List of national parks in Albania

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National Parks in Albania are being equipped with trail markings and information centers. The list of national parks in Albania includes the following:


# Image Name Description Established
1 Teatri i Butrintit.jpg Butrint Inhabited since prehistoric times, Butrint has been the site of a Greek colony, a Roman city and a bishopric. Following a period of prosperity under Byzantine administration, then a brief occupation by the Venetians, the city was abandoned in the late Middle Ages after marshes formed in the area. The present archaeological site is a repository of ruins representing each period in the city’s development.[1] 2000
2 Green coast Palasa Albania.jpg Llogara National Park The Park is known from its vibrant flora and fauna with over 100 different types of wild animals and birds including: deer, wild cats, foxes, etc. The mixture of refreshing high altitude mountain air and proximity of the sea makes it very attractive destination for tourists. The area is also important for the growth of eco-tourism, picnic, hiking and air sports. 1966
3 Gjiri Skaloma Beget. Karaburun.jpg Karaburun-Sazan National Marine Park Only marine park in Albania. Consists of surrounding sea water 1 nautical mile from the shores of the Karaburun Peninsula and Sazan Island. 2010
4 Karavasta.jpg Karavasta Lagoon Mediterranean pines and Ramsar listed lagoon area 2008
5 Dajti Ekspress.jpg Mount Dajt Ottoman bridges, Mediterranean pine forests, canyons, caves, and waterfalls 1966
6 Lura Liqeni i Lulëve.JPG Lurë Glacial lakes surrounded by beech and European black pines 1966
7 Lake Prespa Albania.jpg Lake Prespa Highest tectonic lakes in the Balkans 1999
8 Theth Radohima MajaArapit.jpg Theth Part of the Albanian Alps 1966
9 2013-10-05 Valbona, Albania 8265.jpg Valbonë Valley National Park Part of the Albanian Alps 1966
10 Bredhi i Hotovës.jpg Fir of Hotova National Park Hotova area fir, Benja hot springs and Langarica Canyon 2008
11 FromShebeniktowardsOhrid.JPG Shebenik-Jabllanice National Park Alpine meadows part of the European Green Belt 2008
12 Maja e Liqenit.jpg Shtamë Pass National Park Mediterranean pines and fresh water sources 1996
13 Parku Kombëtar Bredhi i Drenovës.jpg National Park Bredhi i Drenovës Drenova area fir 1966
14 Berat Albania.jpg Mount Tomorr Bektashi tekke located at summit 1996



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