List of museums of Islamic art

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This is a list of museums with major collections of Islamic art.

[clarification needed]
Mosaic commemorating the refounding of Olbia by Theodora in Qasr Libya Museum.
Museum Location Country Collection size
(number of objects)
Date of establishment Coordinates Official website
Aga Khan Museum Toronto Canada More than 1,000 objects[1] September 18, 2014 43.725429°N 79.331997°W
Museum of Islamic Art Doha Qatar
Museum of Islamic Art Cairo Egypt 103,000[2]
Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum Istanbul Turkey 40,000[3]
British Museum London, England United Kingdom 40,000[4]
Tareq Rajab Museum Kuwait City Kuwait 30,000[5]
Khalili Collection 20,000[6]
(largest private collection)[citation needed]
Victoria and Albert Museum London, England United Kingdom 19,000[7]
Museum of Islamic Art Berlin Germany 16,000 [8] 1904

Metropolitan Museum of Art New York City, New York United States 12,000[9]
Musée du Louvre Paris France 10,000[10]
Benaki Museum Athens Greece 8,000[11]
David Collection Copenhagen Denmark 2,500 [12] 1945
Hakim Fazlur Rahman Museum on Arts, Culture and Orientalism