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This is a list of mythologies of the world, by culture and region.

Mythologies by region[edit]


Further information: African traditional religions

Central Africa[edit]

East Africa[edit]

Horn of Africa[edit]

North Africa[edit]

West Africa[edit]

Further information: West African Mythology

Southern Africa[edit]


Further information: Shamanism in Siberia

overlaps with North Asia, Northern Europe and North America.


Southwestern Asia[edit]

Middle East, Persia, Anatolia, Caucasus.

Further information: Ancient Near Eastern religion
Medieval to Modern

South Asia[edit]

East Asia[edit]

Southeast Asia[edit]

Central and Northern Asia[edit]

Further information: Shamanism in Siberia

(overlaps with Eastern and Northern Europe)

Australia and Oceania[edit]


Classical Antiquity[edit]

British Isles[edit]

North Caucasus[edit]

South Caucasus/Transcaucasia[edit]

Eastern Europe[edit]

Northern Europe[edit]

Further information: Scandinavian folklore

Southern Europe[edit]

Western Europe[edit]

Further information: Continental Germanic mythology




South America[edit]

African diasporic[edit]

Further information: African diasporic religions

Mythologies by religion[edit]

Further information: Myth and religion

Syncretic mythologies[edit]

Mythologies by time period[edit]

Ancient mythologies by period of first attestation.

Bronze Age
Iron Age
Late Antiquity

Fictional Mythologies[edit]

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