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This is the list of tourist attractions in Taipei, capital city of Taiwan, ROC.

Notable buildings before 1945[edit]

Longshan Temple was built in 1738.
Lecture hall at the National Taiwan Normal University. A number of Taipei campus structures date from Taiwan's period of Japanese rule.

Notable buildings since 1945[edit]

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall dates from Taiwan's martial law period. The plaza, now Liberty Square, hosted mass democracy rallies in 1990.
Taipei 101, built in a newly democratic Taiwan, was the first skyscraper to break the half-kilometer mark in height.


Public places[edit]

  • Chinese Culture & Movie Center (Shilin)
  • Digital Art Center, Taipei (Shilin)
  • Discovery Center of Taipei (Xinyi)
  • Hakka Culture Hall of Taipei (Xinyi)
  • Heritage and Culture Education Center of Taipei (Wanhua)
  • Liberty Square: Plaza and Parks
  • Novel Hall for Performing Arts (Xinyi)
  • Puppetry Art Center of Taipei (Songshan)
  • Taipei Children's Recreation Center (Zhongshan)
  • Taipei Costume Cultural Center (Wanhua)
  • Taipei Cultural Center (Songshan)
  • Young Party (Zhongzheng)

Urban parks[edit]

National park and nature preserve[edit]

Night markets[edit]


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