List of museums in Georgia (country)

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Museums in Georgia listed by the principal subdivisions of the country.




HistoryArchaeologicalCulturalArtAdjara State Museum

ArtAdjara State Museum of Fine Art

Kemal Turmanidze's Ethnographic Museum "Borjgalo"

ArchaeologicalBatumi Archaeology Museum

CulturalIlia Chavchavadze Museum

BiographicalMemed Abashidze House Museum

BiographicalJoseph Stalin House Museum

CulturalKhelvachauri Local Museum

CulturalMachakheli Valley Ethnography Museum

Historic SiteGonio-Apsaros Museum-Reserve

CulturalKhulo Local Museum

ArtAdjaristskali Art Gallery

BiographicalSherip Khimshiashvili House Museum

CulturalKhikhani Valley Ethnography Museum

CulturalOladauri Ethnography Museum

Historic SitePetra-Tsikhisdziri Historical-Architectural Museum-Reserve


HistoryNiko Berdzenishvili Kutaisi History Museum (web)

CulturalKutaisi Sport History Museum

CulturalKutaisi Museum of Zakaria Paliashvili

MilitaryKutaisi Museum of Military Glory

ArtKutaisi Fine Art Gallery

Historic SiteKutaisi-Gelati State Museum-Reserve

BiographicalNiko Nikoladze House Museum

ArtSamtredia Picture Gallery

BiographicalAkaki Shanidze House Museum

CulturalKhoni Local Museum

BiographicalPolikarpe Kakabadze House-Museum

BiographicalIrakli Abashidze House Museum

CulturalGiorgi Akhvlediani Tskaltubo Local Museum

BiographicalNiko Lortkipanidze House Museum

ArtTskhaltubo Fine Art Museum

ArtVani Fine Art Museum

BiographicalGalaktion and Titsian Tabidze House Museum

ArchaeologicalGeorgian National Museum. Vani Archaeological Museum

CulturalChiatura Local Museum

BiographicalGiorgi Tsereteli House Museum

BiographicalMountain-climber Japaridze House Museum

CulturalTkibuli Local Museum

BiographicalVladimir Mayakovsky House Museum

CulturalChkhari Agriculture and Craft Museum

BiographicalDavid and Sergo Kldiashvili House Museum

BiographicalShalva and Petre Amiranashvili House Museum

CulturalZestaponi Local Museum

BiographicalUshangi Chkheidze House Museum

CulturalKharagauli Local Museum

HistoryGhoresha Museum of the Village History

CulturalSachkhere Local Museum

BiographicalAkaki Tsereteli State Museum


HistoryOzurgeti History Museum

ArtOzurgeti Fine Art Gallery

Historic SiteEkvtime Takaishvili Museum-Reserve of Gurianta-Vashnari

CulturalLanchkhuti Local Museum

BiographicalEgnate Ninoshvili House Museum

CulturalNiko Berdzenishvili Local Museum of Chokhatauri

BiographicalNodar Dumbadze House Museum

BiographicalNicholas Marr House Museum


CulturalSagarejo Local Museum

BiographicalGiorgi Leonidze House Museum

Historic SiteDavid Gareja Historical-Architectural Museum-Reserve

CulturalGurjaani Local Museum

BiographicalNato Vachnadze House Museum

BiographicalIoseb Noneshvili House Museum

BiographicalIvane Beritashvili House Museum

MilitaryMuseum of Military Glory

HistoryCulturalGiorgi Maisuradze Museum of Village History

MilitaryShalikashvili Brothers Museum of Georgian Army

HistoryCulturalGiorgi Chubinashvili Telavi State History and Ethnography Museum

BiographicalAlexander Chavchavadze House Museum at Tsinandali

CulturalAkhmeta Local Museum

BiographicalRaphael Eristavi House Museum

CulturalOmalo Ethnographic Museum

CulturalArtHistorySignagi Museum

BiographicalVano Sarajishvili House Museum

BiographicalPore Mosulishvili House Museum

BiographicalIrodion Evdoshvili House Museum

BiographicalSandro Akhmeteli House Museum

BiographicalVaso Godziashvili House Museum

BiographicalSandro Shanshiashvili House Museum

BiographicalIlo Mosashvili House Museum

BiographicalAlexandre Gzirishvili House Museum

BiographicalSandro Mirianashvili House Museum

CulturalDedoplistskaro Local Museum

BiographicalArtState Museum of Niko Pirosmanashvili at Mirzaani

CulturalMuseum of Friendship of Nations

BiographicalKote Marjanishvili House Museum

BiographicalIlia Chavchavadze House Museum

Historic SiteGremi-Nekresi History and Architecture State Museum-Reserve

CulturalLagodekhi Local Museum

Kvemo Kartli[edit]

HistoryCulturalRustavi Local Museum

HistoryCulturalGardabani Local Museum

HistoryCulturalMartkopi History Museum

HistoryCulturalNorio History Museum

BiographicalNicholas Marr Memorial Museum

BiographicalNikoloz Baratashvili House Museum

BiographicalMikheil Javakhishvili House Museum

BiographicalMelik-Phashayev House Museum

HistoryCulturalTetritskaro Local Museum

HistoryCulturalBolnisi Local Museum

BiographicalSulkhan-Saba Orbeliani Museum (Village Tandzia)

Historic SiteKldekari History and Architecture Museum-Reserve

Historic SiteGeorgian National Museum. Dmanisi History and Architecture Museum-Reserve


BiographicalIlia Chavchavadze Saguramo State Museum

Historic SiteGreat Mtskheta Archaeology State Museum-Reserve

CulturalHistoryDusheti Local Museum

CulturalGudani Ethnography Museum

BiographicalGiorgi and David Eristavi House Museum

BiographicalVazha-Pshavela House Museum

Historic SiteDartlo Architectural Reserve

CulturalHistoryTianeti Local Museum

BiographicalMirza Gelovani House Museum

Historic SiteKazbegi Museum

CulturalHistoryBiographicalAlexander Kazbegi Stepantsminda Local Museum

Shida Kartli[edit]

HistoryCulturalKhashuri Local Museum

BiographicalDimitri Kipiani House-Museum

HistoryCulturalKareli Local Museum

HistoryCulturalSergi Makalatia Gori History and Ethnography Museum

BiographicalAlexander Javakhishvili House Museum (village Dzevera)

BiographicalNiko Lomouri House Museum (village Arbo)

BiographicalJoseph Stalin Museum in Gori

BiographicalIakob Gogebashvili House Museum

Historic SiteUplistsikhe History and Architecture Museum-Reserve

BiographicalIvane Machabeli House Museum

Historic SiteDidi Liakhvi Gorge Museum-Reserve

HistoryCulturalKaspi Local Museum

Historic SiteJambakur-Orbeliani Palaces

BiographicalIvane Javakhisvili House Museum

BiographicalGiorgi Mazniashvili House Museum

BiographicalOmar Kelaptrishvili House Museum

Historic SiteKsani Gorge Archaeology Museum-Reserve


HistoryCulturalGeorgian National Museum. Samtskhe-Javakheti History Museum

Historic SiteVardzia History and Architecture State Museum-Reserve

HistoryCulturalAkhalkalaki Local Museum

HistoryCulturalAkhaltsikhe Museum Local Museum

HistoryCulturalBorjomi Local Museum

BiographicalVahan Terian House Museum

Racha-Lechkhumi and Kvemo Svaneti[edit]

HistoryCulturalLentekhi Local Museum

HistoryCulturalTsageri Local Museum

BiographicalLado Asatiani House Museum

ArtTsageri Picture gallery

HistoryCulturalArtRacha Regional Museum in Oni

ArtAmbrolauri Museum of Fine Arts

Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti[edit]

BiographicalMikheil Khergiani House Museum

HistoryCulturalGeorgian National Museum. Svaneti History and Ethnography Museum

CulturalHistoryBiographicalDadiani Palace History and Architecture Museum

CulturalHistoryTsalenjikha History and Ethnography Museum

BiographicalTerenti Graneli House Museum

CulturalHistoryChkhorotsku Local Museum

CulturalHistoryKhobi Local Museum

BiographicalAlio Mirtskhulava House Museum

CulturalHistoryPoti Colchian Culture Museum

CulturalHistorySenaki Museum

Historic SiteNokalakevi Archaeology Museum-Reserve

BiographicalArnold Chikobava Memorial Museum

ArtSenaki Picture Gallery

BiographicalKonstantine Gamsakhurdia House Museum

CulturalHistoryMartvili Local Museum


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