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This is a list of museums in Zimbabwe.


Name Location Province Type Summary
Bulawayo Railway Museum Bulawayo Bulawayo Railway The museum showcases the history of rail transport in Zimbabwe.[1][2] Its exhibits, the oldest of which dates to 1897,[3] includes Cecil Rhodes' personal rail coach.[4]
Discovereum Harare Harare Children's Opened in 2016, the Discovereum is the first children's museum in Zimbabwe.[5] The museum includes interactive exhibits suited to children.[5]
EAG Art Museum Masvingo Masvingo Art The EAG Art Museum is an art museum in Masvingo.
First Floor Gallery Harare Harare Harare Art The First Floor Gallery is an artist-run gallery of contemporary art featuring the work of young emerging artists established in 2009.
Gallery Delta Harare Harare Art Founded in 1975, the gallery features local contemporary art, particularly paintings, graphics, textiles, and ceramics.[6] It is located in an 1894 house, previously a private residence, that is one of the oldest structures in Harare.[6]
Great Zimbabwe Museum Great Zimbabwe Masvingo Archaeology The museum contains information related to Great Zimbabwe, an Iron Age ruin and one of the best-known sites in Zimbabwe.
Joshua Nkomo Museum Bulawayo Bulawayo Historic house The former home of Joshua Nkomo, Zimbabwean revolutionary leader and politician. It is a National Monument of Zimbabwe.
Jafuta Heritage Center Victoria Falls Matabeleland North Local The Jafuta Heritage Center showcases a collection of artifacts relating to local history, as well as a small library containing historical books and records about the region.[7]
Kambako Living Museum Chiredzi District Masvingo Local Kambako is a living museum focusing on the culture of the local Shangaan people.[8]
Mutare Museum Mutare Manicaland Local The Mutare Museum, opened in 1957, was the first museum in Mutare. Its diverse collection includes natural history displays, geological collections, archaeological and ethnological artifacts, and historic furniture, weapons, and automobiles.[9]
National Gallery of Zimbabwe Harare Harare Art The National Gallery, which was officially opened in 1957 by Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, exhibits contemporary art and includes an extensive collection of Shona sculpture.[10]
National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo Bulawayo Bulawayo Art Located in a historic building behind the Bulawayo City Hall, the museum opened in 1970 as the National Gallery of Zimbabwe's first branch outside the main gallery in Harare.
National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Mutare Mutare Manicaland Art Located in Kopje House, an 1897 building that originally served as Mutare's first hospital, the museum is the Mutare branch of the National Gallery of Zimbabwe.[11] The museum displays art on loan from the main gallery in Harare, as well as works by local artists.[11]
National Mining Museum Kwekwe Midlands Mining One of five national museums nationwide, the National Mining Museum showcases the history of the mining industry of Zimbabwe. It is the only museum in Kwekwe and the only mining museum in Zimbabwe.
Natural History Museum of Zimbabwe Bulawayo Bulawayo Natural history The Natural History Museum, opened in 1964, contains exhibits illustrating the history, mineral wealth and wildlife of Zimbabwe, including the second largest mounted elephant in the world.[12]
Rhodes Nyanga Historical Exhibition Nyanga Manicaland Historic house The former home of businessman and imperialist Cecil Rhodes. It is the only museum in Nyanga.
Utopia House Mutare Manicaland Historic house The oldest modern home in Mutare and the former home of Rhys Fairbridge, an early white pioneer who surveyed the Mutare area. It is a National Monument of Zimbabwe.
Zimbabwe Military Museum Gweru Midlands Military One of five national museums nationwide, the Zimbabwe Military Museum showcases the history of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces. It is the only museum in Gweru and the only military museum in Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe Museum of Human Sciences Harare Harare Archeological The Museum of Human Sciences includes ethnographic and archaeological collections, alongside wildlife exhibits, a model Shona village, and a library. Its most notable holding is a 700 year old Lemba artifact thought to be a replica of the Ark of the Covenant, and the oldest wooden object ever found in Sub-Saharan Africa.[13]

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