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This is a list of music styles. Music can be described in terms of many genres and styles. Classifications are often arbitrary, and may be disputed and closely related forms often overlap. Larger genres and styles comprise more specific sub-categories. Applicable styles are classified in this list using AllMusic[1] genre categorization.[2]



East Asian[edit]

South and southeast Asian[edit]



Caribbean and Caribbean-influenced[edit]


Easy listening[edit]

Electronic music[edit]


Hip hop[edit]




R&B and soul[edit]


Classical music[edit]


These categories are not exhaustive. A music platform, Gracenote, listed more than 2000 music genres (included by those created by ordinary music lovers, who are not involved within the music industry, these being said to be part of a 'folksonomy', i.e. a taxonomy created by non-experts). Most of these genres were created by music labels to target new audiences, however classification is useful to find music and distribute it.

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