nicholas' Church. Harju Tallinn Niguliste 3
59°26′9.31″N 24°44′33.71″E / 59.4359194°N 24.7426972°E / 59.4359194; 24.7426972 (Niguliste Museum)
Art Museum of Estonia
  • Kristjan Raud House Museum (et)
Kristjan Raua 8-2.jpg Biographical Biographical Located in a house where artst Kristjan Raud lived between 1929–1943. Exposes his artwork (drawings, drafts, etudes), also hs studio. Harju Tallinn K. Raua 8
59°23′22.31″N 24°41′30.84″E / 59.3895306°N 24.6919000°E / 59.3895306; 24.6919000 (Kristjan Raud House Museum)
Estonian Health Care Museum Medicine Medicine Collection of items related to the history of medicine in Estonia. Harju Tallinn Lai 30
59°26′22.6″N 24°44′43.94″E / 59.439611°N 24.7455389°E / 59.439611; 24.7455389 (Estonian Health Care Museum)
Estonian History Museum AjaloomuuseumIMGP6530.JPG History History Museum of Estonian history Harju Tallinn Pikk 17
59°26′18.26″N 24°44′42.05″E / 59.4384056°N 24.7450139°E / 59.4384056; 24.7450139 (Great Guild Hall)
Estonian History Museum
  • Maarjamäe Palace
Maarjamäe suvemõisa loss.jpg History History Museum of Estonian history. Harju Tallinn Pirita tee 56
59°27′8.93″N 24°48′36.9″E / 59.4524806°N 24.810250°E / 59.4524806; 24.810250 (Maarjamäe Palace)
Estonian History Museum
  • Estonian Film Museum (et)
Maarjamäe suvemõisa loss.jpg Cultural Cultural Museum dedicated to the Cinema of Estonia. Harju Tallinn Pirita tee 56
59°27′8.93″N 24°48′36.9″E / 59.4524806°N 24.810250°E / 59.4524806; 24.810250 (Estonian Film Museum)
Estonian Jewish Museum (et) Juudikool fasad.jpg Cultural Cultural Dedicated to the history and culture of Jews in Estonia. Harju Tallinn Karu 16
59°26′18.85″N 24°45′58.85″E / 59.4385694°N 24.7663472°E / 59.4385694; 24.7663472 (Estonian Jewish Museum)
Estonian Maritime Museum
  • Fat Margaret
Torre de Margarita la Gorda, Tallinn, Estonia, 2012-08-05, DD 02.JPG Maritime Maritime Museum about history of ships and navigation in Estonia. Harju Tallinn Pikk 70
59°26′33.12″N 24°44′58.6″E / 59.4425333°N 24.749611°E / 59.4425333; 24.749611 (Fat Margaret)
Estonian Maritime Museum Angaarid 2013-10-14.JPG Maritime Maritime Exhibition of museum ships: EML Kalev, EML Lembit, Suur Tõll and others. Harju Tallinn Vesilennuki 6
59°27′6.18″N 24°44′18.74″E / 59.4517167°N 24.7385389°E / 59.4517167; 24.7385389 (Seaplane Harbour)
Estonian Literary Museum Vanemuise 42, Tartu 2011.jpg Cultural Cultural Museum of Estonian literature and folklore. Tartu Tartu Vanemuise 42
58°22′26.23″N 26°43′4.26″E / 58.3739528°N 26.7178500°E / 58.3739528; 26.7178500 (Estonian Literary Museum)
Estonian National Museum Eesti Rahva Muuseum.jpg Cultural Cultural Museum of the cultural history of Estonia. Tartu Tartu Veski 32
58°22′40.46″N 26°42′41.37″E / 58.3779056°N 26.7114917°E / 58.3779056; 26.7114917 (Estonian National Museum)
Estonian National Museum
  • Heimtali Museum
Cultural Cultural Museum of the domestic life of Estonia. Located at old Heimtali village schoolhouse. Viljandi Viljandi Parish Heimtali
58°19′35.9″N 25°28′49.62″E / 58.326639°N 25.4804500°E / 58.326639; 25.4804500 (Heimtali Museum)
Estonian National Museum
  • Postal Museum (et)
Eesti Spordimuuseumi hoone.jpg History History Museum of the postal history of Estonia. Tartu Tartu Rüütli 15
58°22′56.83″N 26°43′17.21″E / 58.3824528°N 26.7214472°E / 58.3824528; 26.7214472 (Postal Museum)
Estonian National Museum
  • Raadi Museum (et
Raadi mõis.jpg Cultural Cultural Museum of the cultural history of Estonia. Located at Raadi Manor. Tartu Tartu Narva mnt 177
58°23′57.82″N 26°44′35.1″E / 58.3993944°N 26.743083°E / 58.3993944; 26.743083 (Estonian National Museum)
Estonian Museum of Natural History Natural Natural Geological, botanical and zoological collections and exhibitions. Harju Tallinn Lai 29A
59°26′26.45″N 24°44′44.77″E / 59.4406806°N 24.7457694°E / 59.4406806; 24.7457694 (Estonian Museum of Natural History)
Estonian Open Air Museum Sassi Jaani2.jpg Cultural Cultural Reconstruction of 18th-century Estonian countryside and village life. Harju Tallinn Vabaõhumuuseumi tee 12
59°25′53.53″N 24°38′16.99″E / 59.4315361°N 24.6380528°E / 59.4315361; 24.6380528 (Estonian Open Air Museum)
Estonian Sports Museum Eesti Spordimuuseumi hoone.jpg Sport Sport Museum of the history of Estonian sport. Tartu Tartu Rüütli 15
58°22′56.83″N 26°43′17.21″E / 58.3824528°N 26.7214472°E / 58.3824528; 26.7214472 (Estonian Sports Museum)
Estonian Sports Museum
  • Otepää Winter Sports Museum (et)
Sport Sport Museum of the history of winter sports in Estonia. Valga Otepää Parish Valga mnt 12, Otepää
58°3′12.28″N 26°30′6.84″E / 58.0534111°N 26.5019000°E / 58.0534111; 26.5019000 (Otepää Winter Sports Museum)
Estonian Theatre and Music Museum Assauwe torn Myyrivahe tänaval, vaade Harju tänava poolt, 8. august 2011.jpg Cultural Cultural Museum collects, preserves, studies and introduces the Estonian theatre and musicale life. Harju Tallinn Müürivahe 12
59°26′5.33″N 24°44′42.78″E / 59.4348139°N 24.7452167°E / 59.4348139; 24.7452167 (Estonian Theatre and Music Museum)
Estonian Theatre and Music Museum
  • Andres Särev Museum (et)
Särevi Teatrituba.IMG 0540.JPG Biographical Biographical An apartment-museum of theatre director and actor Andres Särev. Harju Tallinn Tina 23
59°26′10.55″N 24°46′24.21″E / 59.4362639°N 24.7733917°E / 59.4362639; 24.7733917 (Andres Särev Museum)
[28] Museum of Fight for Estonia's Freedom Military Military Private museum specialised on exhibits of World War II battles on Estonian soil. Harju Rae Parish Muuseumi tee 6, Lagedi
59°23′19.84″N 24°56′27.71″E / 59.3888444°N 24.9410306°E / 59.3888444; 24.9410306 (Museum of Fight for Estonia's Freedom)
Haapsalu Castle Haapsalu linnuse varemed2.jpg Historic Site Historic Site Historical Haapsalu Episcopal Castle. Lääne Haapsalu Lossiplats 3
58°56′50.77″N 23°32′19.71″E / 58.9474361°N 23.5388083°E / 58.9474361; 23.5388083 (Haapsalu Castle)
Ice Age Centre Earth Science Geology museum dedicated to the understanding of ice ages. Tartu Tartu Parish Saadjärve 20, Äksi
58°31′33.61″N 26°40′34.32″E / 58.5260028°N 26.6762000°E / 58.5260028; 26.6762000 (Ice Age Centre)
Narva Museum (et)
  • Narva Art Gallery (et)
Здание художественной галереи.jpg Art Art Painting, sculpture, ornamental and applied art from 17th to 20th century. Ida-Viru Narva Vestervalli 21
59°22′56.87″N 28°11′47.08″E / 59.3824639°N 28.1964111°E / 59.3824639; 28.1964111 (Narva Art Gallery)
Narva Museum (et) Castillo de Narva, Estonia, 2012-08-10, DD 01.JPG Historic Site Historic Site Historical Narva Hermann Castle. Ida-Viru Narva Peterburi mnt 2
59°22′32.21″N 28°12′5.93″E / 59.3756139°N 28.2016472°E / 59.3756139; 28.2016472 (Narva Castle)
Nõmme Museum (et) Nõmme jaamahoone.jpg History History Dedicated to the history of Nõmme. Located in the former Nõmme railway station building. Harju Tallinn Jaama 18
59°23′10.68″N 24°41′10.16″E / 59.3863000°N 24.6861556°E / 59.3863000; 24.6861556 (Nõmme Museum)
Museum of Occupations Museum of Occupations071011.jpg History History Museum dedicated to the period of 1940 to 1991 in Estonian history. Harju Tallinn Toompea 8
59°25′57.34″N 24°44′21.75″E / 59.4325944°N 24.7393750°E / 59.4325944; 24.7393750 (Museum of Occupations)
Konstantin Päts Museum (et) Maarjamäe suvemõisa loss.jpg Biographical Biographical Dedicated to Konstantin Päts, the first President of Estonia. Harju Tallinn Pirita tee 56
59°27′8.93″N 24°48′36.9″E / 59.4524806°N 24.810250°E / 59.4524806; 24.810250 (Estonian Film Museum)
Jaan Poska Museum (et) Tallinn, Villa J.Poska 8, 19. saj.jpg Biographical Biographical House museum of diplomat and politician Jaan Poska. Harju Tallinn J. Poska 8
59°26′3.82″N 24°46′46.56″E / 59.4343944°N 24.7796000°E / 59.4343944; 24.7796000 (Jaan Poska Museum)
Museum for Puppet Arts (et) Maja, kus 1809-1902 tegutses esimene kutseline teater Tallinnas.jpg Cultural Cultural The museum explores history of puppet arts and the Estonian Puppet Theatre. Harju Tallinn Lai 1
59°26′18.65″N 24°44′35.43″E / 59.4385139°N 24.7431750°E / 59.4385139; 24.7431750 (Museum for Puppet Arts)
Russian Museum (et) Tallinn, elamu Pikk 29a, 15.-20.saj.jpg Art Art Dedicated to the Russian topics related to Estonia. Harju Tallinn Pikk 29A
59°26′20.11″N 24°44′46.28″E / 59.4389194°N 24.7461889°E / 59.4389194; 24.7461889 (Russian Museum)
Saaremaa Museum (et)
  • Johannes and Joosep Aavik's Memorial Museum (et)
Aavikute majamuuseum.jpg Biographical Biographical House museum of linguist Johannes Aavik and local cultural activist Joosep Aavik Saare Kuressaare Vanalinna 7
58°15′27.72″N 22°29′3.61″E / 58.2577000°N 22.4843361°E / 58.2577000; 22.4843361 (Johannes and Joosep Aavik's Memorial Museum)
Saaremaa Museum (et) Kuressaare linnus Lossipäevadel.jpg Historic Site Historic Site Historical Kuressaare Episcopal Castle. Saare Kuressaare Lossihoov 1
58°14′48.86″N 22°28′45.88″E / 58.2469056°N 22.4794111°E / 58.2469056; 22.4794111 (Kusesaare Castle)
Saaremaa Museum (et)
  • Mihkli Farm Museum (et)
Mihkli Talumuuseum 2009 - 004.JPG Cultural Cultural 19th century local rural village Saare Kihelkonna Parish Viki
58°20′59.72″N 22°4′49.11″E / 58.3499222°N 22.0803083°E / 58.3499222; 22.0803083 (Mihkli Farm Museum)
Tallinn City Museum Museo de la Ciudad, Tallin, Estonia, 2012-08-05, DD 03.JPG History History Overlook of Tallinn's history through centuries. Harju Tallinn Vene 17
59°26′19.26″N 24°44′53.37″E / 59.4386833°N 24.7481583°E / 59.4386833; 24.7481583 (Tallinn City Museum)
Tallinn City Museum
  • Children's Museum (et)
Children Children Introduces toys, table games, children's books, postcards etc. Harju Tallinn Kotzebue 16
59°26′34.23″N 24°44′12.68″E / 59.4428417°N 24.7368556°E / 59.4428417; 24.7368556 (Children's Museum)
Tallinn City Museum
  • St. John the Baptist's Almshouse (et)
Historic Site Historic Site Ruins of historical St. John the Baptist's Almshouse Harju Tallinn Väike-Pääsukese 5
59°26′0.62″N 24°45′36.92″E / 59.4335056°N 24.7602556°E / 59.4335056; 24.7602556 (St. John the Baptist's Almshouse)
Tallinn City Museum Kiek in de Kök1 2013.jpg Historic Site Historic Site Historical artillery tower Kiek in de Kök and tunnels inside the Ingrian Bastion. Harju Tallinn Komandandi 2
59°26′4.91″N 24°44′28.88″E / 59.4346972°N 24.7413556°E / 59.4346972; 24.7413556 (Kiek in de Kök)
Tallinn City Museum
  • Miia-Milla-Manda (et)
Kadrioru Lastepargi paviljon.jpg Children Children Thematical expositions for children between 3 and 11. Harju Tallinn L. Koidula 21C
59°26′12.35″N 24°47′22.01″E / 59.4367639°N 24.7894472°E / 59.4367639; 24.7894472 (Miia-Milla-Manda)
Tallinn City Museum
  • Peter I House Museum (et)
Tallinna Peeter I maja (2).jpg Historic Site Historic Site Summer cottage beside Kadriorg Palace, where Peter the Great stayed whyle in Tallinn. Harju Tallinn Mäekalda 2
59°26′15.43″N 24°47′46.21″E / 59.4376194°N 24.7961694°E / 59.4376194; 24.7961694 (Peter I House Museum)
Tallinn City Museum
  • Photo Museum (et)
Fotomuuseum.JPG History History History of Estonian photography. Located at the historical Town Council's Prison. Harju Tallinn Raekoja 4/6
59°26′12.67″N 24°44′42.98″E / 59.4368528°N 24.7452722°E / 59.4368528; 24.7452722 (Photo Museum)
Tallinn City Museum
  • Anton Hansen Tammsaare Museum (et)
Biographical Biographical House museum of writer Anton Hansen Tammsaare Harju Tallinn L. Koidula 12A
59°26′16.21″N 24°46′42.77″E / 59.4378361°N 24.7785472°E / 59.4378361; 24.7785472 (Anton Hansen Tammsaare Museum)
Tallinn City Museum
  • Eduard Vilde Museum (et)
Roheline aas 3.jpg Biographical Biographical House museum of writer Eduard Vilde. Harju Tallinn Roheline Aas 3
59°26′11.48″N 24°47′6.95″E / 59.4365222°N 24.7852639°E / 59.4365222; 24.7852639 (Eduard Vilde Museum)
Tartu Art Museum Tartu Town Hall Square - Raekoja Plats.jpg Art Art Estonian and foreign art Tartu Tartu Raekoja plats 18
Tartu City Museum Building of the Tartu City Museum 2007.jpg History History History of Tartu Tartu Tartu Narva mnt 23
Tartu Toy Museum Elamu Tartus Lutsu 8, 18-19.saj.JPG Children Children Toys Tartu Tartu Lutsu 2
58°22′56.4″N 26°43′5.34″E / 58.382333°N 26.7181500°E / 58.382333; 26.7181500 (Tartu Toy Museum)
Eduard Tubin Museum Alatskivi mõisa peahoone1.jpg Biographical Biographical Dedicated to composer Eduard Tubin, located at Alatskivi Castle. Tartu Alatskivi Parish Alatskivi Castle, Alatskivi
58°36′13.87″N 27°7′47.49″E / 58.6038528°N 27.1298583°E / 58.6038528; 27.1298583 (Eduard Tubin Museum)

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