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For women's national baseball teams, see: Category:Women's national baseball teams.

This is a list of men's national baseball teams in the world. It consists of all men's baseball teams representing their nation, country, or territory and which are members of the World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC).

Current national baseball teams[edit]

Map of the world with five confederations.

This section lists the current:

  • 128 men's national baseball teams associated to WBSC.

The five confederations are:

The current holders of the World Baseball Classic are marked by ♠.
The current participants in the 2017 World Baseball Classic are marked by ♣.

ABSA (Africa)[edit]

24 members of the African Baseball & Softball Association under it.

BCO (Oceania)[edit]

14 members of the Baseball Confederation of Oceania under it.

† Provisional members

BFA (Asia)[edit]

24 members of the Baseball Federation of Asia under it.

1. Commonly known as 'Taiwan'; competing as 'Chinese Taipei'

CEB (Europe)[edit]

39 members of the Confederation of European Baseball under it.

† Provisional members

COPABE (North and Central America, Caribbean and South America)[edit]

27 members of the Pan American Baseball Confederation under it.

North and
Central America
Caribbean South America

1. Formerly known as 'Netherlands Antilles'

Former national baseball teams[edit]

These national teams no longer exist.

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