List of music styles that incorporate the accordion

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This is a list of articles describing traditional music styles that incorporate the accordion, alphabetized by assumed region of origin.

Note that immigration has affected many styles: e.g. for the South American styles of traditional music, German and Czech immigrants arrived with accordions (usually button boxes) and the new instruments were incorporated into the local traditional music.

Traditional music styles incorporating the accordion[edit]

Region Style name Main accordion type (if applicable)
Argentina Tango; Chamamé, Cuarteto, Polka Bandoneon; Diatonic button accordion
Austria Schrammelmusik Schrammelharmonika (Chromatic button accordion)
The Bahamas Rake-and-scrape Diatonic button accordion
Basque Country Basque music Trikitixa (Diatonic button accordion)
Bohemia Polka
Bolivia Huayno, Cueca
Brazil Forró (in northeastern Brazil); Rio Grande do Sul's traditional music, which include the following genres: Milonga, Chamamé, Polca, Tango, Valsa, Xote, Rasguido Doble, Vanera, Bugio, Chamarra and Rancheira; Sertanejo Diatonic button accordion, Piano accordion, Bandoneon
Brittany Breton 'Fest Noz' music Diatonic button accordion, Chromatic Button Accordion C System
Bulgaria Horo "Хоро"
Canada French-Canadian music, Music of Newfoundland and Labrador
Canada Inuit music Diatonic button accordion
Cape Verde Funaná
Catalonia Catalan folk music Diatonic button accordion (Marimon style)
Colombia Cumbia, Vallenato, Pasillo Diatonic button accordion
Caucasus Lezginka
Chile Cueca Piano accordion
Dominican Republic Merengue Diatonic button accordion
Eastern Europe Klezmer
England Sea shanty
Eastern Europe Music of Southeastern Europe Chromatic Button Accordion B System
Egypt Baladi
England Morris Dancing, Sea shanty Diatonic button accordion (melodeon)
France Bal-musette , Chanson réaliste Diatonic button accordion
Greece Rebetiko
Honduras Corrido, Cumbia
Ireland (Éire) Irish traditional music (ceol, "trad") B/C,C#/D (23 key, 8 bass button accordion)
Italy Saltarello Organetto (2, 4, and 8 Bass Diatonic)
Italy Tarantella Organetto (2, 4, and 8 Bass Diatonic)
Japan Ryūkōka
Korea Trot music
Madagascar Salegy, Batrelaky
Mexico Norteño, Corrido, Ranchera, Cumbia
Netherlands Levenslied
Panama Tamborito, Cumbia
Paraguay Chamamé
Peru Huayno, Vals
Portugal Pimba
Romania Czardas, Generic traditional music not specified by name.
Russia Generic traditional music not specified by name.
Scotland Country Dance, Bothy Band Piano accordion, Diatonic Button Accordion C,C#,D
Spain Pasodoble, Jota
Sonoran Desert Chicken scratch
South Africa Boeremusiek Concertina, Piano accordion
Switzerland Yodel, Generic traditional music not specified by name.
Thailand Mor lam
Thailand Luk thung
Turks and Caicos Ripsaw music
United States of America Cajun music Diatonic button accordion
United States of America Tejano
United States of America Western music Piano accordion Diatonic button accordion
United States of America Zydeco
Uruguay Chamarrita, Milonga. Polca, Ranchera, Tango, Vanera, Xote Bandoneon; Diatonic button accordion (verdulera), Piano accordion (acordeona)
Venezuela Joropo
Various countries Generic traditional music not specified by name, such as Swiss folk music, etc., that can be any one of the entries in the list of cultural and regional genres of music. Various types (Button accordion or Piano accordion)