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This list of museums in Vienna, Austria contains museums which are defined for this context as institutions (including nonprofit organizations, government entities, and private businesses) that collect and care for objects of cultural, artistic, scientific, or historical interest and make their collections or related exhibits available for public viewing. Also included are non-profit art galleries and university art galleries.

The list[edit]

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Name Image District Type Summary
21er Haus 21er haus1.jpg Favoriten Art Austrian art of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries
Academy of Fine Arts Vienna AkadBildKWien.jpg Innere Stadt Art Features public painting gallery
Albertina Albertina1.JPG Innere Stadt Art Features prints and drawings, graphic works, photographs and architectural drawings
Alt Wiener Schnapsmuseum Hietzing Beverages website, history and manufacture of schnapps
Architekturzentrum Wien ArchitekturZentrum Wien extr.JPG Neubau Architecture Architecture and urban design of the 20th and 21st centuries, located in Museumsquartier
Arnold Schönberg Center Biography Life of composer Arnold Schönberg, music culture center
Augarten Porcelain Museum Wien - Schloss Augarten (4).JPG Leopoldstadt Art website, history of Vienna porcelain and Augarten porcelain
Austrian Film Museum Innere Stadt Cinema website
Austrian Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art WienPalaisBatthyanySchoenborn.jpg Josefstadt Art website, located in the Schönborn Palace, traditional folk art and culture of Austria and its neighbouring countries
Austrian Social and Economic Museum Margareten History website, economy, business, trade, monetary system
Austrian Theatre Museum Palais Lobkowitz3.jpg Theatre Theatre history in Austria
Bank Austria Kunstforum Innere Stadt Art website, Austrian art collection of Bank Austria
Beethoven Eroicahaus Döbling Biography Memorial to composer Ludwig van Beethoven's stay in Oberdöbling in the summer of 1803, during which he composed a large part of his Eroica Symphony, operated by the Vienna Museum
Beethoven Pasqualatihaus Wien Pasqualatihaus 2.jpg Innere Stadt Biography Life in and work of composer Ludwig van Beethoven in Vienna, operated by the Vienna Museum
Beethoven Wohnung Heiligenstadt Döbling Biography House where composer Ludwig van Beethoven wrote the Heiligenstadt Testament, operated by the Vienna Museum
Belvedere Belvedere Vienna June 2006 009.jpg Landstraße Historic house Include two Baroque palaces, museum of Austrian art from the Middle Ages to the present, gardens
Brennpunkt Technology information, history of heating and day-to-day life in the city
Chimney Sweep Museum Technology information, history of chimney sweeping
Church of the Teutonic Order Innere Stadt Religious Ecclesiastical artifacts and treasures
Demel Café Demel, Vienna.jpg Innere Stadt Food Artifacts and history of the historic Imperial chocolate maker
Esperanto Museum Esperantomuseum.jpg Innere Stadt History Part of the Austrian National Library, relationship of man to language
Design Forum Wien Neubau Art website, gallery for study of design, located in Museumsquartier
Dommuseum Dommuseum Wien.jpg Innere Stadt Art Sacral works of art from St. Stephen‘s Cathedral and other churches in Vienna and Lower Austria
Emperor Franz Joseph Hat Museum Fashion website
Ephesos Museum Neue Burg Vienna June 2006 271.jpg Innere Stadt History Antiquities from the city of Ephesus in modern-day Turkey, located in a wing of the Hofburg Palace
Ernst Fuchs Museum Penzing (Wien) - Otto-Wagner-Villa, Hüttelbergstraße 26 (1).JPG Penzing Art website, works by Ernst Fuchs
European Coat of Arms Museum History information, development of coats of arms and heraldry
Fantasy Art Museum Palais Pálffy Vienna Oct. 2006.jpg Innere Stadt Art website, works by the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism and by important international artists of fantasy, surreal and visionary art
Federal Pathologic-Anatomical Museum Vienna Science Anatomy and pathology
Foltermuseum History website, history of torture and corporal punishment
Funeral Museum Vienna Josephinischer Gemeindesarg Bestattungsmuseum.jpg History Funerary customs
Generali Foundation Art Works by many international artists, mainly from the 1960s to today
Geymüllerschlössel Währing Decorative arts Small palace with furniture and decorative art from the Biedermeier period and a clock collection, branch of the Museum of Applied Arts
Globe Museum Palais Mollard-Clary, Vienna June 2006 322.jpg Innere Stadt History Part of the Austrian National Library, terrestrial and celestial globes, lunar and planet globes, and instruments related to globes (armillary spheres, planetaria, telluria)
Geldmuseum Numismatic website, operated by the Austrian National Bank, evolution of the monetary system, banknotes, banknote designs, securities and coins
Haus der Musik Haus-Der-Musik-Wien.jpg Innere Stadt Music History of music
Haydnhaus Haus-Haydngasse 19-01.jpg Mariahilf Biography Life of composer Joseph Haydn, operated by the Vienna Museum
Heeresgeschichtliches Museum Heeresgeschichtliches Entrance.jpg Landstraße Military Austrian military history from the 16th century to 1945
Hermesvilla Hermesvilla Front.JPG Hietzing Historic house Imperial castle remodeled by Emperor Franz Joseph I for his wife Empress Elisabeth in the late 19th century, operated by the Vienna Museum
Hofburg Palace Wien Hofburg Neue Burg Heldenplatz.jpg Innere Stadt Multiple Includes the Imperial Apartments, Silver Collection, Sisi Museum, Kunsthistorisches Museum's collections of arms and armour and musical instruments
Hofburg Wien: Kaiserappartements Hofsilberkammer 2285369479 b632f4dec4 b.jpg Innere Stadt Historic house website, located in the Hofburg Palace, rooms used by Emperor Joseph II, includes museum about his wife Sisi and the Imperial Silver Collection
Imperial Crypt Kaiser Franz Joseph tomb - Vienna.jpg Innere Stadt History Sarcophagi and tombs of the Imperial family, located below the Capuchin Church
Imperial Furniture Collection Hofmobiliendepot 3 stitched.jpg Innere Stadt Decorative art Furniture from the 18th to early 20th century, includes the Egyptian room of Empress Maria Ludovica, Biedermeier and Wiener Moderne pieces
Jewish Museum Vienna Palais Eskeles1.JPG Innere Stadt History Jewish history, life and religion in Austria
Johann Strauss Wohnung Leopoldstadt Biography Life of famous waltz composer Johann Strauss II, operated by the Vienna Museum
Kunsthalle Wien Kunsthalle Vienna June 2006.jpg Neubau Art Temporary exhibitions of contemporary international art, located in Museumsquartier
KunstHausWien KunstHausWien.jpg Landstraße Art Features works by Friedensreich Hundertwasser and other exhibits
Kunsthistorisches Museum Kunsthistorisches Museum.jpg Innere Stadt Art Includes fine art, Egyptian, Near Eastern, Ancient Greek and Roman antiquities, sculpture and decorative arts, coins
Künstlerhaus Wien WienKuenstlerhaus.jpg Innere Stadt Art Exhibition centre for painting, sculpture, architecture and applied art
Kunstraum Niederoesterreich Art website, art and project space located in the Palais Niederösterreich
Kuffner Observatory Kuffner Observatory.jpg Ottakring Science Astronomy
Leopold Museum Leopold Museum (Vienna).jpg Neubau Art Modern Austrian art including key paintings and drawings by Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimt, located in Museumsquartier
Liechtenstein Garden Palace Wien Palais Liechtenstein.jpg Alsergrund Art Pre-booked guided tours of significant collection of European art
Lichtenstein City Palace Historic house Baroque palace under restoration
MAK M.A.K. Vienna June 2006 017.jpg Innere Stadt Art Applied arts and contemporary art
MAK Depot of Contemporary Art Art website, branch of MAK, exhibits of contemporary art
Mozarthaus Vienna Wien.Mozarthouse02.jpg Innere Stadt Biography Life in and work of composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in Vienna, operated by the Vienna Museum
MUMOK Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien.jpg Museumsquartier Art Modern and contemporary art works
MUSA (Vienna) Innere Stadt Art website, City of Vienna's art exhibition space
Museum Aspern Essling History website, history of the 1809 Battle of Aspern-Essling during the Napoleonic Wars
Museum of Illusions
Palais Esterházy, in which the museum is housed. Photographed from the entrance to the U3 subway station Herrengasse.
Innere Stadt Amusement website, exhibit featuring optical and spatial illusions
museum in progress Mariahilf Art Specialised on extraordinary contemporary art projects in media and public spaces
Museum Judenplatz Blick auf das Museum Judenplatz tilted.JPG Innere Stadt History Social, cultural and religious life of the Jews of Vienna in the Middle Ages
Museum of Art Fakes Faelschermuseum 01.jpg Landstraße Art Forged art
Museum of Contraception and Abortion Science website
Museum of Ethnology Wien Hofburg Neue Burg Heldenplatz.jpg Innere Stadt Ethnography Ethnographic and archaeological objects from Asia, Africa, Oceania, and America
Museum of Young Art Art 21st century art
Museum of the History of Medicine Alsegrund Science website, anatomical and obstetric wax models, operated by the Medical University of Vienna
Natural History Museum of Vienna Naturhistorisches Museum Vienna June 2006 241.jpg Innere Stadt Natural history Displays include geology, paleontology, the animal world from protozoa to insects to highly developed mammals
Neidhart Fresken Innere Stadt Art Medieval secular mural paintings that show scenes from the life and work of the minnesinger Neidhart von Reuental
Original Vienna Snowglobe Museum Währing Commodity website, collection of snowglobes
Österreichische Galerie Belvedere Belvedere Vienna June 2006 009.jpg Landstraße Art Located in the Belvedere, masterpieces from the Middle Ages and Baroque until the 21st century
Otto Wagner Hofpavillon Hietzing Hofpavillon Hietzing Otto Wagner5.JPG Hietzing Transportation Railway pavilion built for the Emperor and his court, operated by the Vienna Museum
Otto Wagner Pavilion Karlsplatz Otto-Wagner-Pavillon Wien.jpg Innere Stadt Biography Life and work of Viennese architect Otto Wagner, operated by the Vienna Museum
Papyrus Museum Mask of a mummy, Papyrusmuseum Wien 01.jpg Innere Stadt History Part of the Austrian National Library, exhibits of papyrus from its collections
Peace Museum Vienna Innere Stadt Peace website, street museum highlighting 150-plus peace heroes in Windows for Peace project, part of the International Network of Museums for Peace
Pharmacy and Drugstore Museum Vienna Wieden Science website, development of the profession and the history of the drugstore
Prater Museum Leopoldstadt Amusement History of Vienna's largest amusement park, the Wurstelprater, operated by the Vienna Museum
quartier21 Neubau Art website, contemporary art and culture gallery, located in Museumsquartier
Red Vienna in the Laundry Döbling (Wien) - Karl-Marx-Hof.JPG Döbling History website, history of the Red Vienna government of Austria from 1919 to 1934, located in the Karl Marx-Hof
Römermuseum Innere Stadt History History and culture of Ancient Rome in Vienna, operated by the Vienna Museum
Schatzkammer Hofburg Schweizertor 5.2006.jpg Innere Stadt Art Part of the Hofburg Palace, features the Kunsthistorisches Museum's collections of royal treasures and religious relics
SchokoMuseum Food website, chocolate
Schönbrunn Palace Schloss Schönbrunn Wien 2014 (Zuschnitt 2).jpg Hietzing Multiple Includes the Rococo palace, gardens, museum of carriages in the Wagenburg, children's museum
Schottenstift Museum Art Benedictine monastery with major paintings, furniture, tapestries, vestments and liturgical objects and vestments
Schubert Geburtshaus Alsergrund (Wien) - Schuberthaus (1).JPG Alsergrund Biography Birthplace of composer Franz Schubert, operated by the Vienna Museum
Schubert Sterbewohnung Kettenbrg6.jpg Wieden Biography House where composer Franz Schubert lived until his death, operated by the Vienna Museum
Scout Museum Mariahilf Scouting website, history of the Boy Scouts in Austria
Secession Secession Vienna June 2006 017.jpg Innere Stadt History Changing exhibits of contemporary art, features the Beethoven Frieze by Gustav Klimt
Sigmund Freud Museum Berggasse Vienna March 2007 002.jpg Alsergrund Biography House, life and work of Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis
Strauss Museum Alsergrund Biography Life and work of the Strauss Family Johann I, Johann II, Josef, Eduard and Johann III Strauss.
State Hall of the Austrian National Library Wien Prunksaal Oesterreichische Nationalbibliothek.jpg Innere Stadt Library 18th century Baroque library room
Technisches Museum Wien Wien - Technisches Museum (2).JPG Penzing Science History of science in industry, including astronomy, physics, mining, iron, steel, energy, communications and media, transportation, music
Third Man Museum Media website, collection of memorabilia related to the 1949 film noir The Third Man, which was filmed in Vienna in 1948
Urania (Vienna) Urania - vienna.jpg Innere Stadt Science Astronomy
Uhrenmuseum Wien - Uhrenmuseum.JPG Innere Stadt Horology Clocks, operated by the Vienna Museum
Vienna Crime Museum Leopoldstadt Law enforcement Wiener Kriminalmuseum website, includes the Vienna Police Department Museum, history of judicial and police system and the proceeds from crime by the late Middle Ages to the present
Vienna Undertakers Museum History Bestattungsmuseum Wien website, information, funeral and cemetery items and customs
Vienna Museum Karlsplatz Wien-Museum.jpg Innere Stadt History History, art and culture of the city, main location of the Vienna Museum
Vienna Observatory Universitaetssternwarte Wien Kerschbaum.jpg Währing Science Astronomy
Vienna Schuhmuseum Josephstadt Fashion website, development of shoe-making and orthopedic shoe-making
Vienna Tramway Museum Strassenbahnmuseum.jpg Landstraße Transport website, collection of trams, buses and light rail vehicles, operated by Wiener Linien
Viktor Frankl Museum Vienna 2015-03-26 Viktor Frankl Museum, opening day - 'Psychopysikum'.jpg Alsergrund Insight and education Opened March 26, 2015. website Viktor E. Frankl was a neurologist and psychiatrist.
Wagenburg Wagenburg Eingang.jpg Hietzing Transport Located on the grounds of Schönbrunn Palace, carriages and horse-drawn vehicles and equipment
Wiener Werkstätte Museum Decorative arts website, designs and examples of Wiener Werkstätte furniture and decorative arts
ZOOM Kindermuseum Neubau Children's website, located in Museumsquartier

Defunct museums[edit]

  • Lipizzaner Museum[1]