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This is a list of close election results at national and state level.

It lists results that have been decided by a margin of less than 1 vote in 1000 (a margin of victory of less than 0.1%).


Year Country /
Election Race Margin
Total votes
1870 United States / South Carolina US House At large 0.0425% 61 143,545 South Carolina claimed an extra seat in the House and this was an at-large election. Johann Peter Martin Epping defeated Lucius W. Wimbush by 61 votes: 71803-71742. But the House refused to seat him. "A number of southern states upon readmission claimed that since their slaves were emancipated, they were entitled to larger delegations in the House. Epping's election falls in this category. The claims were rejected by the House."[1][2][3][4]
1870 United States / Pennsylvania US House District 15 0.053% 11 20659 Democrat challenger Milton Speer defeated Republican incumbent Daniel J. Morrell by 11 votes: 10335-10324.[5][6][7]
1870 United States / Pennsylvania US House District 16 0.0584% 15 25,703 Democrat challenger Benjamin F. Meyers defeated Republican incumbent John Cessna by 15 votes: 12859-12844.[8][9] Cessna contested the result but was unsuccessful.[10]
1870 United States / Kentucky US House District 8 0.074% 18 24,434 Democrat incumbent George M. Adams defeated Republican challenger Hugh F. Finley by 18 votes: 12,226-12,208.[11][12]
1870 United States / Indiana US House District 4 0.0159% 4 25,118 Republican Jeremiah M. Wilson defeated Democrat David S. Gooding by 4 votes: 12561-12557.[13] Gooding contested. The Committee's majority report gave Wilson a "clear legal majority of 8", while the minority report gave Gooding a majority of 17. The US House then voted 105-64 (71 abstentions) "on strictly party lines" to reject the minority report, accept the majority report, and thereby seat Wilson.[14][15][16]
2002 United States / Washington Republican Primary District 26 Position #1 0.0085% 1 11,739 Ed Mitchell defeated Kevin Entze by one vote: 5870-5869.[17][18]
1882 United States / Virginia US House District 1 0.00472% 1 21,177 The initial tally had incumbent Democrat George T. Garrison up 70 votes on Readjuster challenger Robert M. Mayo. The Readjuster-controlled State Board of Canvassers then threw out the votes of Gloucester County and Hog Island precinct (Garrison had received all 14 votes from Hog Island). The new totals then had Mayo up one: 10,505-10,504. (A third candidate, the Republican John W. Woltz, received 168 votes.)[19] Garrison then contested the result in the US House. The Committee of Elections chose to accept the Gloucester County and Hog Island ballots. The US House then voted unanimously to seat Garrison.[20]
2004 United States / Utah Salt Lake City School District 2 0.02579% 1 3,877 The initial tally on election night had J. Michael Clara up 60 votes on Alama Uluave. The following morning, Uluave was up 6. After waiting two weeks for provisional ballots, Uluave's lead fell to 3. The official recount then had Uluave winning by one vote: 1939-1938.[21][22]
2004 United States / Alabama Guntersville Mayor 0.042% 1 (initial) 2,383 (initial) The initial tally had incumbent James Townson beating challenger Bob Hembree by two votes: 1242-1241 votes. Two voters contested the result. The trial court changed the tally to 1226-1228, so that Hembree now won by two votes. Townson appealed. The Alabama Supreme Court decided that 30 absentee votes for Townson were invalid and Hembree won, but did not give any final official tally.[23][24]
2002 United States / Oklahoma Delaware county election District 1 Commissioner 0.025% 1 3,997 The initial tally had challenger Jim White beating incumbent Bruce Poindexter 1999-1998. Poindexter asked for a recount and also complained of voting irregularities. While the recount was ongoing, a district judge ruled voting irregularities did exist and, given the slim margin of error, decided to call for a new election.[25] Poindexter won the second election 1329-1299 and this time White contested.[26]
2011 United States / Nevada Municipal primary North Las Vegas Ward 2 council seat 0% 0 1,584 In this 7-way race for 2 spots on the general election ballot,[27] Linda Meisenheimer and Tanya Flanagan were tied in 2nd place with 328 votes (20.71%) each. (Goynes-Brown was 1st with 425 votes.) As per Nevada law, the tie was broken by lot. In this case a high-card draw. Meisenheimer's diamond king beat Flanagan's diamond five.[28][29] (Goynes-Brown would win the general election.)[30]
2000 United States / Montana Democratic primary Montana Superintendent of Public Instruction 0.066% 61 91,972 In this 3-way race, the initial tally for Linda McCulloch, Gail Gray, and Mike Schwinden was 31,572-31,508-28,739. Gray requested a recount and McCulloch still won by 61 votes: 31,634-31,573-28,765 votes.[31] McCulloch would also go on to win the general election.[32]
1990 United States / Montana Carbon county Democratic primary County attorney 0% 0 1,672 (uncertain) Initially, Tony Kendall was up one vote on Gary Spaeth: 836 to 835. An official electronic count gave Kendall a three-vote margin. A subsequent manual recount then produced a tie.

So as per Montana law, they then resolved to break the tie by lot. Two quarters dated 1985 and 1989 were placed in a can. Kendall drew the 1989 coin and thereby won.

Spaeth contested that one ballot was in fact for him, but the District Court ruled otherwise. He then appealed to the Montana Supreme Court but to no avail.[33]

Spaeth's brother subsequently confessed that he hadn't voted.[34]

Note that there was no Republican contender, so this was in effect the election for the office of county attorney itself.[35]

2000 United States / Michigan Onota Township Clerk 0% 0 188 Janelle Snyder had been declared the winner by two votes over Mary Hanson and sworn into office before a recount changed the vote to 94-94.[36]
2000 United States / Michigan Fife Lake Township Supervisor 0% 0 594 On election night, incumbent Dave Stremlow was up one vote on challenger Toni Larson: 297-296. A manual recount found that one vote for Larson had been incorrectly rejected by the optical scanning voting machine and thus left them tied at 297-297. As per Michigan law, the tie was to be broken by lot. The county court clerk first flipped a coin to decide who would draw from a box two slips of paper — one labeled "Elected" and the other labeled "Not elected". Larson won the coin toss, then also picked out the slip of paper labeled "Elected".[36][37][38]
1977 United States / Michigan Ann Arbor Mayor 0.00469% 1 21,319 Democrat incumbent Albert Wheeler defeated Republican Louis D. Belcher by one vote: 10,660-10,659. Belcher contested the result, asserting that 20 of the voters did not live within city boundaries. The Court of Appeals then subpoenaed all 20 of these non-residents, making them reveal their vote.[39][40] But one pre-law student refused and was arrested for contempt of court. After three days, she still refused to reveal her vote. The Michigan Supreme Court upheld her constitutional right to a secret ballot. The judge and the two candidates then agreed to simply call a new election.[41][42][43] This was held a year later in 1978 — Belcher won and unseated Wheeler.[44]
2001 United States / Massachusetts Melrose City mayor 0% 0 (initial) 5,684 (initial) After a lively four-way race for mayor, the election wound up in a dead heat: on the evening of Election Day, Board of Aldermen President Rob Dolan and School Committee Chairman Rich Connolly both had exactly 2,842 votes. The next day, city officials examined four ballots that weren’t recorded by Melrose’s optical scan voting system. Three were found to be blank, but one was judged to be a vote for Dolan, giving him a one-vote lead going into the full manual recount. The manual recount then gave Dolan another 9 votes, so that he won by a 10-vote margin.[45][46]
1988 United States / Massachusetts Massachusetts Governor's Council Democratic Primary 0.01698% 5 (final) 29,439 (initial) In the recount, Robert B. Kennedy led Herbert Connolly by one vote: 14,716-14,715.[47] (Connolly had actually failed to vote for himself.)[48] In the recount, Kennedy again led by one vote: 14,691-14,690. Connolly contested the result. The Supreme Judicial Court considered 116 contested votes and decided ultimately that Kennedy won by five votes: 14,709-14,704.[49]
1950 United States / Maryland State Senate Garrett county 0.0162% 1 6,159 Republican incumbent Neil C. Fraley defeated Democrat challenger Bernard I. Gonder by one vote: 3080-3079.[50][51][52][53] Gonder contested the result but to no avail.[54]
2004 United States / Maine Portland municipal School Committee Representative for City District 3 0.0155% 1 6,437 After a recount held on November 10, 2004 candidate Julia Finn had 3,217 votes and candidate Jason Toothaker had 3,216 votes. These totals included 7 disputed ballots. There remained another 6 disputed ballots — the Superior Court decided that 2 were invalid, 3 were valid votes for Toothaker, and 1 was a valid vote for Finn. Hence, Toothaker won by one vote: 3,219-3,218.[55]
1831 United Kingdom UK Parliamentary Bandon by-election 0% 0 10 Sir A. W. Clifford and Viscount Lowther each received 4 votes (Viscount Bernard received 2 votes). The Provost John Swete, as returning officer, then voted a second time for Clifford, who was thereby elected. Lowther's 4 voters entered a protest but Clifford was elected anyway.[56][57][58][59]
2002 United States / Connecticut Connecticut House District 65 0.0155% 1 6,471 Republican Anne Ruwet defeated Democrat John S. Kovaleski by one vote (3,236-3,235).[60]
2008 United States / South Carolina Florence mayor Democratic primary 0.034% 1 2,935 No Republican candidates were contesting so this was in effect the contest for mayor proper. The initial count had incumbent Frank Willis down by one vote to challenger Stephen Wukela (1467-1468).[61] A recount produced the same result. Willis further contested the result, but the Democratic Party Committee voted 4-2 to uphold it.[62] Willis further appealed, but the South Carolina Supreme Court again upheld Wukela's win.[63]
1998 United States / Florida Democratic primary Gilchrist County Commission 0% 0 1,818 The election ended in a tie, with each candidate receiving 909 votes. As permitted by Florida law, the result was determined by a coin toss, with John Rance Thomas defeating Edwin Douglas.[64][65]
2005 United States / Illinois Lake County Municipal Round Lake trustee 0.0249% 1 4,014 Dale Multerer beat Don Newby by one vote (669-668) for the third and final seat. On his way home after the victory, Multerer fell out of his minivan, hit his head, and went into a three-week coma.[66][67]
1868 United States / North Carolina US House District 7 0.087% 18 20,676 Plato Durham was initially declared elected over Alexander H. Jones with a 18-vote majority: 10347-10329. But the Republicans raised the cry of "fraud" and the votes were sent to General Canby at Charleston, who threw out enough to defeat Durham.[68][69][70][71]
1843 United States / Indiana State Senate Switzerland county 0% 0 1,830 Daniel Kelso was initially up one vote on David Henry: 917-916. This election was extensively contested. It was alleged that two additional votes had been incorrectly given to Kelso, so that Henry had in fact won 916-915. There was also one fraudulent vote found in favor of Henry, so the Senate Committee concluded that the correct vote was 915-915. But the Committee also found that the county provision in case of a tie (to let county officials decide the winner) was unconstitutional, and so they reported that no legal election had taken place in Switzerland County and neither Henry nor Kelso won.[72][73] One book[74] reports: Switzerland County was represented in the Senate in 1842 by Daniel Kelso; in 1843, 1844 and 1845, by David Henry. Also:

"It has been repeated time and again that the annexation of Texas was carried in the United States Senate by one vote; that Edward A. Hannegan, then the United States Senator from Indiana was elected to the Senate by one vote, and that that one vote was given Hannegan by Daniel

Kelso, then senator from Switzerland County, who was elected by one majority.

"This is an error, for Kelso, when he voted for Hannegan as United States Senator, represented Switzerland County by virtue of a majority of about 150 voters of the county, over Samuel Howard at the August election of 1842. In 1843 David Henry was elected over Kelso by one majority. Kelso contested the election, and the Senate declared that neither was elected, and sent them back to the people for decison, and at the August election, 1844, Henry was elected by a small but decided majority."

(An apocryphal story continues to be told, for example by ABC News, about a "David Kelso" winning by one vote in a 1844 Indiana Senate election, the one vote being the vote of a dying man whom "David Kelso" once defended.)

1988 United States / Iowa Democratic primary Iowa House District 67 0.0448% 1 2,232 Bob Hellyer won the Democratic primary for Iowa House District 67 by one vote. Hellyer received 768 and James Martley received 767.[75][76]
2009 United States / California Rosemead City council 0.00832% 1 12,016 John Tran was a member of the Rosemead City Council and the city's sitting mayor until the March 3 election, which was a six-way race for three seats. He lost. By one vote. And that's after two recounts.[77][78][79][80]
2006 United States / California Capitola City council 0.0376% 3 7,970 In this 8-way race for 3 council seats, Maureen O'Malley Moore appeared to have nabbed the 3rd and last seat by three votes, but final county results, which included absentee ballots, reversed that, whereupon former Councilmember Ron Graves led by three. Moore requested a recount but Graves was still elected.[81][82][83]
2002 United States / California Capitola City council 0.0138% (at most) 1 7,231 (at least) On the first count, returning Councilman Dennis Norton and city Treasurer Robert Begun were tied 1805-1805. A second count raised the vote to a 1,806–1,806 tie. A third count gave Norton the one-vote edge: 1807-1806. A further four-day recount gave each candidate one additional vote so that again Norton won by one vote: 1808-1807[84][85][86][87][88]
2000 United States / Oklahoma LeFlore county Sheriff 0.014795% 1 6,759 The initial count had incumbent Kendall Ballew beating challenger Roy D. Gentry by one vote: 3378-3377. Gentry paid a $1,200 deposit to demand the recount. The recount then reversed the result (3379-3380), with Gentry declared sheriff by one vote.[89][90][91]
2003 United States / West Virginia Bellaire Board of Education seat 0.0477% 1 2,095 The initial tally had W. Meek Duvall and Brenda Hughes tied with 1047 votes each. A recount uncovered 1 vote for Duvall, so that Duvall won 1048-1047.[92]
1859 United States / Kentucky US House District 4 0.0208% 3 14,405 The initial tally had William C. Anderson and James S. Chrisman at 7204-7201 votes. This was certified and Anderson seated. Chrisman contested and many errors were discovered.

The (majority of the) House Committee concluded that Anderson still won: 7229-7222. However, it also contended that Casey precinct should be deducted, in which case Anderson again won, this time with a 53-vote majority 7180-7127. And when illegal votes were further deducted, Anderson was still the victor 7155-7046.

The House voted 112-61 to seat Anderson. It seems that the originally-certified tally was not changed[93][94]

1859 United States / Tennessee US House District 9 0.037% 7 18,867 Emerson Etheridge defeated Democrat John DeWitt Clinton Atkins 9437-9430.[95][96]
1858 United States / New York US House District 9 0.082% 13 15,806 Anti-Administration Democrat John B. Haskin defeated Democrat Gouverneur Kemble 7637-7624. A third candidate Edward A. Andrews won 545 votes.[97][98]
1857 United States / Connecticut US House District 4 0.0953% 16 16,790 Democrat William D. Bishop defeated a Republican named Ferry 8403-8387.[99]
1854 United States / Pennsylvania US House District 5 0.051% 8 15,676 Democrat John Cadwalader defeated anti-Nebraska Whig Jones 7842-7834.
1854 United States / Illinois US House District 7 0.0059% 1 16,903 On the initial tally, incumbent Democrat James C. Allen was ahead of challenger Republican William B. Archer by one vote: 8452-8451.

Archer contested. Livingston precinct had initially certified Allen and Archer's votes as 47-100 (in that precinct). But they later certified that they had made a mistake and the vote (in that precinct) should instead have been 46-102. In which case the overall vote should have been 8451-8453.

The Committee of Elections concluded that Allen had won by at least 1 and probably 2 votes and recommended that he be seated. However, the House voted 94-90 that Allen would not be seated and also voted 91-89 that Archer would not be seated either. The seat was thus vacated.[100][101]

In the 1856 special election or rematch between Allen and Archer, Allen soundly defeated Archer 13,081-10,136.[102]

1853 United States / Georgia US House District 3 0.0478% 5 10,459 Democrat David J. Bailey defeated Whig Robert P. Trippe 5232-5227.[103]
1852 United States / New York US House District 26 0.09956% 17 17,075 Democrat Andrew Oliver defeated a Whig candidate named Woods 8546-8529.[104]
1848 United States / Ohio US House District 10 0.0947% 16 16,892 Democrat Charles Sweetzer defeated Whig Daniel Duncan 8454-8438.[105]
1847 United States / Virginia US House District 3 0.074% 1 1,349 Whig Thomas S. Flournoy defeated a Democrat named Treadway by one vote: 650-649.[106]
1843 United States / Indiana US House District 7 0.0276% 3 10,879 Democrat Joseph A. Wright defeated Whig Edward W. McGaughey 5441-5438.[107]
1839 United States / Virginia US House District 15 0.0965% 4 4,144 Democrat William Lucas defeated Whig Richard Barton 2074-2070.[108][109]
1838 United States / New Jersey US House At-large 0.0091% 31 340,742 In this very close 12-way race for 6 seats (1st and 12th place were separated by 0.0578%), 6th-place Joseph Randolph and 7th-place Whig candidate named Strat (fighting for the 6th and last seat) were separated by 31 votes (0.0091%): 28,426-28,395.[110]
1838 United States / Georgia US House At-large 0.07962% 453 568,932 In this 17-way race for 9 seats, the 9th-place Mark A. Cooper and 10th-place David C. Campbell (fighting for the 9th and last seat) were separated by 453 votes (0.07962%): 31,723-31,270.[111]
1836 United States / Georgia US House At-large 0.0289% 148 511,503 In this 17-way race for 9 seats, the 9th-place William C. Dawson and 10th-place Julius C. Alford (fighting for the 9th and last seat) were separated by 148 votes (0.0289%): 29,003-28,855.[112]
1833 United States / Indiana US House District 2 0.0218% 2 9,172 In this 6-way race, Whig John Ewing defeated Democract John W. Davis by 2 votes: 1921-1919.[113][114]
1832 United States / New Jersey US House At-large 0.0084% 24 285,732 In this very close 12-way race for 6 seats (the 1st and 12th place were separated by 0.4%), the 6th-place Samuel Fowler and 7th-place Condict (Lewis Condict?) (fighting for the 6th and last seat) were separated by 24 votes (0.0084%): 23,808-23,784.[115][116]
1832 United States / New York US House District 18 0.068% 6 8,780 Democrat Daniel Wardwell defeated Anti-Masonic candidate Daniel Lee by 6 votes: 4393-4387.[117][118]
1832 United States / Ohio US House District 7 0.0266% 2 7,531 William Allen (later 31st Governor of Ohio) defeated General and 11th Governor of Ohio Duncan McArthur by two votes: 3739-3737.[119] According to Niles' National Register, a third candidate by the name of Murphy also won 55 votes.[120]
1848 United States / South Carolina US House (special) District 1 0.086% 5 5,798 In this three-way race, Democrat Daniel Wallace, H. F. Thompson, and W. F. Davie received 2139-2134-1525 votes.[121]
2012 United States / Kentucky Walton City Council 0% 0 1,338 On Election Day, Robert McDonald finished in a tie with Olivia Ballou in the nonpartisan race after his wife, Katie McDonald, did not make it to the polls in Walton, a suburban Cincinnati city of about 3,700. Ballou then won the coin toss (the 1964 Kennedy half dollar landed on heads).[122]
1847 United States / Indiana US House District 6 0.0067% 1 14,909 Whig George G. Dunn defeated Democrat David M. Dobson 7,455-7,454.[123]
2008 United States / California Stockton Unified School District Area 3 trustee 0.065% 3 4,591 Jose Morales defeated incumbent Anthony Silva 2,297-2,294 after a recount. (Morales had also won the initial count 2,302-2,301.)[124]
2006 United States / Connecticut US House District 2 0.034% 83 242,413 The first count had Democrat challenger Joe Courtney up 167 votes on Republican incumbent Rob Simmons.[125] On the recount, Courtney remained the victor by 83 votes: 121,248-121,165.[126]
1829 United States / Kentucky State House District 2 0.0179% 1 5,591 Jacksonsian candidate Nicholas D. Coleman defeated Adams candidate Adam Beatty 2520-2519.[127]
1984 United States / Vermont State House Chittenden-4 District 0.0455% 3 (first recount) 6,596 (final count) In this contest for two seats, the four candidates — Democrats Thomas A. O'Neil and Ruth Painter; and Republicans Ruth S. Stokes and Howard P. Lunderville — initially received 1821-1651-1632-1493 votes. Stokes then petitioned for a recount, whereupon the result was reversed: Stokes was now up on Painter by 3 votes — 1641-1638. Painter then petitioned for a second recount, but this was rejected by the Chittenden County Superior Court. She then further petitioned the Vermont House for relief. A complete recount was made, with the vote now 1822-1632-1649-1493, so that Stokes was duly elected.[128]
1996 United States / Vermont State Senate Rutland County 0.0032% 2 62,071 (initial count)[129] There were six candidates for the three Rutland County Senate seats. On the night of the election, John H. Bloomer, Jr. and Cheryl M. Hooker received the first and second highest vote totals. Hull Maynard received the third highest total with 10,952 votes and Thomas Macaulay received the fourth highest total with 10,934 votes.

Macaulay petitioned for a recount, whereupon the Rutland Superior Court determined that Maynard still beat Macaulay by two votes: 10,978-10,976. Macaulay's petition for further relief was dismissed by the Senate.[130][131][128]

2016 United States / Vermont State House Windsor-Orange 1 District 0.0498% 1 2,007 (final recount) This was the fourth matchup between incumbent Democrat Sarah Buxton and Republican David Ainsworth (their first matchup had also been decided by one vote). The initial tally had Buxton leading by 3 votes: 1,003-1,000.

The first recount had them both tied at 1,000.

The second recount then had Ainsworth win by one vote 1,004-1,003. Buxton did not make any further appeals and this was the final result.[132][133]

2010 United States / Vermont State House Windsor-Orange 1 District 0.057% 1 1,761 (final recount) On the initial tally, challenger Democrat Sarah Buxton and incumbent Republican David Ainsworth had 882-881 votes. On a recount, they were tied, with one mailed-in military vote for Buxton rejected. Buxton appealed and the Superior Court ruled that vote valid, so that Buxton still won by one vote (881-880). Ainsworth then appealed but the House voted along party lines to uphold Buxton's one-vote victory.[128][134][135] Remarkably, their fourth matchup in 2016 would again be decided by one vote, but with the result reversed.
1977 United States / Vermont State House Windham-4 District 0.087% 1 1,143 (House recount) On election night, Democrat Robert Emond was declared victor over incumbent Republican Sydney Nixon by one vote. Nixon then petitioned for a recount in Windham Superior Court under the provisions of 17 V.S.A. § 1361. The recount committee in that court found Nixon to be the winner by one vote and the court gave him a certificate of election.

However, a House committee did its own recount and found Emond to be the winner by one vote (572-571 according to one site[136]). Rather than force the full House to vote on the recount report, Nixon simply resigned, thereby giving Emond the win.[128][137][138][139][140]

(Note that the year of this contested election is incorrectly given by many sites as 1997.)

1996 United States / South Dakota State House House District 6 0.01% 2 19,755 Four candidates for two seats — Democrats Roger Lee and Douglas Kazmerzak; and Republicans Joe Lakness and Arthur F. Fryslie — initially received respectively 6506 (32.95%), 4526 (22.92%), 4198 (21.26%), and 4513 (22.86%) votes (19,743 total), so that Kazmerzak beat Fryslie by 13 votes for the second seat

On a recount, Fryslie instead won by 2 votes, with the new tally being 6520 (33.00%), 4519 (22.88%), 4195 (21.24%), and 4,521 (22.89%) (19,755 total votes).

The South Dakota Supreme Court ordered that a recount of the votes in Codington and Miner counties according to their prescription. On the final recount, Kazmerzak beat Fryslie by 41 votes, the final official tally being 6528 (32.90%), 4575 (23.06%), 4203 (21.18%), and 4534 (22.85%) (19,840 total votes).[141][142]

1998 United States / South Dakota State House House District 12 0% 4 12,454 In this remarkable rematch, four candidates Democrats John R. McIntyre and Robert Litz; and, Republicans Hal Wick and Judy Rost were contesting two seats. On the initial count, they had respectively 3,229 (25.84%), 2,250 (18.00%), 3,229 (25.84%), and 3,790 (30.32%) (12,498 total votes). As in 1996, Rost won the first seat, while McIntyre and Wick were very close — indeed tied — for the second seat.

But on a recount, McIntyre was found to be ahead by 4 votes, with the final official tally being 3,219 (25.85%), 2,244 (18.02%), 3,215 (25.81%), 3,776 (30.32%) (12,454 total votes).

The House then voted 36-33, this time to seat McIntyre.[143][144]

1996 United States / South Dakota State House House District 12 0% 0 16,962 Four candidates Democrats John R. McIntyre and Dick Casey; and, Republicans Hal Wick and Judy Rost were contesting two seats. In the initial tally, they had respectively 4195 (24.73%), 3889 (22.93%), 4191 (24.71%), and 4687 (27.63%) votes (16,962 total votes). McIntyre was initially declared to have been elected by a four-vote margin. Wick petitioned for a recount in accordance with SDCL 12-21-12. The recount was conducted in the presence of representatives for both candidates. The results were certified on December 4, 1996, and showed that Wick had been elected by one vote: 4191 (24.71%), 3891 (22.94%), 4192 (24.71%), 4689 (27.64%) (16,963 total votes). The South Dakota Supreme Court examined several ballots and invalidated one vote for Wick. The House then voted 46-20 to seat Wick.[142][143][141] Remarkably, two years later, McIntyre and Wick would again tie (at least on the initial count).
1989 United States / Michigan Lansing School District Millage Proposition 0% 0 10,294 In 1989, a Lansing, Michigan School District millage proposition failed when the final recount produced a tie vote 5,147 for, and 5,147 against. On the original vote count, votes against the proposition were ten more than those in favor. The result meant that the school district had to reduce its budget by $2.5 million.[145]
1994 United States / Wyoming State House House District 21 0% 0 3,882 (at least) Republican Randall Luthi and independent candidate Larry Call each received 1,941 votes in a state House race in northern Lincoln County. On live TV (NBC's Today Show) Secretary of State Kathy Karpan drew a ping pong ball with Luthi's name out of Governor Sullivan's rumpled cowboy hat.[146][147]
2004 United States / Nevada County Commissioner White Pine Seat 3 0% 0 3,694[148] A county commission race in this gambling state was decided in true Nevada fashion—by the luck of the draw. After finishing Tuesday's election tied with 1,847 votes each, Robert Swetich and Raymond Urrizaga agreed to draw cards to resolve the deadlocked White Pine County commission race. Urrizaga drew first, choosing a queen of clubs. His opponent drew a seven of diamonds and congratulated the winner.[149][150]
2017 United Kingdom Local town council Horwich Church Ward By-Election 0% 0 1,188 (excluding two spoilt/unmarked votes and the "vote" by the queen of clubs) Labour candidate Richard Silvester and Lib Dem candidate Gordon Stone each had 384 votes (after two recounts). The returning officer then ruled the contest would be decided on the turn of a card.

Stone's queen of clubs beat Silvester's jack of spades. (A total of 1,191 votes were cast including the final vote cast by the draw of the card. Two were spoilt or unmarked.)[151][152][153]

1839 United States / Massachusetts Governor State 0.00098% 1 102,066[154] Marcus Morton and the incumbent Whig Edward Everett received 51,034-50,725 votes, with the remaining 307 votes went to scattering. The constitution of Massachusetts required a candidate to receive a majority of votes cast in order to win the office outright; otherwise, the legislature would have the authority to choose among the leading candidates. In January 1840, when the state’s legislature convened to review the returns, the Whigs controlled both houses. The legislature could successfully deprive Morton of a majority if it disqualified the return from the town of Westfield. There was, moreover, an argument for doing so: the Westfield return was irregular and improper under the laws of the state because the attestation of its authenticity was not under seal. Instead, the return had been sealed first, and only afterward affixed with an attestation from the relevant local official.

In the annals of American history there is not an equivalent example of a candidate in a major statewide election willing to forgo a victory so tantalizingly within reach based on, first, such a narrow a margin and, second, such a readily available legal argument for invalidating disputed ballots.[3]

1876 United States / Massachusetts US House 3rd District 0.0268% 5 18,641[155] (depending on which count use) After much investigation, the Committee of Elections gave Walbridge Field the 5-vote majority over Benjamin Dean.
1846 United States / New Jersey US House 3rd District 0.0895% 16 17,868 John Runk and Isaac G. Farlee 8,942-8,926 votes.[156] There was a dispute over whether some 36 Princeton students' votes were legal. After some wrangling, the House narrowly voted to give Runk the seat.[157]
1828 United States / Maine US House 5th District (Oxford) 0.06% 3 4,994 In the September 1828 election, Reuel Washburn and James Ripley had 2,495-2,180 votes. But Maine law required that the winner have an absolute majority of the votes, i.e. 2,498 votes and so Washburn was 3 short. A new election was held in December 1828 and Ripley won a majority. There was some further wrangling but eventually Ripley was declared elected.[158]
1822 United States / New York US House 29th District 0.024% 1 4,143 (recount) Initially, Isaac Wilson and Parmenio Adams had 2,093-2,077 votes. On a recount, the tally changed to 2,071-2,072. There were also other irregularities raised. The committee of elections considered it "doubtful, from the evidence, who ought to have been returned". The House then voted 116-85 to seat Adams.[159]
1930 United States / Missouri US House 3rd District 0.07% 46 65,291 (uncertain) According to the returns originally certified that incumbent Jacob L. Milligan and challenger H. F. Lawrence had 32,665-32,626 votes. The recount of this precinct gave Milligan a clear majority of 46 votes.[160][161]
1924 United States / New York US House 21st District 0.0156% 10 64,168 (uncertain) Sitting Member Royal H. Weller had been returned by an official plurality of 245 votes, which the contestant Martin C. Ansorge attacked. Following a recount, the tally was 32,089-32,079 and Weller declared elected.[162]
1918 United States / Iowa US House 11th District 0.007% 4 52,062 (uncertain) The sitting Member George C. Scott had been returned by a majority of 131 votes, which the contestant Thomas J. Steele attacked, alleging failure to count votes cast for the contestant and illegal counting of votes for the contestee.[163] In the recount, the tally changed to 26,033-26,029 and after some legal wrangling, Scott was declared elected.
1908 United States / Massachusetts US House 10th District 0.0112% 4 35,671[164] Representative Joseph F. O'Connell, a Democrat, defeated J. Mitchell Galvin, a Republican, by four votes, 16,553 to 16,549.[165] The record does not disclose the official returns, but a recount before a bipartisan board under the laws of Massachusetts gave O’Connell 16,553 votes, Galvin 16,549 votes, and two other candidates 1,380 and 1,187 votes, respectively, a plurality of 4 votes for Galvin, the sitting Member.[166]
1914 United States / New York US House 1st District 0.01073% 4 37,279 Frederick C. Hicks, a Republican, defeated the incumbent, Representative Lathrop Brown, a Democrat, by four votes, 17,726 to 17,722.[165][167]
1966 United States / Minnesota County auditor Isanti county 0% 0 5,082 (uncertain) In the general election held in Isanti County on November 8, 1966, Charles E. Johnson opposed Frank Trnka, the incumbent, for the office of county auditor. The Isanti County Canvassing Board declared Trnka to be the winner (2,543-2,539). The trial court ordered an inspection of the votes and Johnson was instead declared the winner by 2 votes. The case went to the Minnesota Supreme Court where it was instead decided that the vote was tied.[168] "Johnson took office in late 1967 after a long court dispute over the 1966 election."[169]
1983 United States / Ohio Councilman Cincinnati 0.08% 62 76,592 The tally for John Mirlisena and Sally Fellerhoff was 38,265-38,327. Mirlisena contested the results but lost in court.[170]
2004 United States / Wisconsin Mayor South Milwaukee 0.01797% 1 5,566 (uncertain) Both Logic and the then incumbent, David Kieck, ran for mayor of South Milwaukee. The initial tally had them tied at 2,783 votes apiece. Kieck sought a recount under Wis. Stat. § 9.01. As a result of that recount, the Board of Canvassers determined that Kieck won by one vote. Logic appealed but lost the case in the Wisconsin Court of Appeals.[171][172]
2004 United States / New Jersey Township Board of Commissioners Long Beach Township 0.04% 1 3,130 Six candidates were fighting for three positions on the Township Board of Commissioners. Ralph Bayard and Peter Murphy were initially tied 518-518 for the third position. After a recount, the tally changed to 520-519. Bayard was declared the (third) Commissioner. Murphy appealed but lost in the New Jersey Superior Court.[173]
2005 United States / Ohio City council Pepper Pike 0% 0 6,641[174] Six candidates ran for the four council seats. Frederick I. Taft and Richard M. Bain were tied 1,124-1,124, which resulted in a tie for the fourth council seat. Pursuant to R.C. 3505.33,[175] the chairman of the board of elections flipped a coin to break the tie and declared Taft the winner. The first recount then changed Taft and Bain's votes to 1,123-1,124 and Bain was instead declared the winner. A further investigation then revealed that one vote was defective. A second recount then had them both again tied at 1,124-1,124. But instead of conducting a new coin-flip, Taft was declared the winner based on the first coin-flip. The case went to the Ohio Supreme Court,[176] which ordered a new coin-flip that Taft would again win.[177]
1990 United States / Illinois Republican primary 55th district 0.04% 6 14,778 Initially, Rosemary Mulligan and Penny Pullen were certified as having 7,431-7,400 votes and Mulligan was declared the winner. The trial court ordered a recount that then had them tied at 7,387-7,387. The Illinois Compiled Statutes requires that ties be resolved by lot.[178] Mulligan won the coin flip and was declared the winner by the trial court. Pullen appealed and the Illinois Supreme Court decided that the correct vote count was 7,392-7,386.[179]
2017 India Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation Ward 220 0% 0 22,389[180] On the initial count, Shiv Sena’s Surendra Bagalkar was up 3 votes on BJP's Atul Shah. The latter demanded a recount. The recount was done thrice in the presence of both candidates, each time producing a 5,946-5,946 tie. The tie was to be broken by lot and Shah won when a 7-year-old girl drew from a box the chit with his name.[181]
2016 Philippines  Philippine general election, 2016 Bocaue mayor 0% 0 48,359 In this three-way race for the mayoralty of Bocaue, Bulacan, Joni Villanueva and Jim Valerio tied with 16,694 votes (34.5%) each. The third candidate Jonjon Santiago had 14,971 votes (31.0%).[182] Comelec Resolution No. 10083 requires that electoral ties be broken by the drawing of lots. A best-of-five coin toss was agreed upon.[183] Valerio chose tails and Villanueva chose heads. The first three flips were all tails and Villanueva was proclaimed winner.[184] Valerio then filed a protest,[185] but this was dismissed by Comelec.[186]
1964 United Kingdom UK General Ealing North 0.056% 27 48,123 Labour Party challenger William Molloy defeated Conservative Party incumbent John Barter 20,809-20,782.[187]
1951 United Kingdom UK General Belfast West 0.038% 25 66,323 Irish Labour candidate Jack Beattie defeated UUP incumbent Thomas Teevan 33,174-33,149.[188]
1974 United Kingdom UK General Oct 1974 East Dunbartonshire 0.044% 22 49,838 In a three-way race, SNP challenger Margaret Bain defeated Conservative Party incumbent Barry Henderson 15,551-15,529. (Labour Party Edward McGarry candidate had 15,122 votes.) Henderson had defeated both Bain and McGarry earlier in the Feb 1974 election.[189]
1983 United Kingdom UK General Hyndburn 0.046% 21 45,940 Conservative Party candidate Ken Hargreaves defeated Labour Party candidate Arthur Davidson 19,405-19,384. This seat was created in 1983.[190]
1959 United Kingdom UK General Birmingham All Saints 0.04% 20 48,611 Conservative Party challenger John Harold Hollingworth defeated Labour Party incumbent Denis Herbert Howell 17,235-17,215.[191]
1992 United Kingdom UK General Vale of Glamorgan 0.035% 19 54,626 Conservative Party challenger Walter Sweeney defeated Labour Party incumbent John William Patrick Smith 24,220-24,201. Smith would beat Sweeney in 1997.[192]
1935 United Kingdom UK General Kingswinford 0.038% 16 41,834 Labour Party challenger Arthur Henderson defeated Conservative Party incumbent Alan Livesey Stuart Todd 20,925-20,909.[193]
1964 United Kingdom UK General Preston North 0.034% 14 41,128 Conservative Party incumbent Julian Amery defeated Labour Party challenger Russell Kerr 20,566-20,562.[4]
1970 United Kingdom UK General Ipswich 0.021% 13 62,864 Conservative Party incumbent Ernle Money defeated Labour Party challenger Dingle Foot 27,704-27,691.[194]
1959 United Kingdom UK General South East Derbyshire 0.022% 12 55,728 Conservative Party challenger John Jackson defeated Labour Party incumbent Arthur Champion 25,374-25,362.[195]
1964 United Kingdom UK General Eton and Slough 0.024% 11 45,351 Conservative Party challenger Anthony Meyer defeated Labour Party incumbent Fenner Brockway 22,681-22,670.[196]
1964 United Kingdom UK General Reading 0.02% 10 47,379 Conservative Party incumbent Peter Emery defeated Labour Party challenger John Lee 20,815-20,810. Lee would defeat Emery in 1966.[197]
1974 United Kingdom UK General, Feb 1974 Bodmin 0.0196% 9 45,885 Liberal Democrat challenger Paul Tyler defeated Conservative Party incumbent Robert Hicks 20,283-20,274.[198]
1983 United Kingdom UK General Leicester South 0.013% 7 53,187 Conservative Party challenger Derek Spencer defeated Labour Party incumbent Jim Marshall 21,424-21,417.[199]
1964 United Kingdom UK General Brighton Kemptown 0.016% 7 44,609 Labour Party challenger Dennis Hobden defeated incumbent Conservative Party David James 22,308-22,301.[200]
1945 United Kingdom UK General Caithness and Sutherland 0.036% 6 16,625 In this very close three-way race where each candidate received 33% of the vote, Unionist Party candidate Eric Gandar Dower defeated Labour Party candidate Robert Ian Aonas MacInnes 5,564-5,558. The Conservative Party incumbent Archibald Sinclair had 5,503 votes.[201]
1966 United Kingdom UK General Peterborough 0.0058% 3 51,978 Conservative Party incumbent Sir Harmar Nicholls defeated Labour Party challenger Michael Ward 23,944-23,941. Ward would again challenge and lose in 1970 and Feb 1974, but would win in Oct 1974.
1974 United Kingdom UK General, Feb 1974 Peterborough 0.04% 22 51,456 Conservative Party incumbent Sir Harmar Nicholls defeated Labour Party challenger Michael Ward 20,353-20,331. Ward had also lost to Nicholls in 1966 and 1970, but would win in Oct 1974.[202]
1974 United Kingdom UK General, Feb 1974 Carmarthen 0.006% 3 50,062 Labour Party incumbent Gwynoro Jones defeated Plaid Cymru candidate Gwynfor Evans 17,165-17,162.[203] Jones had also beaten Evans in 1970, but would lose to Evans in Oct 1974.[204]
1923 United Kingdom UK General Hertfordshire, Hemel Hempstead 0.096% 17 17,767 Liberal Party challenger John Freeman Dunn defeated Conservative Party incumbent J C C Davidson 8,892-8,875. Dunn would regain the seat in 1924.[205]
1923 United Kingdom UK General Durham, Sedgefield 0.0027% 6 22,180 Conservative Party challenger Leonard Ropner defeated Labour Party incumbent John Herriotts 11,093-11,087.[206]
1923 United Kingdom UK General Devon, Tiverton 0.012% 3 24,603 Liberal Party incumbent Francis Dyke Acland defeated Conservative Party candidate Gilbert John Acland-Troyte 12,303-12,300. Acland had also defeated Acland-Troyte in the by-election earlier that same year, but Acland-Troyte would defeat Acland in 1924.[207]
1922 United Kingdom UK General Derbyshire, North-Eastern 0.05% 15 27,581 In this three-way race, Labour Party candidate Frank Lee defeated Liberal Party candidate Joseph Stanley Holmes 9,359-9,344.[208]
1945 United Kingdom UK General Cheshire, Northwich 0.03% 15 48,841 In this three-way race, Conservative Party candidate John Foster defeated Labour Party candidate Prof. Robert Chorley 15,477-15,473.[209]
1929 United Kingdom UK General Cheshire, Northwich 0.0088% 4 45,113 In this three-way race, Conservative Party incumbent Lord Colum Crichton-Stuart defeated Labour Party candidate Mrs. Barbara Ayrton-Gould 15,477-15,473. Chrichton-Stuart also defeated Mrs. Gould in 1924 and 1931.[209]
1945 United Kingdom UK General Cambridgeshire 0.099% 44 44,251 In this three-way race, Labour Party candidate Albert Stubbs defeated Conservative Party candidate Gerald Howard 18,714-18,670.[210]
1945 United Kingdom UK General Worcester 0.013% 4 31,501 In this three-way race, Conservative Party candidate George Ward defeated Labour Party/Co-operative Party candidate J. Evans 13,523-13,519.[211]
1922 United Kingdom UK General South Shields 0.063% 25 39,616 In this three-way race, Liberal Party candidate Edward Harney defeated Labour Party William Lawther 15,760-15,735.[212]
1922 United Kingdom UK General Salford, North 0.069% 19 27,377 In this three-way race, Labour Party incumbent Ben Tillett defeated Conservative Party challenger Samuel Finburgh 11,368-11,349. Tillett face Finbburgh again in the 1923 and 1924 General Elections, winning in 1923 but losing in 1924.[213]
1922 United Kingdom UK General Portsmouth, Central 0.02% 7 28,580 In this four-way race, Conservative Party candidate Frank Privett defeated National Liberal candidate T. Fisher 7,666-7,659.[214]
1922 United Kingdom UK General Nottingham, Central 0.096% 22 22,940 Liberal Party candidate Reginald Berkeley defeated Conservative Party incumbent Albert Atkey 11,481-11,459. Berkeley was later and briefly a Hollywood screenwriter.[215]
1945 United Kingdom UK General Manchester, Rusholme 0.028% 10 35,479 Labour Party candidate (unofficial) Hugh Lester Hutchinson defeated Conservative Party incumbent Frederick William Cundiff 15,408-15,398.[216]
1922 United Kingdom UK General Manchester, Clayton 0.037% 11 29,589 Conservative Party candidate William Henry Flanagan defeated Labour Party candidate John Edward Sutton 14,800-14,789.[217] Sutton had beaten Flanagan in the by-election earlier that year.
1924 United Kingdom UK General Leeds, West 0.01% 3 30,708 Labour Party candidate Thomas Stamford defeated Conservative Party candidate A.F.G. Renton 13,057-13,054. This was the lowest margin of victory in a Leeds parliamentary election.[218]
1923 United Kingdom UK General Huddersfield 0.0547% 26 47,528 Labour Party candidate James Hudson defeated Liberal Party candidate Arthur Marshall 17,430-17,404. (In this three-way race, Conservative Party C. Tinker won 12,694 votes.)[219] In the previous year's General Election (1922), Marshall had narrowly beaten Hudson by a 0.5% margin.
1929 United Kingdom UK General Birmingham Ladywood 0.033% 11 32,883 Labour Party candidate Wilfred Whiteley defeated Conservative Party candidate Geoffrey Lloyd 16,447-16,436.[220]
2015 Canada Prince Edward Island Provincial General Election Vernon River-Stratford 0% 0 2,839 On Declaration Day, Mary Ellen McInnis and Alan McIsaac had 1,172-1,174 votes. McInnis filed a petition for a judicial recount. Provincial Court Judge John Douglas discovered that a vote for Ms. McInnis was mistakenly put in the pile for Mr. McIsaac. The result of the recount was thus that they were tied 1,173-1,173. Pursuant to section 102 of the Election Act, the toss of a coin was completed by the Returning Officer. The results of the coin toss were in favour of Alan McIsaac.[221][222][223][224][225]
2006 United States Vermont Auditor of accounts 0.04% 102 250,960 One of the closest statewide election victories in Vermont history. It also resulted in the first statewide election recount since 1980, and the first time in the state's history, that such a recount resulted in the overturning of the election night results.[226]
2000 United States Colorado Board of Education 0.0056% 90 1.6 million A statewide recount for the State Board of Education upheld Jared Polis' victory by a mere 90 votes, state officials said Tuesday. Ben Alexander, who lost to Polis by the slimmest of margins out of 1.6 million votes cast, said he would not contest the results, in part because of his disgust with the presidential recount-wrangling in Florida.[227]
1924 United States Iowa senator Senate 0.08% 755 896,316 Daniel F. Steck, who lost the 1924 election to Smith Brookhart by 755 votes, contested the election results. On April 12, 1926 by a vote of 45-41, the Senate overturned the election results and gave the seat to Steck. This is considered the first time ever where the Senate voted to overturn an election after the winner was seated [228][229][230]
1922 United States Delaware senator (special) Senate 0.08% 60 74,429 Democratic attorney Thomas Bayard defeated appointed U.S. Senator T. Coleman DuPont by 60 votes out of 74K+ votes cast. Bayard also simultaneously defeated DuPont by 0.43 points in the election to the seat for the unexpired six-year term.[228]
1974 United States North Dakota senator Senate 0.07% 177 237,059 Five-term Republican U.S. Senator Milton Young defeated former Democratic Governor William Guy by 177 votes out of 237K cast.[231][232][228]
1981 United States New Jersey governor Governor 0.08% 1,797 2,317,239 A recount took place over the next month and Kean was certified the winner besting Florio by 1,797 votes out of over 2.3 million votes cast.[233]
1962 United States Minnesota governor Governor 0.0073% 91 1,246,827 After recounts and court challenges, it was determined that then-Lieutenant Governor Karl Rolvaag of the DFL had defeated Governor Elmer L. Andersen, Republican, by 91 votes out of nearly 1.3 million cast. Rolvaag collected 619,842 votes to Andersen's 619,751.[234]
1950 United States Michigan governor Governor 0.06% 1,154 1,879,382 This was the margin of victory certified by the state canvassing board. The losing candidate subsequently pursued a recount, but abandoned it on December 12, when results from 3,082 of the state’s 4,355 precincts showed the winning candidate increased his total from 1,154 to 4,119 votes.[5][235][236]
1940 United States Kansas governor Governor 0.05% 430 858,289 Burke came within 430 votes of beating Gov. Ratner for reelection.[237][238]
1930 United States Kansas governor Governor 0.04% 251 621,235[239] Three way race between Woodring (217,171 votes), Haucke (216,920), and Hinckley (183,278).[240]
1919 United States Maryland governor Governor 0.07% 165 228,777[241] Mr. Ritchie was declared the winner, 112,240 votes to 112,075.[242]
1916 United States Arizona governor Governor 0.07% 43 58,516 Hunt became governor following a recount of the vote, and the orders of the state supreme court.[243][244]
1912 United States Kansas governor Governor 0.008% 29 359,684 George H. Hodges defeated the popular Republican Arthur Capper by a razor-thin margin of 29 votes out of 359,684 cast.[245][246]
1994 Canada Quebec Quebec general Saint-Jean 0% 0 38,894 Incumbent Liberal Michel Charbonneau tied with Parti Québécois candidate Roger Paquin. Consequently, a new vote was held 42 days later, which Paquin won by 532 votes.[247]
2003 Canada Quebec Quebec general Champlain 0% 0 33,919 PQ candidate Noëlla Champagne tied with Liberal Pierre Brouillette. Consequently, a new vote was held 36 days later, which Champagne won by 642 votes.[248]
2011 Switzerland Swiss federal election Ticino 0% 0 760,995[249] Marco Romano and Monica Duca Widmer both had 23,979 votes.[250] Initially, a computer programme was used to draw lots and Widmer was declared the winner. Following complaints and appeals, the Federal Supreme Court ruled against the Canton’s decision to use a computer programme for the lottery and ordered new manual lottery. This was conducted on 25 November, and Marco Romano emerged as the winner.[251][252] (The 760,995 votes in total were for 8 seats. The PPD won two seats. Romano and Widmer, both of the PPD, were tied for the PPD's second seat.)
2010 United States Massachusetts state legislature 6th Worcester district 0% 0 13,174 Exact tie between Geraldo Alicea, the Democratic incumbent and the Republican challenger, Peter J. Durant.[253] Six months later, a special election was held where Durant beat Alicea by 56 votes.[254]
2015 United States Mississippi Mississippi state Legislative district 79 0% 0 9,178 Democrat incumbent Blaine Eaton initially won re-election over Republican Mark Tullos by drawing the long straw.[255] However, Tullos asked the State House to seat him, and they did so in a largely party-line vote.[256]
1978 United States Rhode Island Senatorial District 29 0% 0 8,220 Both Russell and Flynn had exactly 4,110 votes. On Jan 9th, 1979, a special election was held where Flynn beat Russell 2,546-2,038.[257]
2013 Philippines Oriental Mindoro Philippine local San Teodoro, Oriental Mindoro 0% 0 6,472 The vote was tied, so a coin toss was the agreed upon way to determine the winner. A second round was held after both candidates were still tied in the first round.[258]
1886 United Kingdom UK general Ashton-under-Lyne 0% 0 6,098 Conservative incumbent John Edmund Wentworth Addison and Liberal challenger (and English cricketer[259]) Alexander Butler Rowley were tied 3049-3049. The Returning Officer (and also mayor[260][261][262]) James Walker[263] broke the tie by casting a vote for Addison.[264][265][266][267]
2014 United States New Mexico McKinley County judicial seat 0% 0 5,958 Kenneth Howard Jr. and Robert Baca, running for an uncontested judicial seat in McKinley County, N.M., both finished with 2,879 votes in the June 3 election. New Mexico state law mandates that electoral ties be determined by lottery, and on July 10, a local Democratic party official tossed a 50-cent piece to finalize the election. Howard won the coin toss and, as there is no Republican challenger, the election.[268]
2009 Canada Newfoundland and Labrador municipal Paradise, Newfoundland and Labrador 0% 0 3,640 Kurtis Coombs was initially declared to have defeated incumbent mayor Ralph Wiseman by a margin of just three votes, but on a recount they were found to have finished in an exact tie.[269] The result was decided by drawing a name from a hat; Wiseman won the draw.[269]
1999 Canada Nova Scotia Nova Scotia general Shelburne 0% 0 7,751 Progressive Conservative Cecil O'Donnell tied with Liberal Clifford Huskilson (3,206-3,206).[270] The returning officer broke the tie by pulling Mr. O'Donnell's name from a box.[271]
1887 Canada Canadian federal Joliette 0% 0 3,065 Conservative Édouard Guilbault defeated Liberal F. Neveu. The deciding vote was cast by the returning officer after the two candidates tied.[272]
1896 Canada Canadian federal Assiniboia West 0% 0 3,005 Conservative Nicholas Flood Davin defeated independent John K. McInnes. The deciding vote was cast by the returning officer after the two candidates tied.[273]
2014 France French municipal Lescar 0% 0 2,670 Christian Laine (socialist) tied Philippe Coy. By virtue of French Law, the oldest candidate (Christian Laine) has been elected. The election was canceled by French Court, and Christian Laine finally won by a 71-vote margin.[274]
2008 Canada Nunavut Akulliq 0% 0 463 In a seat where the election was already delayed six weeks past general election day due to an aspiring candidate's legal challenge to his disqualification on residency grounds, incumbent MLA Steve Mapsalak and challenger John Ningark finished in an exact tie of 157 votes each. A second by-election was scheduled for March 2009 — five months after the election in the rest of the territory — which Ningark won by a margin of 14 votes.
2013 Canada Nunavut Rankin Inlet South 0% 0 344 In a new district formed by redistribution, incumbent MLA Lorne Kusugak and challenger Alexander Sammurtok, the only two candidates in the race, tied at 172 votes apiece. A by-election took place several weeks later, which was won by Sammurtok.
1974 United States New Hampshire New Hampshire senate 0.00090% 2 223,363[275] Louis Wyman beat John A. Durkin after several recounts. The US Senate called for a re-vote, which Durkin won.[276]
1984 United States Indiana Indiana state 8th Congressional district 0.00171% 4 234,092 Indiana's Secretary of State (a Republican) certified Rick McIntyre as the winner by 34 votes, ignoring other recounted tallies that actually showed Frank McCloskey was in the lead. The Democratic-controlled House conducted their own recount. The House seated McCloskey after declaring him the winner by just four votes.[277]
2003 Russia Sverdlovsk Oblast Russian legislative Sverdlovsk Oblast District 163 0.00221% 5 225,484 Incumbent Georgy Leontyev held the seat by five votes,[278] despite allegations of vote manipulations, later rejected by the Supreme Court [279]
1910 United States New York 36th District 0.00242% 1 41,396 Charles Bennett Smith, a Democrat, defeated the incumbent, Representative De Alva Stanwood Alexander, a Republican, by one vote, 20,685 to 20,684.[280]
1997 United Kingdom UK general Winchester 0.00322% 2 62,054 In the General Election, Mark Oaten led Gerry Malone by 2 votes (26,100-26,098).[281] A total of 55 ballot papers were excluded from the count for want of official mark, of which 18 were votes in favour of Oaten and 22 in favour of Malone. Therefore Malone would have had a majority of 2 votes had they been included in the count. On hearing an Election Petition in the High Court on 6 October 1997 Lord Justice Brooke and Mr. Justice Gage ordered that there should be a fresh election. The petition also stated that four voters cast tendered ballots after claiming to have been personated, but the personators could not be found and the allegation was not pursued.[282] In the subsequent by-election, Oaten crushed Malone (37,006-15,450).
2017 United Kingdom UK general North East Fife 0.00478% 2 41,848 The Scottish National Party saw off a challenge by the Liberal Democrats to retain the seat of former leader Menzies Campbell.[283]
2004 United States Washington (state) Washington gubernatorial 0.00473% 133 2,810,053[284] Democrat Christine Gregoire defeated Republican Dino Rossi, following two recounts, after the initial count and first recount showed Rossi as the winner.
1931 United Kingdom UK general Ilkeston 0.00569% 2 35,172 A.J. Flint (National Labour) gained the seat from George Oliver (Labour) in a straight fight (the joint smallest numerical majority in a UK Parliamentary election, since universal adult suffrage).[285]
2000 South Korea South Korean legislative election, 2000 Gwangju 0.00614% 3 48,828 GNP Park Hyuk-kyu defeated MDP Moon Hak-jin by an official tally of 3 vote difference.[286]
2001 Cape Verde Cape Verdean presidential 0.00791% 12 153,406 Pedro Pires (African Party for the Independence of Cape Verde) defeated Carlos Veiga (Movement for Democracy) in the second round of the election after neither won more than 50% in the first round.[287]
2010 United Kingdom UK general Fermanagh and South Tyrone 0.00855% 4 46,803 Michelle Gildernew (Sinn Féin) defeated independent Rodney Connor.[288]
1948 United States Texas United States Senate, Texas Democratic primary runoff 0.00880% 87 988,295 Lyndon Johnson is declared the winner over Coke Stevenson, despite suspicion about 200 mysterious votes from precinct 13 of Jim Wells County.
2000 United States Florida United States presidential, Florida 0.00901% 537 5,962,657 Republican George W. Bush defeated Democrat Al Gore after a mandatory statewide recount. An additional hand recount was halted by the United States Supreme Court but a later hand recount by media organizations confirmed Bush's win.[289]
1972 Canada Ontario Canadian federal Ontario 0.00949% 4 42,150 Liberal incumbent Norman Cafik defeated Progressive Conservative Frank Charles McGee.[290]
2008 United States Alaska Alaska District 7 0.04% 4 10,083 Incumbent Republican Mike Kelly defeated Democratic challenger Karl Kassel 5,024-5,020 following a recount.[291][292][293]
1832 United States Maryland United States presidential Maryland 0.01044% 4 38,316 National Republican Henry Clay carried Maryland by four votes over Democratic President Andrew Jackson, but Jackson was reelected handily.[294]
1910 United Kingdom UK general Exeter 0.01047% 1 9,553 Henry Duke (Conservative), the incumbent at the time of the general election, re-gained the seat from Harold St Maur (Liberal) on an election petition in 1911. The court changed the original result (under which the Liberal had won by four votes). The revised result was the smallest numerical majority in a UK Parliamentary election in the twentieth century.[295]
2008 United States Minnesota United States Senate, Minnesota 0.01080% 312 2,887,646 After the first count, Norm Coleman edged out Al Franken by 215 votes, but following a state mandated recount, Al Franken defeated Norm Coleman by 225.[296] Coleman contested the recount, after which Franken's lead grew to 312. After the Minnesota Supreme Court unanimously rejected Coleman's appeals, he conceded the race to Franken on June 30, 2009, 238 days after the election.[297]
1994 United States Connecticut Connecticut Second Congressional district 0.01129% 21 186,030 (recount, not final) In this three-way race between Sam Gejdenson, Edward Munster, David Bingham, the initial official tally was 79,169-79,167-27,729 (186,065 total votes).[298] Following a recount, Gejdenson and Munster were 79,160-79,156 with 186,030 total votes cast. The Connecticut Supreme Court ruled instead that the correct final tally was 79,188-79,167 and so Gejdenson won.[299] (However the Court did not mention what the correct total number of votes cast was.)
1968 Australia South Australia South Australian House of Assembly Seat of Millicent 0.01362% 1 7,342[300] On 2 March 1968, Martin Cameron contested the seat of Millicent for the House of Assembly, standing against the sitting member, and minister in the Labor Cabinet, Des Corcoran. Narrowly losing the seat by one vote (3635-3634), the Liberal and Country League challenged the decision and the election was referred to the South Australian Court of Disputed Returns. The court ordered a by-election, which was held on 22 June. This was won comfortably by Corcoran (3994-3564), the Dunstan-led Australian Labor Party running the campaign on electoral reform.[301]
1968 Canada Canadian federal Leeds 0.01376% 4 29,073 Progressive Conservative Desmond Code defeated Liberal incumbent John Matheson.[302]
1930 Canada Canadian federal Yamaska 0.01427% 1 7,009 Liberal incumbent Aimé Boucher defeated Conservative Paul-François Comtois.[303] The riding result was later declared void, and Boucher won the by-election in 1933 by 84 votes (0.1%).
2016 United States New Mexico New Mexico House of Representatives 29th District 0.01447% 2 13,826 Republican Dave Adkins recaptures his spot in the New Mexico House over challenger Ronnie Martinez by just two votes.[304]
1949 Canada Canadian federal Annapolis—Kings 0.01515% 4 26,400 Liberal Angus Alexander Elderkin defeated Progressive Conservative incumbent George Nowlan.[305]
2003 Somaliland Somaliland presidential 0.01637% 80 488,543 Dahir Riyale Kahin, of the For Unity, Democracy, and Independence party narrowly defeated the Peace, Unity, and Development Party's Ahmed M. Mahamoud Silanyo in a three-way race.[306]
1988 Canada Canadian federal London—Middlesex 0.01654% 8 48,358 Progressive Conservative MP Terry Clifford narrowly edged out Liberal Garnet Bloomfield.[307]
2005 United States Virginia Virginia Attorney General 0.01662% 323 1,943,250 Bob McDonnell was certified as the victor over Creigh Deeds following a recount.[308]
2012 Australia Australian Capital Territory ACT general 0.01854% 41 221,172 The Canberra Liberal Party received more first preference votes than the ruling Labor Party.[309] Ultimately the Labor Party formed a minority government with the support of the sole ACT Greens MLA.
2006 United States Oklahoma Oklahoma state 0.02085% 2 9,594 After a recount, Republican Todd Thomsen beat Democrat Darrel Nemecek by two votes for the Oklahoma House of Representatives seat in its 25th district.[310][311][312]
1935 Canada Canadian federal Vancouver—Burrard 0.02133% 6 28,130 Liberal Gerald Grattan McGeer defeated Co-operative Commonwealth Arnold Alexander Webster.[313]
1896 Canada Canadian federal Ontario North 0.02148% 1 4,655 Liberal-Conservative John Alexander McGillivray defeated Patrons of Industry Duncan Graham.[273]
1997 United Kingdom UK general Torbay 0.02250% 12 53,322 Liberal Democrat candidate Adrian Sanders gained the seat from the sitting Conservative MP Rupert Allason. It was subsequently reported that Allason lost the seat through failing to leave a tip when dining at a restaurant in his constituency shortly before polling day. It was estimated that 14 voters (restaurant staff and their close family members) switched allegiance from Allason to other candidates as a result. He lost by 12 votes.
1904 United States Maryland United States presidential Maryland 0.02274% 51 224,229 Republican President Theodore Roosevelt barely carried Maryland over Democrat Alton Parker on his way to an electoral landslide.[314]
1900 Canada Canadian federal Selkirk 0.02303% 1 4,343 Liberal William Forsythe McCreary defeated Conservative John Herber Haslam.[315] This was the second time in a row that a Liberal candidate defeated his Conservative rival in this riding by a single vote.
1900 Canada Canadian federal Bruce North 0.02422% 1 4,129 Liberal-Conservative incumbent Alexander McNeill defeated Liberal J. E. Campbell.[315]
2010 United States Illinois Illinois gubernatorial Republican primary 0.02515% 193 767,485 Bill Brady defeated Kirk Dillard.[316][317]
2016 United States New York (state) New York State Senate 8th District 0.02559% 33 128,965 John Brooks secured a spot in the State Senate by defeating incumbent Republican Michael Venditto.[318]
1912 United States California United States presidential California 0.02567% 174 677,944 Former President Theodore Roosevelt, running on the Republican and Progressive ballot lines in California (Republican President William Howard Taft was not on the ballot in the state, although he did receive 3,914 write-in votes), narrowly edged out Democrat Woodrow Wilson in California, but Wilson won a landslide in the Electoral College due to divided Republican opposition.[319]
1930 Canada Canadian federal Norfolk—Elgin 0.02654% 5 18,843 Liberal William H. Taylor defeated Conservative John Lawrence Stansell.[303]
2007 Australia Australian federal Division of McEwen 0.02794% 31 96,647 Liberal Fran Bailey defeated Labor Rob Mitchell following a recount and court challenge.[320][321]
2012 United States Iowa United States presidential Iowa Republican caucuses 0.02798% 34 121,503 Former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum defeated former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney in the statewide Republican caucuses, the closest GOP primary election in United States history.[322] Romney had been declared the winner by 8 votes on caucus night.
2008 Canada Canadian federal Kitchener—Waterloo 0.02808% 17 60,534 Conservative Peter Braid defeated Liberal Andrew Telegdi after a recount.[323]
1891 Canada Canadian federal Wentworth South 0.02821% 1 3,545 Conservative Franklin Carpenter defeated Liberal James T. Russell.[324]
1935 Canada Canadian federal Souris 0.02833% 3 10,589 Liberal-Progressive George William McDonald defeated Progressive Conservative incumbent Errick French Willis.[313]
1887 Canada Canadian federal Haldimand 0.02865% 1 3,491 Conservative Walter Humphries Montague defeated Liberal incumbent Charles Wesley Colter.[272]
1896 Canada Canadian federal Selkirk 0.02920% 1 3,425 Liberal John Alexander MacDonell defeated Conservative Hugh Armstrong.[273]
2011 Scotland Scottish general Glasgow Anniesland 0.02927% 7 23,918 Incumbent Labour MSP Bill Butler was defeated by Bill Kidd of the Scottish National Party (SNP).[325]
2011 New Zealand New Zealand general Waitakere 0.02927% 9 30,747 National incumbent Paula Bennett retained her seat over Labour challenger Carmel Sepuloni after a judicial recount was requested by Bennett. The original official result had Sepuloni winning with a margin of 11 votes.[326][327]
2010 Canada Kitchener City Council 0.02961% 1 3,377 Frank Etherington defeated Debbie Chapman.[328]
1968 Canada Canadian federal Comox—Alberni 0.02967% 9 30,331 Liberal Richard Durante defeated New Democrat incumbent Thomas Speakman Barnett.[302] The riding result was later declared void and Durante lost the by-election to Barnett in 1969.
1891 Canada Canadian federal Nicolet 0.03016% 1 3,316 Liberal Joseph Hector Leduc defeated Conservative E. C. Prince.[324]
1945 Canada Canadian federal Colchester—Hants 0.03273% 8 24,439 Progressive Conservative Frank Stanfield defeated Liberal incumbent Gordon Timlin Purdy.[329]
1968 Canada Canadian federal Oshawa—Whitby 0.03309% 15 45,332 New Democrat Ed Broadbent defeated Progressive Conservative incumbent Michael Starr.[302]
2000 Canada Canadian federal Champlain 0.03325% 15 45,111 Bloc Québécois candidate Marcel Gagnon narrowly edged out Liberal Julie Boulet.[330]
1993 Canada Canadian federal Edmonton Northwest 0.03410% 12 35,195 Liberal candidate Anne McLellan narrowly edged out Reform candidate Richard Kayler.[331]
1974 Canada Canadian federal Drummond 0.03521% 13 36,925 Liberal Yvon Pinard defeated Social Credit incumbent Jean-Marie Boisvert.[332]
1964 United States Nevada United States Senate, Nevada 0.03565% 48 134,624 Democratic incumbent Howard Cannon defeated Republican Paul Laxalt.[333]
1979 Canada Canadian federal Halifax 0.03662% 15 40,961 Progressive Conservative George Cooper defeated Liberal Brian Flemming.[334]
1990 United States Ohio Ohio Attorney General 0.03672% 1,234 3,360,162 Democratic candidate Lee Fisher defeated Republican Paul Pfeifer after a six-week recount, earning him the ironic nickname "Landslide Lee".[335]
1896 Canada Canadian federal York East 0.03841% 1 3,425 Independent Conservative incumbent William F. McLean defeated Liberal Henry R. Frankland.[273]
2005 Canada British Columbia general Vancouver-Burrard 0.03862% 11 28,483 Lorne Mayencourt of the British Columbia Liberal Party defeated Tim Stevenson of the British Columbia New Democratic Party in a judicial recount.[336] Stevenson had actually been declared the winner of the seat on election night, but Mayencourt pulled ahead when absentee ballots were counted two weeks later.
2013 United States Virginia Virginia Attorney General 0.04097% 907 2,214,075 Democratic candidate Mark Herring defeated Republican candidate Mark Obenshain. The initial count was 1,103,777-1,103-612 — a 165 or 0.01% margin. The recount was 1,105,045-1,104,138 — a 907 or 0.04% margin.[337]
2011 Canada Canadian federal Nipissing—Timiskaming 0.04258% 18 42,271 Conservative Jay Aspin defeated Liberal incumbent Anthony Rota.[338]
2014 Australia South Australia Parliament of South Australia Fisher state by-election 0.04378% 9 20,559 By-election caused by the death of sitting independent MP Bob Such. The Australian Labor Party candidate Nat Cook beat the Liberal Party candidate by 9 votes.
2004 United States Montana Montana house District 12 0% 0 (recount) 4,224 (final) The initial tally had Democrat Jeanne Windham losing to Constitution Party candidate Rick Jore 1557-1559. The recount had them tied at 1559-1559. The Montana Supreme Court then ruled that five votes for Jore were invalid, so that Windham won 1559-1554. A third candidate Jack Cross had 1,107 votes.[339][340][341]
2008 Canada Canadian federal Vancouver South 0.04779% 20 41,852 Liberal Ujjal Dosanjh defeated Conservative Wai Young after two recounts.[342]
2017 United Kingdom UK General Kensington 0.05171% 20 38,677 Labour Emma Dent Coad defeated Conservative Victoria Borwick after 3 recounts over two days.
1887 Canada Canadian federal Montmorency 0.05328% 1 1,877 Liberal Charles Langelier defeated Conservative P. V. Valin.[272]
1959 Singapore Singaporean general River Valley 0.05328% 5 9,384 People's Action Party candidate Lim Cheng Lock defeated Soh Ghee Soon of the Singapore People's Alliance.[343]
1892 United States California United States presidential California 0.05452% 147 269,609 Former President Grover Cleveland narrowly carried California over Republican President Benjamin Harrison and went on to reclaim the presidency in a rematch of the 1888 presidential elections, thus becoming both the 22nd and 24th president of the United States.[344]
2006 Canada Canadian federal Parry Sound—Muskoka 0.06064% 28 46,171 Conservative candidate Tony Clement narrowly edged out Liberal MP Andy Mitchell.[345]
2000 United States New Mexico United States presidential New Mexico 0.06114% 366 598,605 Since Florida's electoral votes decided George W. Bush's electoral college win over Al Gore, little attention was paid to the fact that New Mexico's outcome was even closer (in terms of raw vote) than the Florida result, this time with Gore coming out ahead.[346]
1988 Canada Canadian federal Northumberland, Ontario 0.06190% 28 45,235 Liberal candidate Christine Stewart narrowly edged out Progressive Conservative Reg Jewell.[307]
1896 United States Kentucky United States presidential Kentucky 0.06212% 277 445,928 William McKinley was elected president twice by comfortable Electoral College majorities, but his only victory in a Southern state was his razor-thin win over William Jennings Bryan in Kentucky in his initial presidential run, becoming the first Republican ever to win Kentucky.[347]
1960 United States Hawaii United States presidential Hawaii 0.06226% 115 184,705 Just a year after becoming the fiftieth State, Hawaii surprised many political experts by voting for Democrat John F. Kennedy over Republican Richard Nixon, albeit by a very small margin.[348]
2013 Australia Australian federal Division of Fairfax 0.06264% 53 84,607 Clive Palmer (Palmer United Party) defeated Ted O'Brien of the Liberal National Party of Queensland following two recounts.[349]
1916 United States New Hampshire United States presidential New Hampshire 0.06283% 56 89,127 Although the 0.38% victory margin for President Woodrow Wilson in California — which gave Wilson the thirteen electoral votes he needed to win reelection over Republican Charles Evans Hughes—garnered most of the attention, Wilson’s surprise 56-vote victory over Hughes in New Hampshire (the only Northeastern state that Hughes did not carry) was the closest contest in the election.[350]
2004 United States Ohio Ohio Senate 14th District Republican primary 0.06517% 22 33,760 Jean Schmidt won the first count by 62 votes, but Tom Niehaus prevailed in a recount and went on to win the general election.[335]
1891 Canada Canadian federal Grey South 0.06572% 3 4,565 Liberal incumbent George Landerkin defeated Conservative John Blyth.[324]
2006 Italy Italian general 0.06583% 25,115 38,153,343 The centre-left coalition The Union led by Romano Prodi defeated the centre-right House of Freedoms of incumbent Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.[351]
1972 Canada Canadian federal Selkirk 0.06690% 30 44,841 New Democrat incumbent Doug Rowland defeated Progressive Conservative Dean Whiteway.[290]
1940 Canada Canadian federal Cumberland 0.06842% 12 17,537 Liberal Percy Chapman Black defeated National Government incumbent Kenneth Judson Cochrane.[352]
2002 United States Colorado Colorado 7th Congressional district 0.06877% 121 175,938 In the first race in this newly created Congressional district, Republican Bob Beauprez narrowly beat out Democrat Mike Feeley.[353]
1952 United States Kentucky United States presidential Kentucky 0.07048% 700 993,148 Dwight Eisenhower was elected president in a landslide, but lost Kentucky by the smallest margin of any state Presidential battle for thirty-six years, giving a sixth straight Democrat win in the Bluegrass State.[354]
2004 United States North Carolina North Carolina State Agriculture Commissioner 0.07066% 2,353 3,330,187 Republican Steve Troxler defeated Democrat Britt Cobb.[citation needed]
2014 United States Arizona Arizona Second Congressional district 0.07334% 161 219,351 Martha McSally defeated Ron Barber, officially announced a month after the election, after a legally-mandated recount.[355] McSally had lost to Barber in 2012 by 2,454 votes.
2016 United States Pennsylvania Pennsylvania PA-31 0.07381% 28 37,936 Democrat Perry Warren defeated Republican Ryan Gallagher for District 31 of the PA House of Representatives.[356]
2000 Canada Canadian federal Laval Centre 0.07667% 42 54,782 Bloc Québécois MP Madeleine Dalphond-Guiral narrowly edged out Liberal Pierre Lafleur.[330]
2013 United States New Jersey New Jersey General Assembly District 2 0.07954% 40 50,288 Democrat Vince Mazzeo defeated incumbent Republican John F. Amodeo after a recount.[357]
1988 Canada Canadian federal York North 0.08767% 77 87,825 Liberal Maurizio Bevilacqua narrowly edged out Progressive Conservative Michael O'Brien.[307]
1880 United States California United States presidential California 0.08769% 144 164,218 Democrat Winfield Scott Hancock takes advantage of opposition to Chinese immigration for the first Democratic win in California since 1856, but loses the electoral vote despite equalling Garfield in states won and popular vote.[358]
1908 United States Missouri United States presidential Missouri 0.08786% 629 715,927 William Howard Taft wins a comfortable first term but takes Missouri by fewer than a thousand votes.[359]
1984 Canada Canadian federal Renfrew—Nipissing—Pembroke 0.08792% 38 43,219 Liberal MP Len Hopkins narrowly edged out Progressive Conservative Don Whillans.[360]
2005 United Kingdom UK general Crawley 0.08815% 37 41,973 Labour MP Laura Moffatt retains seat.
2012 France French legislative Eure second constituency 0.08928% 39 43,681 Socialist Jean-Louis Destans defeated incumbent Jean-Pierre Nicolas[361]
2000 United States Washington (state) Washington United States Senate 0.09055% 2,229 2,461,379 Democrat Maria Cantwell unseats Republican Slade Gorton following a mandatory recount.[citation needed]
1998 United States Nevada Nevada United States Senate 0.09200% 401 435,864 Incumbent Democrat Harry Reid defeats Republican John Ensign.[362]
1965 Canada Canadian federal Shefford 0.09334% 27 28,926 Liberal Louis-Paul Neveu defeated Progressive Conservative Paul-O. Trépanier.[363]
1860 United States Virginia United States presidential Virginia 0.09347% 156 166,891 Constitutional Union candidate John Bell edges out secessionist John Cabell Breckinridge. President-elect Lincoln received only 1,887 votes.[364]
1874 Canada Canadian federal Leeds South 0.09372% 3 3,201 Conservative David Ford Jones beat challenger W. H. Fredenburgh.[365]
1962 Canada Canadian federal St. John's West 0.09391% 24 25,557 Liberal Richard Cashin defeated Progressive Conservative incumbent William Joseph Browne.[366]
2016 Taiwan Taiwanese general Taoyuan legislative district 4 0.09385% 162 172,622 KMT incumbent Yang Li-Huan claimed edged DDP challenger Cheng Pao-Ching by 30 votes, when latter Central Election Commission said Cheng won with 169 votes. The recount in 5 days saw Cheng won by 162 votes.[367]
1884 United States New York (state) United States presidential New York 0.09844% 1,149 1,167,169 Democrat Grover Cleveland edged out Mainer James G. Blaine to win New York’s decisive 36 electoral votes.[citation needed]
1878 Canada Canadian federal Jacques Cartier 0.09911% 2 2,018 Conservative Désiré Girouard defeated Liberal incumbent Rodolphe Laflamme.[368]
1921 Canada Canadian federal Calgary West 0.09955% 16 16,073 Labour Joseph Tweed Shaw defeated Conservative R. B. Bennett who was, at the time, Minister of Justice.[369]


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