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Municipal Flag of the City of Chicago

The following list includes notable musicians who were born or have lived in Chicago, Illinois.


Name Image Birth Death Known for Association Reference
Emma Abbott Emma Abbott 1870.jpg Dec 9, 1850 Jan 5, 1891 Operatic soprano and impresario Born in Chicago [1]
Lil Hardin Armstrong Lil Armstrong Billboard.jpg Feb 3, 1898 Aug 27, 1971 Pianist and bandleader Lived and performed in Bronzeville, Chicago neighborhood
Emilie Autumn Emilie Autumn at Nachtleben 2007 bis.jpg Sep 22, 1979 Violindustrial singer, violinist, poet, and author
Myron Avant

(a.k.a. Avant)

Apr 26, 1978 Singer


Name Image Birth Death Known for Association Reference
Patricia Barber Patricia Barber Nasjonal Jazzscene 2017 (212649).jpg Nov 8, 1955 Jazz singer, songwriter, and pianist Born in Chicago
William Beckett William B - Warped 2013.JPG Feb 11, 1985 Lead singer of The Academy Is...
Taylor Bennett Jan 19, 1996 Rapper Born in Chicago
Franz Benteler 1925 2010 Violinist, "Ambassador of Music for Chicago" Lived in Chicago
Andrew Bird Andrew-Bird.jpg Jul 11, 1973 Singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Born in Chicago
Zach Blair Zach Blair, Rise Against Sziget 2011 (3).JPG Guitarist for Rise Against
Harold Bradley Jr. Harold Willard Bradley Jr 2014.jpg Oct 13, 1929 Singer of spirituals and blues, painter, actor, TV host, former football player, founder of Italy's iconic Folkstudio music club Born in Chicago
Oscar Brown Jr. Oct 10, 1926 May 29, 2005 Musician, poet Born in Chicago
Bob Bryar Bob Bryar 2007.jpg December 31, 1979 Drummer of My Chemical Romance Born in Chicago
Johnny Burke Oct 3, 1908 Lyricist Raised in Chicago [2]
Paul Butterfield Paul Butterfield 79.jpg Dec 17, 1942 May 4, 1987 Blues musician Born in Chicago


Name Image Birth Death Known for Association Reference
Marty Casey Marty Casey.jpg Sep 26, 1973 Frontman of the rock band Lovehammers Born in Chicago
Peter Cetera 2004 12LosAngelesPeterCetera.jpg Sep 13, 1944 Former singer and bassist of Chicago Born in Chicago
Jimmy Chamberlin Jimmy Chamberlin Copyright Matthew Drewicz 2005-2007.JPG Jun 10, 1964 Drummer for The Smashing Pumpkins
Chance the Rapper

(born Chancelor Bennett)

Chance The Rapper 2013.jpg Apr 16, 1993 Rapper Born in Chicago
Gene Chandler Gene Chandler.jpg Jul 6, 1937 Singer Born in Chicago
Chief Keef

(born Keith Cozart)

Chief Keef at Lollapalooza 2012 cropped.PNG Aug 15, 1995 Rapper Born in Chicago
Charles W. Clark Charles W. Clark 2.jpg Oct 15, 1865 Aug 4, 1925 Operatic baritone and vocalist teacher Lived in Chicago [3]
Nat King Cole Nat King Cole (Gottlieb 01511).jpg Mar 17, 1919 Feb 15, 1965 Singer Lived in the Bronzeville neighborhood of Chicago [4]
Steve Cole Aug 17, 1971 Jazz saxophonist Born in Chicago
Steve Coleman Steve Coleman 1611.JPG Sep 20, 1956 Saxophonist Born in Chicago
Sam Cooke Sam Cooke 2.jpg Jan 22, 1931 Dec 11, 1964 Singer [5]
Billy Corgan Billy c.jpg Mar 17, 1967 Singer and guitarist for The Smashing Pumpkins Lived in Chicago [6]
James Cotton James Cotton 2007.jpg Jul 1, 1935 Mar 16, 2017 Blues musician


Name Image Birth Death Known for Association Reference
Jack DeJohnette Jack DeJohnette.jpg Aug 9, 1942 Drummer and pianist Born in Chicago
Famous Dex Famous Dex 2018.png September 6, 1993 Rapper
Dennis DeYoung Dennis DeYoung in 2014.JPG Feb 18, 1947 Singer and keyboardist of Styx
Bo Diddley

(born Ellas Otha Bates)

Bo Diddley Prag 2005 02.jpg Dec 30, 1928 Jun 2, 2008 Rock and roll guitarist, singer, and songwriter Lived in Chicago [7]
Willie Dixon Willie Dixon 1979.jpg Jul 1, 1915 Jan 29, 1992 Blues songwriter and record producer
Florence Kirsch Du Brul 1915 Jul 2, 2005 Classical pianist
Lil Durk Lil Durk Icebox.png Oct 19, 1992 Rapper


Name Image Birth Death Known for Association Reference
Kurt Elling Kurt Elling at the North Sea Jazz Festival 2015 (cropped).jpg Nov 2, 1967 Singer Born and began his career in Chicago
Phil Everly Everlys Brothers in concert.jpg Jan 19, 1939 Jan 3, 2014 Singer Born in Chicago


Name Image Birth Death Known for Association Reference
Jeremih Felton

(a.k.a. Jeremih)

Jeremih August 2009.jpg Jul 17, 1987 Singer Born in Chicago
Paul Filipowicz March 24, 1950 Chicago blues musician Born in Chicago [8]
Drew Fortier July 14, 1987 Guitarist for Bang Tango, Chuck Mosley, Stephen Shareaux, and Zen From Mars Born and raised in Chicago [9][10]
Bud Freeman Bud Freeman, Eddie Condon's, New York, between 1946 and 1948 (William P. Gottlieb 11651).jpg Apr 13, 1906 Mar 15, 1991 Jazz saxophonist, bandleader and composer Born, worked and died in Chicago
Von Freeman Von Freeman & Catherine Whitney.jpg Oct 3, 1923 Aug 11, 2012 Jazz saxophonist Born, worked and died in Chicago
Alexander Frey Alexander Frey rehearsing in Prague.jpg Oct 5, 1972 Conductor, pianist, organist, harpsichordist and composer Born and grew up in Chicago
Kinky Friedman

(born Richard S. Friedman)

Kinky friedman 2013.jpg Nov 1, 1944 Singer, songwriter, novelist, humorist, politician and former columnist Born in Chicago
Harvey Fuqua Jul 27, 1929 Jul 6, 2010 Singer, songwriter, and music producer


Name Image Birth Death Known for Association Reference
Polo G Jan 6, 1999 Rapper
Marla Glen Marla Glen 0309130720.jpg Jan 3, 1960 Singer Born and grown up in Chicago
Benny Goodman BennyGoodmanStageDoorCanteen.jpg May 30, 1909 Jun 13, 1986 Bandleader Born in Chicago
Steve Goodman 19830430 Steve Goodman.gif Jul 25, 1948 Sep 20, 1984 Singer Born in Chicago
Gene Greene GeneGreene.jpg Jun 9, 1857 Apr 5, 1930 Singer
Buddy Guy Buddy Guy at Legends, 2013.jpg Jul 30, 1936 Blues guitarist
Rashawnna Guy

(a.k.a. Shawnna)

Jan 3, 1978 Rapper Born in Chicago


Name Image Birth Death Known for Association Reference
Jim Hager Aug 30, 1941 Singer Born in Chicago
Jon Hager Aug 30, 1941 Singer Born in Chicago
Terry Hanck 1944 Blues saxophonist and singer Born in Chicago [11]
Herbie Hancock Herbie Hancock 2010 by Guillaume Laurent.jpg Apr 12, 1940 Jazz pianist, bandleader and composer Born in Chicago
Eddie Harris Eddie Harris 1972.JPG Oct 20, 1934 Nov 5, 1996 Jazz saxophonist Born in Chicago
Shawntae Harris

(a.k.a. Da Brat)

Da Brat Aug 2018.png Apr 14, 1974 Rapper
Jarad Anthony Higgins

(a.k.a. Juice Wrld)

Juice Wrld VMAs.png Dec 2, 1998 Dec 8, 2019 Rapper Born in Chicago
Art Hodes Nov 14, 1904 Mar 4, 1993 Jazz pianist Raised in Chicago, worked there for many years
Loleatta Holloway Nov 5, 1946 Mar 21, 2011 Singer Born in Chicago
Howlin' Wolf

(born Chester Arthur Burnett)

Howlin' Wolf 1972.JPG Jun 10, 1910 Jan 10, 1976 Musician [12]
Jennifer Hudson Jennifer-Hudson 2012-01-17 Barnes-Noble Chicago photoby Adam-Bielawski (cropped).jpg Sep 12, 1981 Singer, actress, spokesperson, American Idol finalist Born in Chicago
Andy Hurley Andy Hurley 2006 1.jpg May 31, 1980 Drummer for Fall Out Boy


Name Image Birth Death Known for Association Reference
James Iha James Iha.jpg Mar 26, 1968 Guitarist for The Smashing Pumpkins Born in Chicago
Daniel Ivankovich Daniel "D-Rock" Ivankovich.jpg Nov 23, 1963 Blues guitarist and vocalist Raised and lives in Chicago


Name Image Birth Death Known for Association Reference
Wasalu Muhammad Jaco

(a.k.a. Lupe Fiasco)

Lupe Fiasco 2012.jpg Feb 17, 1982 Rapper Born in Chicago
Ramone Johnson

(a.k.a. Cashis)

Oct 10, 1982 Rapper Born in Chicago
Syleena Johnson Syleena Johnson Aug 2018.png Sep 2, 1976 Singer
Donell Jones May 22, 1973 Singer and composer Born in Chicago
Quincy Jones March 14, 1933 Record producer Born in Chicago
Benn Jordan Oct 28, 1978 Electronic musician


Name Image Birth Death Known for Association Reference
Lucy Kaplansky Lucy Kaplansky.jpg Feb 16, 1960 Folk singer Born in Chicago
Terry Kath Terry Kath.jpg Jan 31, 1946 Jan 23, 1978 Singer and guitarist of Chicago Born in Chicago
Brendan Kelly Brendan Kelly.jpg Sep 8, 1976 Bassist and vocalist of punk band The Lawrence Arms
R. Kelly Ballasyrkellypic.jpg Jan 8, 1967 R&B singer Born in the Roseland neighborhood of Chicago
Chaka Khan Chaka Khan.jpg Mar 23, 1953 Singer ("Tell Me Something Good", "Sweet Thing" which she wrote for her then husband Richard Holland, "Ain't Nobody", "I'm Every Woman", "I Feel for You" and "Through the Fire") Born in Chicago
William Wallace Kimball 1828 1904 Founder of Kimball Piano Company
Gene Krupa Gene Krupa crop.jpg Jan 15, 1909 Oct 16, 1973 Drummer and bandleader Born in Chicago


Name Image Birth Death Known for Association Reference
Robert Lamm Robert Lamm.jpg Oct 13, 1944 Singer and keyboardist of Chicago Grew up in Chicago
Ramsey Lewis Ramsey Lewis October 2009.jpg May 27, 1935 Jazz pianist and composer Born in Chicago
Timothy Michael Linton

(a.k.a. Zim Zum)

Zim Zum.jpeg Jun 25, 1969 Guitarist and songwriter for Marilyn Manson, The Pop Culture Suicides Born in Chicago
Nils Lofgren Nils Lofgren Ronnie Scotts 97.jpg Jun 21, 1951 Member of Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band, former backing musician for Neil Young Born in Chicago
Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr.

(a.k.a. Common)

9.13.11CommonByLuigiNovi2.jpg Mar 13, 1972 Rapper Born in Chicago


Name Image Birth Death Known for Association Reference
Ray Manzarek Ray Manzarek in Jan 2007 cropped.jpg Feb 12, 1939 May 20, 2013 Keyboardist of The Doors Born in Chicago [13]
Richard Marx Richardmarx-jan27th2005-0002.jpg Sep 16, 1963 Singer and songwriter Born in Chicago
Curtis Mayfield Curtis Mayfield.png Jun 3, 1942 Dec 26, 1999 Songwriter and guitarist Born in Chicago
Tim McIlrath Rise Against Live 10.jpg Nov 3, 1978 Lead singer and guitarist for Rise Against
Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi

(a.k.a. Kid Cudi)

Kid Cudi pointing.jpg Jan 30, 1984 Rapper
Carl Terrell Mitchell

(a.k.a. Twista)

Twista College of Charleston 2008.04.23.jpg Nov 27, 1973 Rapper Born in Chicago
Tom Morello Tom-morello.jpg May 30, 1964 Guitarist
McKinley Morganfield

(a.k.a. Muddy Waters)

Muddy Waters.jpg Apr 4, 1913 Apr 30, 1983 Blues musician Lived in Chicago [12]


Name Image Birth Death Known for Association Reference
Wayne Nelson Jun 1, 1950 Lead singer of Little River Band
Anastacia Lyn Newkirk

(a.k.a. Anastacia)

Anastacia, Women's World Awards 2009 d.jpg Sep 17, 1968 Singer Born in Chicago


Name Image Birth Death Known for Association Reference
Jim O'Rourke Sonic Youth live 20050707 02.jpg Jan 18, 1969 Experimental musician Born in Chicago


Name Image Birth Death Known for Association Reference
Keke Palmer Keke Palmer 2016 Paleyfest.jpg Aug 26, 1993 Singer actress
Chuck Panozzo Chuck Panozzo Styx Interlochen.jpg Sep 20, 1948 Bass guitarist for Styx Born in Chicago
John Panozzo Sep 20, 1948 Jul 16, 1996 Drummer for Styx Grew up in the Roseland neighborhood of Chicago
Walter Parazaider Walter Parazaider.jpg Mar 14, 1945 Woodwind player for Chicago Born in Chicago
Sol Patches Rapper and poet Born and resides in Chicago [14]
Tom Paxton Tom paxton concert.jpg Oct 31, 1937 Folk singer, songwriter Born in Chicago
Liz Phair LizPhair.jpg Apr 17, 1967 Singer
Rachel Barton Pine Rachel Barton Pine from Earthen Grave.jpg Oct 11, 1974 Violinist Born in Chicago
Omar Jeffery Pineiro Smokepurpp.jpg May 15, 1997 Rapper, known professionally as Smokepurpp Born in Chicago
Joe Principe JoePrincipe.jpg Nov 14, 1974 Bassist for Rise Against Born in Chicago
John Prine John Prine by Ron Baker (cropped2).jpg Oct 10, 1946 Folk singer, songwriter Born in Chicago
Vicky Psarakis Vicky-psarakis.png Jun 22, 1988 Vocalist for The Agonist Born in Chicago


Name Image Birth Death Known for Association Reference
Ryan Raddon

(a.k.a. Kaskade)

Kaskade 20120803 Indianapolis.JPG Feb 25, 1971 Electronic musician Born in Chicago
Mishon Ratliff Feb 3, 1993 Singer and actor
Lou Rawls Lou rawls edit.png Dec 1, 1933 Jan 6, 2006 Singer Born in Chicago [7]
Minnie Riperton Minnie Riperton 1977.jpg Nov 8, 1947 Jul 12, 1979 Singer Born in Chicago


Name Image Birth Death Known for Association Reference
Danny Seraphine DannySeraphine(by Scott Dudelson).jpg Aug 28, 1948 Drummer of the band Chicago Born in Chicago
Peniel D. Shin Mar 10, 1993 Rapper and vocalist for BtoB
Silver Sphere Aug 26, 1999 Singer-songwriter Born and raised in Chicago [15]
Matt Skiba MattSkibaWarpedTour2010.JPG Feb 24, 1976 Lead singer and guitarist of Alkaline Trio and blink-182 Born in Chicago
Che Smith

(a.k.a. Rhymefest)

Jul 6, 1977 Rapper Born in Chicago
Patti Smith Patti Smith.jpg Dec 30, 1946 Singer, songwriter and poet Born in Chicago
Horatio Spafford Horatio Spafford.jpg Oct 20, 1828 Oct 16, 1888 Composer
Donita Sparks L7 Rock am Ring 2015 (10).JPG Apr 8, 1962 Lead singer, rhythm guitarist and founder of bands L7 and Donita Sparks and the Stellar Moments; one of the founders of the pro-choice organisation Rock for Choice and of CASH Music Born in Chicago [16]
Mavis Staples Mavis Staples.jpg Jul 10, 1939 Singer Born in Chicago
Patrick Stump Fall Out Boy's Patrick Stump performs to open the 2016 T-Mobile -HRDerby. (28336717050).jpg Apr 27, 1984 Lead singer and guitarist for Fall Out Boy Born in the Chicago suburb of Evanston
Todd Sucherman ToddSucherman.JPG May 2, 1969 Drummer for the band Styx Born in Chicago
Johnny Suh Feb 9, 1995 Rapper, vocalist and dancer for NCT 127, a sub-unit of the k-pop boygroup NCT Born and raised in Chicago [17]
William Susman William Susman.jpg Aug 29, 1960 Composer


Name Image Birth Death Known for Association Reference
Eddie Taylor Jr. March 27, 1972 March 8, 2019 Chicago blues and electric blues guitarist, singer and songwriter Born in Chicago [18]
Koko Taylor KokoTaylor2006.jpg Sep 28, 1928 Jun 3, 2009 Singer Lived and died in Chicago
Theodore Roosevelt Taylor

(a.k.a. Hound Dog Taylor)

Apr 12, 1915 Dec 17, 1975 Guitarist
Kim Thayil Soundgarden @ McCallum Park (522012).jpg Sep 4, 1960 Guitarist of Soundgarden
Doug Timm Portrait doug.JPG Jun 14, 1960 Jul 21, 1989 Composer and songwriter Born in Chicago
Giorgio Tozzi Jan 8, 1923 May 30, 2011 Basso Born in Chicago
Lennie Tristano Lennie Tristano 1947 (Gottlieb).jpg Mar 19, 1919 Nov 18, 1978 Pianist Born in Chicago
Joe Trohman Joetrohman2009.jpg Sep 1, 1984 Guitarist for Fall Out Boy
Jeff Tweedy Jefftweedyps07.jpg Aug 25, 1967 Singer and songwriter
Twista Twista 101109 photoby Adam-Bielawski.jpg Rapper


Name Image Birth Death Known for Association Reference
Eddie Vedder PearlJam-6-17-08.jpg Dec 23, 1964 Lead singer for the band Pearl Jam


Name Image Birth Death Known for Association Reference
Jonathan Jacob Walker Jwalk7kruark.jpg Sep 17, 1985 Bassist for Panic at the Disco
Christian Ward

(a.k.a. Yung Berg)

Yung berg.jpg Sep 9, 1986 Rapper Born in Chicago
Dinah Washington Dinah Washington 1952.jpg Aug 29, 1924 Dec 14, 1963 Singer [5]
DeAndre Cortez Way

(a.k.a. Soulja Boy)

Soulja Boy Tell 'Em on YouTube Live.jpg Jul 28, 1990 Rapper Born in Chicago
Pete Wentz Pete Wentz TyLiner.jpg Jun 5, 1979 Bassist and lyricist for Fall Out Boy
Paul Wertico Paul Wertico 2.jpg Jan 5, 1953 Jazz drummer Born in Chicago
Kanye West Kanye West SWU Music & Arts Festival 2011 (crop).jpg Jun 8, 1977 Rapper and producer Grew up in the South Shore neighborhood of Chicago
Wesley Willis Wesley Willis.jpg May 31, 1963 Aug 21, 2003 Singer born in Chicago
Dion Wilson

(a.k.a. No ID)

No I.D.jpg Hip hop and R&B record producer Born in Chicago
D'arcy Wretzky D'arcy Wretzky.jpg May 1, 1968 Bassist for Smashing Pumpkins
Herbert Wright

(a.k.a. G Herbo)

G Herbo portrait.jpg Oct 8, 1995 Rapper Born in Chicago
Juice Wrld Dec 2, 1998 Dec 8, 2019 Rapper Born in Chicago


Name Image Birth Death Known for Association Reference
Camille Yarbrough Jan 8, 1938 Singer, author, actress Born in Chicago
James Young James JY Young of Styx.JPG Nov 14, 1949 Guitarist for Styx Born in Chicago


Name Image Birth Death Known for Association Reference
Warren Zevon Warren Zevon 1978 press photo.jpg Jan 24, 1947 Sep 7, 2003 Singer Born in Chicago


Name Image Founded Disbanded Music Association Reference
88 Fingers Louie 1993 2011 Punk band Founded in Chicago
Big Black 1981 1987 Punk/noise rock band Founded in Chicago suburb of Evanston
The Buckinghams The Buckinghams 1968.JPG 1966 present Sunshine pop band Founded in Chicago
Cheap Trick Cheaptrick1.jpg 1973 present Rock group Founded in Chicago, Cheap Trick plans to open a music complex on Motor Row in Chicago's South Loop [19]
The Chi-Lites 1959 present R&B soul vocal quartet Founded in Chicago
Chicago Chicagothebandmillbrook lar.jpg 1967 present Rock band Founded in Chicago
Cobalt & the Hired Guns Cobalt and the hired guns at the abbey pub in 2007.JPG 2003 Punk rock band Based in Chicago [20]
Disturbed Disturbed live 2009.jpg 1994 present Heavy metal band Founded in Chicago
Do or Die

(a.k.a. D.O.D.)

1995 present Rap trio Originally from the west side of Chicago
Earth, Wind & Fire Earth, Wind & Fire (2).jpg 1971 present Band spanning various genres such as soul, R&B, pop, jazz, funk, disco, rock, Latin and African Founded in Chicago [21]
The Emotions 1962 present Soul/R&B vocal group Founded in Chicago
Enuff Z'Nuff 1984 Rock band Founded in Chicago [22]
Fall Out Boy Fall Out Boy 2006 1.jpg 2001 present Rock band Consider Chicago their hometown [23]
Hope in Ghosts 2001 Rock band From Chicago
The Jesus Lizard Jesus-Lizard Panorama1.jpg 1987 present Alternative/noise rock band Moved to Chicago in 1989, originally from Austin, Texas
Kids These Days 2009 2013 Hip hop band Founded in Chicago
Kill Hannah 1993 2015 Rock band Founded in Chicago
Krewella Krewella Indy500 20120527 1.JPG 2007 present Electronic trio Founded in Chicago
Lakeside Singers Ensemblé From Chicago area
Louis the Child 2013 present Electronic duo Founded in Chicago [24]
Ministry Ministry Sweden Rock 2008.jpg 1981 present Pioneering industrial metal band Founded in Chicago
Naked Raygun Naked Raygun2.jpg 1980 present Punk rock band Founded in Chicago
OK Go OKGo.jpg 1998 present Rock band Founded in Chicago
Paul Butterfield Blues Band 1963 1971 Blues rock band, performed at Woodstock Founded in Chicago by Paul Butterfield and Mike Bloomfield
Plain White T's PlainWhiteTs.jpg 1997 present Pop punk band Founded in Chicago
Rise Against Rise Against Live 10.jpg 1999 present Punk-rock group Founded in Chicago
Rufus 1970 1983 Funk and R&B band Founded in Chicago
Screeching Weasel 1986 present pioneering pop punk band Founded in the Chicago suburbs
Slow Motion Crash 2006 Rock band From Chicago [25]
The Smashing Pumpkins SmashingPumpkinsLiveinGrandRapids.JPG 1988 present Rock band Founded in Chicago
Smith Westerns 2007 present Garage/indie rock band Founded in Chicago
TRS-80 1997 present Electronic Founded in Chicago
Twin Peaks 2012 present Rock band Founded in Chicago
Urge Overkill Urgeoverkill.jpg 1986 present Rock band Founded in Chicago
The White Tie Affair The White Tie Affair in Minneapolis, Minnesota.jpg 2006 2012 Pop-rock band Founded in Chicago
Whitney Whitney, Pitchfork Music Festival 2016.jpg 2015 present Indie folk/indie rock/soul band Founded in Chicago
Wilco Wilco MassMoca AustinNelson.png 1994 present Alternative rock band Founded in Chicago


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