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The following is a list of museums and art galleries in Tokyo. To use the sortable table, click on the icons at the top of each column to sort that column in alphabetical order; click again for reverse alphabetical order.

Museum Name Image District or Ward Type Summary
Amuse Museum Asakusa Textile Art Japanese Textile Culture and Ukiyo-e Art Museum
Ancient Orient Museum IndoParthianReveling.JPG Ikebukuro Art Artifacts of the ancient Near East and Central Asia
Asakura Museum of Sculpture Asakura Museum of Sculpture - 20161122.jpg Taitō Art Museum preserving the home and studio of sculptor Fumio Asakura (1883-1964)
Banknote and Postage Stamp Museum Banknote & Postage stamp Museam of Japan.JPG Shinjuku Numismatic website in Japanese, information
Beer Museum Yebisu Shibuya Food website, history, science and culture of beer
Bicycle Culture Center Chiyoda Transport website
Bridgestone Museum of Art Bridgestone Museum.jpg Chūō Art Includes Impressionists, Post-Impressionists and twentieth-century art, Ancient Greek ceramics
Bunkamura Bunkamura.JPG Shibuya Art Concert hall, theater and art gallery
Bunka Gakuen Costume Museum Shibuya Fashion website, historical costumes and costume-related crafts from around the world
Bunkyo Historical Museum Bunkyō History website in Japanese, information, history and culture
Center of the Tokyo Raids and War Damage Koto History Information and artifacts regarding the bombing of Tokyo
Currency Museum of the Bank of Japan Japan Currency Museum.jpg Chūō Numismatic Japanese currency
Daimaru Museum Chiyoda Art website in Japanese, information
Daimyo Clock Museum Taitō Horology information, information, website in Japanese
Earthquake Learning Center Meguro Science information, information
Edo-Tokyo Museum Edo-Tokyo Museum.jpg Ryōgoku History History of Tokyo
Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum House in the Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum.jpg Koganei Open air Historic Japanese buildings.
Eisei Bunko Museum Eisei Bunko-1.JPG Bunkyō Art Fine art and historical documents
Emperor Showa Memorial Museum Emperor Showa Memorial Museum 20051213.jpg Tachikawa Biographical website, located in Showa Memorial Park (also known as Showa Kinen Park), life and memorabilia of Emperor Hirohito and his wife Empress Kōjun
Exhibition Hall of the Diplomatic Archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan Exhibition hall of the Diplomatic Record Office Japan.JPG Minato-ku Diplomatic archives Museum website
Fukagawa-Edo Museum Kōtō History information, miniature reproduction of downtown Edo
Gas Science Museum, Tokyo Kodaira Industry website in Japanese, information[permanent dead link], information, gas appliances and technology
Ghibli Museum Ghibli-museum-mitaka.jpg Mitaka Art Animation work of Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli
Gotoh Museum Gotoh Museum.JPG Setagaya Art Classical Japanese and Chinese art
Hara Museum of Contemporary Art Hara Museum of Contemporary Art 2010.jpg Shinagawa Art Media includes art, design, architecture, music and dance
Hasegawa Machiko Art Museum Setagaya Art Comic strip works by Hasegawa Machiko, who drew the comic strip Sazae-san
Hatakeyama Memorial Museum of Fine Art Minato Art Chinese, Korean and Japanese art related to tea drinking
House of Shiseido Chūō Fashion website, information, history of Shiseido cosmetic products
Idemitsu Museum of Arts Imperial Garden Theater, Tokyo.jpg Marunouchi Art Features a collection of Japanese painting and calligraphy, and East Asian ceramics
Industrial Safety Museum & Theater Minato Industry website
Itabashi Ward Public Ecopolis Center Marunouchi Science information
JAXA i JAXAi Entrance.JPG Chiyoda Science website, aerospace science, operated by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
Japan Football Museum Japan soccer museum bunkyo tokyo.JPG Bunkyō Sports website, information, soccer in Japan
Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum 20070317.jpg Bunkyō Sports
Japanese Folk Crafts Museum Meguro Art Also known as Mingeikan Museum, Japanese folk crafts and from China, Korea, England, Africa and elsewhere
Japanese Sword Museum Shibuya Military Art of Japanese sword
JCII Camera Museum Chiyoda Technology website, cameras, photography and film
Kanto Earthquake Disaster Memorial Museum Sumida History information
Katsushika City Museum Katsushika Science website, also local history and astronomy
Katsushika Shibamata Tora-san Museum Katsushika History information,
Kinunomichi Museum Kinunumichi mus..JPG Hachiōji History information in Japanese, video, history of the silk trade and silk road
Kite Museum (Tokyo) Chūō Sports website, Japanese and Asian kites
Kobo Gallery Chūō Art
Kodansha Noma Memorial Museum Kodansha Noma Memorial Museum 2.jpg Bunkyō Art Art and cultural treasures
Kodaira Hirakushi Denchu Art Museum Kodaira Hirakushi Denchu Art Museum front.jpg Kodaira Art Home, studio, and gallery of sculptor Hirakushi Denchū (1872-1979)
Koishikawa Annex, The University Museum, The University of Tokyo Koishikawa Annex.jpg Bunkyō Natural history Research museum only
Kokugakuin University Museum Shibuya Shinto, History, Archaeology This Museum was founded with the goals of gathering and preserving cultural artifacts necessary to the study of Japanese culture, conducting and publicizing research, and engaging in collaborative educational and research activities within the context of Kokugakuin University and beyond. The permanent exhibition includes exhibits detailing the history of the university and the academic resource archive as well as archaeological research into the history of the Japanese archipelago. [1]
Koishikawa Ukiyo-e Art Museum Koishikawa Ukiyo-e Art Museum.JPG Bunkyō Art Ukiyo-e paintings
Kyodo no mori Kyodo no Mori Historic Buildings.jpg Fuchū Open air
Matsuoka Museum of Art Shirokanedai Art website, description of collections
Meguro Museum of Art Meguro Art Japanese modern and contemporary art, as well as international artists
Meguro Parasitological Museum Meguro Medical website
Meiji Jingu Treasure Museum Meiji Shrine-Treasure Museum.JPG Shibuya Art website, items used by household of Emperor Meiji
Meiji University Museum Chiyoda Multiple website in Japanese, information, three departments: handcrafts, criminology, archaeology
Michio Miyagi Memorial Hall Miyagi Michio Memorial Hall.jpg Shinjuku Music Life and works of musician Michio Miyagi
Min-On Music Museum Min-On Music Museum.JPG Shinjuku Music website in Japanese, information
Miraikan Miraikan.jpg Odaiba Science National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation
Mitsui Memorial Museum Mitsui Main Building 2009.jpg Chūō Art Japanese and Asian art and decorative arts
Mitsuo Aida Museum Chūō Art website, works of calligrapher poet Mitsuo Aida
Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum - Street Level Mar 2009.jpg Marunouchi Art Focus is 19th-century Western art
Mori Art Museum Roppongi Art Contemporary art
Musée Tomo Musée Tomo - Tokyo, Japan - DSC06684.JPG Minato Art Contemporary Japanese ceramic art
Museum of Advertising and Marketing Shiodome Science website, also known as Advertising Museum Tokyo, history of advertising in Japan
Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo 2009.jpg Kōtō Art In Kiba
Museum of Logistics Minato Transportation website in Japanese, information
Museum of Maritime Science Museum of Maritime Science north-west side.jpg Odaiba Maritime Japanese boats, the Navy, shipping, fishing, sailing, maritime recreation, ship design and building, marine environment
Museum of the Imperial Collections Kano Eitoku 002.jpg Chiyoda Art Changing exhibition of a part of the imperial household treasures
Nakagawa Funabansho Barge Museum Koto History Replica of the Nakagawa Waterway Station, which regulated trade and travel of Edo-era canals. website, information
NHK Museum of Broadcasting NHK Museum.jpg Minato Media website, history of broadcasting in Japan
NTT InterCommunication Center Shinjuku Art Media art
National Art Center National Art Center Tokyo 2008.jpg Roppongi Art 20th-century painting and modern art
National Astronomical Observatory of Japan - Observatory History Museum Observatory History Museum at NAOJ Mitaka Campus.jpg Mitaka Science Astronomy
National Hansen's Disease Museum National Hansen's Disease Museum (Japan) 2.jpg Higashimurayama Science History of Hansen's disease (leprosy) in Japan and its effects on its sufferers
National Museum of Nature and Science NMNC01s3200.jpg Ueno Natural history Natural history and interactive science exhibits
National Museum of Modern Art National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo (2006.05).jpg Chiyoda Art
National Museum of Western Art National museum of western art05s3200.jpg Ueno Art Art from the Western tradition
National Showa Memorial Museum Showa kan.jpg Chiyoda History Also known as Showakan, lifestyle of the Japanese people during the Shōwa period, mostly during and post World War II, located in Kudanshita
New Otani Art Museum Chiyoda Art Modern art from France and Japan
Nezu Museum National museum of western art05s3200.jpg Minato Art Japanese and other Asian pre-modern arts, including arts related to tea
O Art Museum Ōsaki Art website
Okura Shukokan Okura Shukokan (2006.05).jpg Minato Art website, Japanese and Asian art
Ota Memorial Museum of Art Shibuya Art Ukiyo-e (Japanese woodblock print)
Orugoru no Chiisana Hakubutsukan Bunkyō Music Mechanical musical instruments (permanently closed); website
Paper Museum Kita Industry website, paper industry, history and uses of paper
Pen Station, Tokyo Chuo Writing Instruments website, history of writing instruments, in particular Pilot pens
Philatelic Museum, Tokyo Kitte no Hakubutsukan.JPG Toshima Philately website, postage stamps
Prince Chichibu Memorial Sports Museum Shinjuku Sports website
Princess Gallery Handbag Museum Taitō Fashion website in Japanese, information, history of handbags in Japan and bags from around the world
Printing Museum, Tokyo Toppan building.jpg Bunkyō Media History and techniques of printing as a form of communication
Rainbow Sewer Museum Odaiba Science website in Japanese, information, structure of Tokyo's drainage system
Ridai Museum of Modern Science Ridai Museum of Modern Science.JPG Shinjuku Science information, part of the Tokyo University of Science, history of the University, calculators and computers and Japan
Ryōgoku Kokugikan Sumo Museum Sumida Sports website
Safety Promotion Center Ōta Aerospace Aviation safety, open by reservation
Science Museum, Tokyo HRP-2 front Science Museum Tokyo.jpg Chiyoda Science website
Sekine Kunen Shodo Museum Taitō Art information, calligraphy
Setagaya Art Museum Setagaya Art
Setagaya Museum of History Setagaya Museum of History.JPG Setagaya History information, information, local history
Shinjuku Historical Museum Shinjuku historical museum 2009.JPG Shinjuku History website in Japanese, information, local history
Shitamachi Museum Shitamachi-museum-ueno-japan.jpg Ueno History Traditional culture of Tokyo's Shitamachi
Shoto Museum of Art Shoto-museum.JPG Shibuya Art website, local art, paintings, sculpture and craft
Sompo Japan Museum of Art Shinjuku Art website
Space Space Gallery Komae Art website
Suginami Animation Museum Suginami Art website
Suginami Historical Museum Suginami History information, local history and culture
Suginami Science Museum Suginami science center shimizu suginami tokyo.JPG Suginami Science website (in Japanese)
Sugino Costume Museum Shinagawa Fashion website in French
Sumida Heritage Museum Sumida History website in Japanese, information, local history
Suntory Museum of Art Akasaka Art website
Tei-Park Chiyoda Media website, information and telecommunications, postal history, insurance
TeNQ Bunkyo Science website, Space museum
TEPCO Electric Energy Museum Denryokukan shibuya.jpg Shibuya Science website, information, electricity, operated by TEPCO
Tobacco and Salt Museum Tobacco & Salt Museum (Tokyo).JPG Sumida Industry website, uses of tobacco and salt throughout history
Tobu Museum of Transport & Culture Tobu-railway-1721-20180716-124353.jpg Sumida Railway
Toei Animation Gallery Nerima Art information
Tokyo Fire Museum TED-museum.jpg Shinjuku Firefighting information, website in Japanese
Tokyo Fuji Art Museum Tokyo Fuji Art Museum.JPG Hachiōji Art website, includes paintings, prints, photography, sculpture, ceramics and lacquerware, armor, swords and medallions
Tokyo Hongo Ceramics Museum Bunkyō Art information, history and culture
Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum Tokyo metropolitan art museum01 1920.jpg Ueno Art
Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Toshima Art Concert hall with exhibition gallery
Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography.jpg Meguro Art
Tokyo Metropolitan Police Museum Japanese Police Museum.jpg Chūō Law enforcement information, website in Japanese
Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum Teien art museum.jpg Minato Art Art Deco house with changing exhibits
Tokyo Metropolitan Water Science Museum Kōtō Science information
Tokyo National Museum Tokyo National Museum, Honkan 2010.jpg Ueno Art Art works and archaeological objects of Asia, focusing on Japan
Tokyo Metro Museum Edogawa Transportation Official website
Tokyo Waterworks Historical Museum Tokyo Suidou Rekisikann.jpg Bunkyō Science information, information, Tokyo's water supply system
Ueno Royal Museum Ueno Art information, website in Japanese
University Art Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts Ueno Art website
Waseda University Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum Waseda Theatre Museum Tokyo Japan 2006-03-22.jpg Shinjuku Theater History of drama
Watari Museum of Contemporary Art Watarium.jpg Shibuya Art
Yamatane Museum Shibuya Art nihonga style of Japanese watercolor painting
Yūshūkan Yasukuni Yusyukan 2.jpg Chiyoda Military Japanese war casualties and military activity from the start of the Meiji Restoration to the end of the Pacific War
Zoshigaya Missionary Museum Toshima Historic house

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