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This list of museums in Monaco contains museums which are defined for this context as institutions (including nonprofit organizations, government entities, and private businesses) that collect and care for objects of cultural, artistic, scientific, or historical interest and make their collections or related exhibits available for public viewing.

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Name Image District Type Summary Coordinates
Monaco Top Cars Collection 0 Musée de l'automobile Monaco PL.JPG Fontvieille Automobile A collection of historic cars assembled by Prince Rainier III of Monaco. 43°43′51.29″N 7°25′1.61″E / 43.7309139°N 7.4171139°E / 43.7309139; 7.4171139
Museum of Old Monaco Monaco-Ville Monegasque heritage 43°43′53.43″N 7°25′32.27″E / 43.7315083°N 7.4256306°E / 43.7315083; 7.4256306
Museum of the Chapel of Visitation Monaco Musee de la Chapelle de la Visitation.jpg Monaco-Ville Art A collection of Old Master paintings in a former Roman Catholic chapel. 43°43′52.98″N 7°25′31.89″E / 43.7313833°N 7.4255250°E / 43.7313833; 7.4255250
Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology Monaco.Musée d'Anthropologie001.jpg Les Révoires Anthropological 43°43′58″N 7°24′49.65″E / 43.73278°N 7.4137917°E / 43.73278; 7.4137917
Museum of Stamps and Coins Musée des timbres et des monnaies de Monaco.JPG Fontvieille Numismatic and philately 43°43′51.13″N 7°25′3.51″E / 43.7308694°N 7.4176417°E / 43.7308694; 7.4176417
New National Museum of Monaco Les Révoires and Monte-Carlo Modern art 43°43′57.54″N 7°24′49.3″E / 43.7326500°N 7.413694°E / 43.7326500; 7.413694 (Villa Paloma)
43°44′39.9″N 7°25′49.65″E / 43.744417°N 7.4304583°E / 43.744417; 7.4304583 (Villa Sauber)
Oceanographic Museum Oceanographic Museum Monaco.JPG Monaco-Ville Aquarium/Oceanography 43°43′50.29″N 7°25′32.29″E / 43.7306361°N 7.4256361°E / 43.7306361; 7.4256361
Monaco Naval Museum Musée Naval de Monaco.JPG Fontvieille Naval museum 43°43′48.51″N 7°25′0.24″E / 43.7301417°N 7.4167333°E / 43.7301417; 7.4167333

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