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There are numerous protected areas in Belgium with a wide variety of types, protection levels and sizes. The below list gives an overview of the most important protected areas.

National parks[edit]

There is currently only one official national park in Belgium, the Hoge Kempen National Park, opened in 2006.[1]

Photo Name Founded in Area (km²)
HogeKempen5093.jpg Hoge Kempen National Park 2006 57.5

Natural parks[edit]

There are many natural parks in Belgium, including 9 in Wallonia (called Parcs Naturels).

Photo Name Founded in Area (km²) Comments
Hautes-Fagnes.jpg Hohes Venn – Eifel Nature Park 1978 720 This natural park is a transboundary park between Belgium and Germany.
Natural Park of the Valleys of the Burdinale and of the Mehaigne 1991 110
Natural Park of the two Ourthes 2001 760
Natural Park of the Haute-Sûre and Forest of Anlier 2001 720
Natural Park of the Valley of the Attert 1994 70
Natural Park Viroin Hermeton 1998 120
Natural Park of the High Lands 2000 157
Natural Park of the Plaines of the Scheldt 1996 260
Natural Park of the Country of the Hills 1997 233

Nature reserves[edit]

There are many nature reserves, including:

  • Zwin 1.58 km² (1.25 km² on Belgian territory)

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  1. ^ "Ignace Schops - Goldman Prize". Retrieved 2009-01-22. After years of campaigning, Ignace Schops has led the effort to establish Belgium's first and only national park. 

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