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List of museums in Hamburg

The city of Hamburg, Germany is home to several museums, galleries, and other related cultural institutions. In 2009, 50 state and private museums, were located in Hamburg proper.[1] This list contains the most famous or well-regarded organizations.


Several foundations and organisations in Hamburg coordinate the events and exhibitions for most museums. Events like the Long Night of Museums (Lange Nacht der Museen) — during which the establishments remain open late into the night, seeking to introduce new individuals to the cultural institutions—are promoted by the Museumsdienst Hamburg.[2] The ticket include only one fare for all museums and the public transport provided by the Hamburger Verkehrsverbund. In 2009, 42 museums and exhibition halls participated, with more than 600 events and exhibitions, and the cost was €12, reduced €8. More than 30,000 people attended.[3][4]


Art Gallery (Kunsthalle Hamburg)
  Museum participates at the event Long Night of Museums.[2]
German name Translation Date[Note 1] Location[Note 2] Notes Website
Kunsthalle Hamburg und Galerie der Gegenwart Art Gallery and Gallery of Contemporary Arts (in English)
Bucerius Kunst Forum (in English)
Haus der Photographie
House of Photography
(and exhibition hall for contemporary art)
(in English)
Ernst-Barlach-Haus 1962 Othmarschen (in English)
Erotic Art Museum Erotic Art Museum closed
Museum für Kunst und Kultur an der Elbe
Othmarschen [Note 3] (in German)
Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg Museum of Art and Industry Hamburg 1874 (in English)


  Museum participates at the event Long Night of Museums.[2]
German name Translation Date[Note 1] Location[Note 2] Notes Website
Brahms Museum 1971 Composers Quarter Hamburg
Telemann Museum 1971 Composers Quarter Hamburg
Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach Museum 2011 Composers Quarter Hamburg
Johann Adolph Hasse Museum 2015 Composers Quarter Hamburg
Gustav Mahler Museum 2018 Composers Quarter Hamburg
Fanny & Felix Mendelssohn Museum 2018 Composers Quarter Hamburg
Beatlemania Hamburg 2009–2012
Jazz-Museum Bix Eiben 1987–2013

History & Culture[edit]

Front view of the Museum of Ethnology in 2007
  Museum participates at the event Long Night of Museums.[2]
German name Description Date[Note 1] Location[Note 2] Notes Website
Afghanisches Museum Culture and cultural history of Afghanistan 1998-2011 HafenCity (in English)
Alstertal-Museum Historical and cultural information of the area 1957 Wellingsbüttel (in German)
Altonaer Museum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte Art and cultural history of Northern Germany [Note 3] (in German)
Archäologisches Museum Hamburg Archaeological Museum of Hamburg, the southern neighbouring counties and the History of Harburg [Note 3] (in German)
BallinStadt - Auswandererwelt Hamburg
BallinStadt - The Emigration Museum
Emigration via Hamburg (1850–1934) 2004 Veddel (in English)[permanent dead link]
Biozentrum Grindel und Zoologisches Museum Zoological museum 1843 (1969) (in English)
Cap San Diego Museum ship 1986 St. Pauli
(in German)
Deutsches Zollmuseum History of German customs 1927 (1993) (in German)
Gedenkstätte Ernst Thälmann Ernst Thälmann Memorial Museum 1969 Eppendorf (in German)[permanent dead link]
Internationales Maritimes Museum Hamburg Naval history, model ships, naval uniforms and maritime art HafenCity (in English)
Museum der Arbeit People's history and industrialization in Hamburg 1985 [Note 3]
[Note 4]
(in English)
Museum für Kommunikation Hamburg History of communication 1937 (1966) (in German)
Museum für Völkerkunde Museum of Ethnology 1879 (in English)
former: Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte
Museum of Hamburg history 1892 [Note 3] (in English)
Museum Elbinsel Wilhelmsburg 1907 (in German)
Museum Godeffroy 1861–1885 Closed
KZ-Gedenkstätte Neuengamme Memorial at Neuengamme concentration camp Neuengamme (in English)
Rickmer Rickmers Museums ship, windjammer 1987 St. Pauli
(in German)
Speicherstadt Museum History of the Speicherstadt, tea and koffee trade [Note 3] (in English)
St. Pauli Museum 2005 St. Pauli (in German)
Stettin Museums ship, steam icebreaker in the museum port of Oevelgoenne Othmarschen (in German)
WasserForum Water in Hamburg, history and services Rothenburgsort (in German)

Science & Natural History[edit]

  Museum participates at the event Long Night of Museums.[2]
German name Translation Date[Note 1] Location[Note 2] Notes Website

Geologisch-Paläontologisches Museum Hamburg Hamburg Geological and Paleontological Museum 2014 Rotherbaum (in German)
Hamburger Sternwarte Hamburg Observatory 1912 Bergedorf (in German)
Mineralogisches Museum Hamburg Hamburg Mineralogical Museum 1907 (1969) Grindelviertel (in English)
Planetarium Hamburg Hamburg Planetarium 1930 Hamburg Stadtpark (in German)


Museum der Arbeit main building
  Museum participates at the event Long Night of Museums.[2]
German name Translation Date[Note 1] Location[Note 2] Notes Website
„Die Dachbodenbande“ Attic caboodle HafenCity Toy museum (in German)
FC St Pauli Museum 1910 - Museum für den FC St. Pauli E.v. 2017 Millerntor Stadion Football/Fan Culture (in German)
Hafenmuseum Port museum (in German)
Hamburg Dungeon [1]
Hamburger Schulmuseum Hamburg Museums for Schools (in German)
Hamburger SV Museum 2004 (in German)
KL!CK Kindermuseum Children's museum (in German)
Miniatur Wunderland 2001 HafenCity Rail transport modelling (in English)
Prototyp – Personen. Kraft. Wagen. HafenCity Car museum (in English)
Spicy's Gewürzmuseum Spice museum 1991 HafenCity partly (in English)

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