List of national parks of the Gambia

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Baboon island in the Gambia River, part of River Gambia National Park

The Gambia has the following National parks and nature reserves, managed by the Department of Parks and Wildlife Management:[1]

Park / reserve Area (ha) Established Notes
Abuko Nature Reserve 105 1916 The country's first designated wildlife reserve.
Bao Bolong Wetland Reserve 22,000 1996 The first reserve in the Gambia to be acknowledged as a wetland area worth of protection according to the Ramsar Convention.
Kiang West National Park 11,000 1987 One of the largest and most important wildlife reserves in the Gambia.
Niumi National Park 4,940 1986 On the coast, contiguous with Senegal's Delta du Saloum National Park and Biosphere Reserve.
River Gambia National Park 570 1978 A chimpanzee reserve, off-limits to visitors.
Tanbi Wetland Complex 4,500 2001
Tanji Bird Reserve 612 1993

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