List of protected areas of Malawi

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There are nine national parks and reserves in Malawi.

National parks[edit]

  • Kasungu National Park — situated approximately 165 km north of the capital city, Lilongwe, this is, at over 2,000 km², the second largest of Malawi's parks
  • Lake Malawi National Park — designated a National Park in 1980 to protect the unique diversity of tropical fish living in Lake Malawi, some not found anywhere else on earth
  • Lengwe National Park — most famed for the nyala antelope, not found in the other northern parks of Malawi
  • Liwonde National Park — situated 120 km north of Blantyre, on the banks of the Upper Shire River
  • Nyika National Park — the first (certified in 1965), the largest (over 3,000 km²) and the highest (average height 1,800 m)

Game and wildlife reserves[edit]

Other protected areas[edit]


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