List of nationality transfers in sport

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This is a list of sports persons who have moved to compete for another country. Not included in this list are:

  • Players who could choose to play for a new country after the dissolution of their former country. This mainly affected players from the former Soviet Union, such as Viktor Onopko, and the former Yugoslavia, such as Davor Šuker.
  • Players who represented the country they moved to in childhood. Frequently, the home countries of such players are former colonies of their future countries (such as Patrick Vieira, born in Senegal but moved to France in childhood). Another example of such a player was Marcel Desailly, a Ghana-born player who was adopted in childhood by a French diplomat and raised in France.
  • Players who could have chosen to represent another country due to their birthplace, parentage, ancestry (i.e., at least one grandparent), and/or residence. Some notable examples:
  • However, players who actually represented one country, either at junior or senior level, before representing a second country are included, even if they qualify by ancestry. For example:

Alpine skiing[edit]

Name of athlete From nation To nation
Kilian Albrecht  Austria[1]  Bulgaria
Katrin Gutensohn  Austria  Germany
Elfi Eder  Austria  Grenada
Marc Girardelli  Austria  Luxembourg
Sascha Gritsch  Italy  Moldova
Urs Imboden   Switzerland  Moldova
Christophe Roux   Switzerland  Moldova
Christa Kinshofer  Germany  Netherlands
Mirko Deflorian  Italy  Moldova
Alexandra Coletti  Italy  Monaco
Alessia Dipol  India  Togo
Edit Miklós  Romania  Hungary


Name of athlete From nation To nation
Natalia Valeeva  Moldova  Italy
Natalia Nasaridze  Soviet Union  Turkey


See List of nationality transfers in athletics

Auto racing[edit]

Name of athlete From nation To nation
Jochen Rindt  Germany  Austria
Bertrand Gachot  France  Belgium
Nelson Piquet, Jr.  Germany  Brazil
Gino Bianco  Italy  Brazil
Gil de Ferran  France  Brazil
Bertrand Gachot  Luxembourg  France
Darryl O'Young  Canada  Hong Kong
Ralph Firman  United Kingdom  Ireland
Chris Alajajian  Australia  Lebanon


Jimmy Auby  South Africa  Lebanon
Alex Khateeb  United Kingdom  Lebanon
Allam Khodair  Brazil  Lebanon


Daniel Morad  Canada  Lebanon
Graham Rahal  United States  Lebanon

 United States

Rikky von Opel  Germany  Liechtenstein
Robert Doornbos  Netherlands  Monaco


Adam Khan  United Kingdom  Pakistan
Enrico Toccacelo  Italy  Pakistan  Italy
Toulo de Graffenried  France   Switzerland
Andreas Zuber  Austria  United Arab Emirates
Mario Andretti  Italy  United States
Herbert MacKay-Fraser  Brazil  United States
Roberto Guerrero  Colombia  United States



Name of athlete From nation To nation
Pi Hongyan  China  France
Xu Huaiwen  China  Germany
Mia Audina  Indonesia  Netherlands
Yao Jie  China  Netherlands
Xin Xu Bing  China  Spain


Name of athlete From nation To nation
Chris Snelling  United States  Australia
Mike Walker  United States  Australia
Ernesto Noris  Cuba  Brazil
Jameson Taillon  United States  Canada
Shu Okamura  Japan  China
Ray Chang  United States  China
Alex Rodriguez  United States  Dominican Republic
Tiago Da Silva  Brazil  Italy
Anthony Granato  Canada  Italy
John Mariotti  Canada  Italy
Drew Butera  United States  Italy
Chris Colabello  United States  Italy
Chris Cooper  United States  Italy
Mike Costanzo  United States  Italy
Tim Crabbe  United States  Italy
Chris Denorfia  United States  Italy
Marco Grifantini  United States  Italy
Jason Grilli  United States  Italy
Tyler LaTorre  United States  Italy
Mike Piazza  United States  Italy
Nick Pugliese  United States  Italy
Nick Punto  United States  Italy
Anthony Rizzo  United States  Italy
Jack Santora  United States  Italy
Dan Serafini  United States  Italy
Brian Sweeney  United States  Italy
Matt Torra  United States  Italy
Pat Venditte  United States  Italy
Juan Infante  Venezuela  Italy
Rod Barajas  United States  Mexico
Jerry Hairston Jr  United States  Mexico
Scott Hairston  United States  Mexico
Augie Ojeda  United States  Mexico
Xander Bogaerts  Aruba  Netherlands
Eugene Kingsale  Aruba  Netherlands
Calvin Maduro  Aruba  Netherlands
Randolph Oduber  Aruba  Netherlands
Sidney Ponson  Aruba  Netherlands
Leon Boyd  Canada  Netherlands
Sharnol Adriana  Curaçao  Netherlands
Wladimir Balentien  Curaçao  Netherlands
Johnny Balentina  Curaçao  Netherlands
Roger Bernadina  Curaçao  Netherlands
Ivanon Coffie  Curaçao  Netherlands
Yurendell DeCaster  Curaçao  Netherlands
Quintin de Cuba  Curaçao  Netherlands
Chairon Isenia  Curaçao  Netherlands
Jonatan Isenia  Curaçao  Netherlands
Kenley Jansen  Curaçao  Netherlands
Andruw Jones  Curaçao  Netherlands
Jair Jurrjens  Curaçao  Netherlands
Diegomar Markwell  Curaçao  Netherlands
Shairon Martis  Curaçao  Netherlands
Hensley Meulens  Curaçao  Netherlands
Jurickson Profar  Curaçao  Netherlands
Dashenko Ricardo  Curaçao  Netherlands
Jonathan Schoop  Curaçao  Netherlands
Andrelton Simmons  Curaçao  Netherlands
Randall Simon  Curaçao  Netherlands
Curt Smith  Curaçao  Netherlands
Hainley Statia  Curaçao  Netherlands
Orlando Yntema  Dominican Republic  Netherlands
Mark Pawelek  United States  Netherlands
Mike Avilés  United States  Puerto Rico
Nelson Figueroa  United States  Puerto Rico
Alex Rios  United States  Puerto Rico
Bárbaro Cañizares  Cuba  Spain
Yasser Gómez  Cuba  Spain
Eduardo Morlán  Cuba  Spain
Adrián Nieto  Cuba  Spain
Nestor Pérez  Cuba  Spain
Yunesky Sánchez  Cuba  Spain
Engel Beltré  Dominican Republic  Spain
José Cruz  Dominican Republic  Spain
Rhiner Cruz  Dominican Republic  Spain
Daniel Figueroa  United States  Spain
Paco Figueroa  United States  Spain
Yoanner Negrin  United States  Spain
Sergio Pérez  United States  Spain
Nick Schumacher  United States  Spain
Gabe Suárez  United States  Spain
Rafael Álvarez  Venezuela  Spain
Richard Castillo  Venezuela  Spain
Jesús Golindano  Venezuela  Spain
Iván Granados  Venezuela  Spain
Ricardo Hernández  Venezuela  Spain
Salomón Manríquez  Venezuela  Spain
Jesús Merchán  Venezuela  Spain
Leslie Nacar  Venezuela  Spain
Antonio Noguera  Venezuela  Spain
Blake Ochoa  Venezuela  Spain
Richard Salazar  Venezuela  Spain


Name of athlete From nation To nation
Armando Costa  Portugal  Angola
Reggie Moore  United States  Angola
Julius Hodge  United States
 U.S. Virgin Islands
 Antigua and Barbuda
David Andersen  Denmark  Australia
Aron Baynes  New Zealand  Australia
Ater Majok  Sudan  Australia
Mathiang Muo  Sudan  Australia
Thon Maker  South Sudan  Australia
Cal Bruton  United States  Australia
C. J. Bruton  United States  Australia
Ricky Grace  United States  Australia
Darryl McDonald  United States  Australia
Darnell Mee  United States  Australia
Orhan Aydın  Turkey  Azerbaijan
Jaycee Carroll  United States  Azerbaijan
Charles Davis  United States  Azerbaijan
Spencer Nelson  United States  Azerbaijan
Nik Caner-Medley  United States  Azerbaijan
C. J. Giles  United States  Bahrain
D.J. Mbenga Democratic Republic of the Congo DR Congo  Belgium
Jonathan Tabu Democratic Republic of the Congo DR Congo  Belgium
Matt Lojeski  United States  Belgium
Ron Ellis  United States  Belgium
Noel Felix  United States  Belize
Milt Palacio  United States  Belize
Aleksandar Radojević  Montenegro  Bosnia and Herzegovina
Marko Šutalo  Serbia  Bosnia and Herzegovina
Henry Domercant  United States  Bosnia and Herzegovina
J. R. Bremer  United States  Bosnia and Herzegovina
D. J. Cooper  United States  Bosnia and Herzegovina
Scott Machado  United States  Brazil
Larry Taylor  United States  Brazil
Aleksandar Vezenkov  Cyprus  Bulgaria
Ilian Evtimov  France  Bulgaria
Priest Lauderdale  United States  Bulgaria
Noelle Quinn  United States  Bulgaria
E. J. Rowland  United States  Bulgaria
Ibrahim Jaaber  United States  Bulgaria
Jérémy Nzeulie  France  Cameroon
Myck Kabongo  DR Congo  Canada
Lars Hansen  Denmark  Canada
Steve Nash  United Kingdom
 South Africa
Samuel Dalembert  Haiti  Canada
Osvaldo Jeanty  Haiti  Canada
Sim Bhullar  India  Canada
William Njoku  Nigeria
Hank Biasatti  Italy  Canada
Robert Sacre  United States  Canada
Andy Rautins  United States  Canada
Rodrigo Mascarenhas  Netherlands  Cape Verde
Quincy Davis  United States  Chinese Taipei
Bojan Bogdanović  Bosnia and Herzegovina  Croatia
Damir Markota  Bosnia and Herzegovina  Croatia
Zoran Planinić  Bosnia and Herzegovina  Croatia
Dalibor Bagarić  Germany  Croatia
Oliver Lafayette  United States  Croatia
Maurice Whitfield  United States  Czech Republic
Charlie Villanueva  United States  Dominican Republic
James Feldeine  United States  Dominican Republic
Ronald Ramón  United States  Dominican Republic
Karl-Anthony Towns  United States  Dominican Republic
Shawn Huff  United States  Finland
Gerald Lee  United States  Finland
Drew Gooden  United States  Finland
Erik Murphy  United States
Charles Lombahe-Kahudi Democratic Republic of the Congo DR Congo  France
Nando de Colo  Portugal  France
Howard Carter  United States  France
Joakim Noah  United States
Tony Parker  United States
Shammond Williams  United States  Georgia
Ricky Hickman  United States  Georgia
Taurean Green  United States  Georgia
Melvin Sanders  United States  Georgia
MarQuez Haynes  United States  Georgia
Dennis Schröder  Eritrea  Germany
Ademola Okulaja  Nigeria  Germany
Mithat Demirel  Turkey  Germany
Chris Kaman  United States  Germany
Elias Harris  United States  Germany
Akeem Vargas  United States  Germany
Kyle Johnson  Canada  Great Britain
Devon van Oostrum  Netherlands  Great Britain
Luol Deng  South Sudan  Great Britain
Byron Mullens  United States  Great Britain
John Amaechi  United States
 Great Britain
Sofoklis Schortsanitis  Cameroon  Greece
Loukas Mavrokefalidis  Czech Republic  Greece
Jake Tsakalidis  Georgia  Greece
Giannis Antetokounmpo  Nigeria  Greece
Thanasis Antetokounmpo  Nigeria  Greece
Nick Calathes  United States  Greece
Kosta Koufos  United States  Greece
Nikos Galis  United States  Greece
Ádám Hanga  Equatorial Guinea  Hungary
Obie Trotter  United States  Hungary
Pavel Ermolinskij  Ukraine  Iceland
Cal Bowdler  United States  Ireland
Marty Conlon  United States  Ireland
Alex Chubrevich  Russia  Israel
Tal Brody  United States  Israel
Derrick Sharp  United States  Israel
D'or Fischer  United States  Israel
Jake Cohen  United States  Israel
Marcelo Damião  Brazil  Italy
Gregor Fučka  Slovenia  Italy
Carlton Myers  United Kingdom  Italy
Mike D'Antoni  United States  Italy
Mason Rocca  United States  Italy
Issife Soumahoro  France  Ivory Coast
Pape-Philippe Amagou  France  Ivory Coast
Jonathan Kale  United States  Ivory Coast
Patrick Ewing, Jr.  United States  Jamaica
Durand Scott  United States  Jamaica
Weyinmi Efejuku  United States  Jamaica
Roy Hibbert  United States
 Trinidad and Tobago
J. R. Sakuragi  United States  Japan
Fadel al-Najjar  Kuwait  Jordan
Mohammad Shaher Hussein  Kuwait  Jordan
Zaid Abbas  Palestine  Jordan
Islam Abbas  Palestine  Jordan
Rasheim Wright  United States  Jordan
Enver Soobzokov  United States
Sam Daghles  United States
Anatoly Bose  Australia  Kazakhstan
Julian Khazzouh  Australia  Lebanon
Ali Mahmoud  Canada  Lebanon
Ali Haidar  Canada  Lebanon
Chantelle Anderson  United States  Lebanon
Sam Hoskin  United States  Lebanon
Joe Vogel  United States  Lebanon
Jackson Vroman  United States  Lebanon
Matt Freije  United States  Lebanon
Charles Tabet  United States  Lebanon
Jarrid Famous  United States  Lebanon
Joey Accaoui  United States  Lebanon
Bassel Bawji  United States  Lebanon
Hiram Fuller  United States  Libya
Randy Holcomb  United States  Libya
Alpha Bangura  United States
 Sierra Leone
Frank Lubin  United States  Lithuania
Jeremiah Massey  United States  Macedonia
Ryan Stack  United States  Macedonia
Darius Washington  United States  Macedonia
Bo McCalebb  United States  Macedonia
Modibo Niakaté  France  Mali
Nouha Diakité  France  Mali
Mohamed Tangara  United States  Mali
Paul Stoll  United States  Mexico
Román Martínez  United States  Mexico
Orlando Méndez-Valdez  United States  Mexico
Adrián Zamora  United States  Mexico
Adam Parada  United States  Mexico
Žarko Čabarkapa  Serbia  Montenegro
Nikola Vučević   Switzerland  Montenegro
Omar Cook  United States  Montenegro
Tyrese Rice  United States  Montenegro
Mohamed Kherrazi  Morocco  Netherlands
Dan Gadzuric  Serbia
 St. Vincent & Grenadines
Chris McGuthrie  United States  Netherlands
Chris Mims  United States  Netherlands
Lindsay Tait  Australia  New Zealand
Mika Vukona  Fiji  New Zealand
Isaac Fotu  United Kingdom  New Zealand
Rob Loe  United Kingdom  New Zealand
Casey Frank  United States  New Zealand
Kelenna Azubuike  United Kingdom  Nigeria
Olumide Oyedeji  United Kingdom  Nigeria
Josh Akognon  United States  Nigeria
Al-Farouq Aminu  United States  Nigeria
Alade Aminu  United States  Nigeria
Ike Diogu  United States  Nigeria
Ime Udoka  United States  Nigeria
Ben Uzoh  United States  Nigeria
Stan Okoye  United States  Nigeria
Jamal Olasewere  United States  Nigeria
Derrick Obasohan  United States  Nigeria
Gani Lawal  United States  Nigeria
Richard Oruche  United States  Nigeria
Rubén Garcés  Spain  Panama
Lorenzo Charles  United States  Panama
Stuart Gray  United States  Panama
J. R. Pinnock  United States  Panama
Gyno Pomare  United States  Panama
Asi Taulava  Tonga  Philippines
Gabe Norwood  United States  Philippines
Jimmy Alapag  United States  Philippines
Andray Blatche  United States  Philippines
Marcus Douthit  United States  Philippines
Maciej Lampe  Sweden  Poland
David Logan  United States  Poland
Jeff Nordgaard  United States  Poland
Thomas Kelati  United States
Betinho  Cape Verde  Portugal
Elvis Évora  Cape Verde  Portugal
Mike Plowden  United States  Portugal
Steve Rocha  United States  Portugal
Renaldo Balkman  United States  Puerto Rico
Daniel Santiago  United States  Puerto Rico
Edwin Ubiles  United States  Puerto Rico
Ramon Clemente  United States  Puerto Rico
Alex Franklin  United States  Puerto Rico
Jarvis Hayes  United States  Qatar
Trey Johnson  United States  Qatar
Yasseen Ismail  Somalia  Qatar
Tanguy Ngombo  Republic of the Congo  Qatar
Viktor Khryapa  Ukraine  Russia
Becky Hammon  United States  Russia
J. R. Holden  United States  Russia
Kelly McCarty  United States  Russia
Ellis Kayijuka  Brazil  Rwanda
Robert Thomson  United States  Rwanda
Xane D'Almeida  France  Senegal
Predrag Danilović  Bosnia and Herzegovina  Serbia
Mile Ilić  Bosnia and Herzegovina  Serbia
Ognjen Kuzmić  Bosnia and Herzegovina  Serbia
Vladimir Radmanović  Bosnia and Herzegovina  Serbia
Kosta Perović  Croatia  Serbia
Peja Stojaković  Croatia  Serbia
Milan Mačvan  Croatia  Serbia
Žarko Paspalj  Montenegro  Serbia
Sasha Pavlović  Montenegro  Serbia
Ariel McDonald  United States  Slovenia
Moon Tae-jong  United States  South Korea
Wayne Brabender  United States  Spain
Charles Kornegay  United States  Spain
Clifford Luyk  United States  Spain
Johnny Rogers  United States  Spain
Mike Smith  United States  Spain
Nikola Mirotić  Montenegro  Spain
Serge Ibaka  Republic of the Congo  Spain
Thomas Massamba  DR Congo  Sweden
Jeffery Taylor  United States  Sweden
Thabo Sefolosha  South Africa   Switzerland
Marouan Kechrid  France  Tunisia
Ermal Kurtoğlu  Albania  Turkey
Rasim Başak  Azerbaijan  Turkey
Asım Pars  Bosnia and Herzegovina  Turkey
Emir Preldžić  Bosnia and Herzegovina  Turkey
Cedi Osman  Macedonia  Turkey
Mirsad Türkcan  Serbia  Turkey
Enes Kanter   Switzerland  Turkey
Korel Engin  United States  Turkey
Eugene Jeter  United States  Ukraine
Jasim Mohamed  United Kingdom  United Arab Emirates
Kyrie Irving  Australia  United States
Xavier Henry  Belgium  United States
Joe Alexander  Chinese Taipei  United States
Trevor Ariza  Dominican Republic
 Turks and Caicos Islands
 United States
Wally Szczerbiak  Spain  United States
Cozell McQueen  France  United States
Michael Stewart  France  United States
Dominique Wilkins  France  United States
Carlos Boozer  Germany  United States
Jo Jo English  Germany  United States
Donté Greene  Germany  United States
Anthony Randolph  Germany  United States
Duane Washington  Germany  United States
Reggie Jackson  Italy  United States
Patrick Ewing  Jamaica  United States
Steve Kerr  Lebanon  United States
Rony Seikaly  Lebanon  United States
Alvin Jones  Luxembourg  United States
Mike Flynn  Morocco  United States
Hank Beenders  Netherlands  United States
Hakeem Olajuwon  Nigeria  United States
Victor Oladipo  Nigeria
 Sierra Leone
 United States
Rolando Blackman  Panama  United States
Ernie Grunfeld  Romania  United States
Tom Meschery  Russia
 United States
Adonal Foyle  St. Vincent & Grenadines  United States
Miles Simon  Sweden
 United States
James Gist  Turkey  United States
Tim Duncan  U.S. Virgin Islands  United States
Carl Herrera  Trinidad and Tobago  Venezuela
Donta Smith  United States  Venezuela


Name of athlete From nation To nation
Elena Khrustaleva  Russia  Belarus
Natalya Sokolova  Russia  Belarus
Olena Zubrilova  Ukraine  Belarus
Nathalie Santer-Bjørndalen  Italy  Belgium
Elena Khrustaleva  Belarus  Kazakhstan
Anastasiya Kuzmina  Russia  Slovakia
Jakov Fak  Croatia  Slovenia
Alexei Aidarov  Belarus  Ukraine
Michael Rösch  Germany  Belgium


Name of athlete From nation To nation
Lascelles Brown  Jamaica  Canada
César Gonzalez  Dominican Republic  Netherlands
Damjan Zlatnar  Slovenia  Serbia


Name of athlete From nation To nation
Naoufel Ben Rabah  Tunisia  Australia
Kostya Tszyu  Russia  Australia
Vardan Zakaryan  Armenia  Germany
Dariusz Michalczewski  Poland  Germany
David Diaz  United States  Mexico
Robert Guerrero  United States  Mexico
José Nápoles  Cuba  Mexico
Sugar Ramos  Cuba  Mexico
Brandon Rios  United States  Mexico
Fernando Vargas  United States  Mexico
Miguel Dias  Cape Verde  Netherlands
Richel Hersisia  Netherlands Antilles  Netherlands
Hüsnü Koçabas  Turkey  Netherlands
Orhan Delibaş  Turkey  Netherlands
David Ayrapetyan  Armenia  Russia
Juan Díaz  Mexico  United States
Andrew Golota  Poland  United States


Parenthetical datespans such as (1935–1937) or (1935–1935) report first and last representative appearances in World and European championship tournaments, according to the World Bridge Federation and European Bridge League shared database (WBF People Finder or EBL Player Lookup). This list does not cover, say, US immigrant participation in United States Bridge Championships competition to determine US representatives—so to speak, transfers of national eligibility not consummated by play as national representatives.

Single dates imply one known representative international appearance, such as one-time play in the now-biennial Bermuda Bowl tournament.[2]

Player name From nation To nation
Markus, RixiRixi Markus[3]  Austria   (1935–1937) United Kingdom Great Britain   (1951–1976)
Décsi, LászlóLászló Décsi[4]  Hungary   (1934–1936)  Brazil   (1955 1964)
Rosenberg, MichaelMichael Rosenberg[5]  Scotland
United Kingdom Great Britain   (1978)
 USA (1992 2013)
Lev, SamSam Lev[6]  Israel   (1975 1987)  USA   (1993 2008)
Mahmood, ZiaZia Mahmood[7]  Pakistan   (1980 1992)  USA   (1997 2009)
Fallenius, BjörnBjörn Fallenius[8]  Sweden   (1982–2000, 2010)  USA   (2004)
Molson, MarkMark Molson[9]  Canada   (1984–1995)  USA   (2005)
Hampson, GeoffGeoff Hampson[10]  Canada   (1991–1993)  USA   (2005)
Gitelman, FredFred Gitelman[11]  Canada   (1991–2002)  USA (2005 2011)
Multon, FranckFranck Multon[12]  France   (1986–2009?)[13]  Monaco   (2012–2014)[14]
Fantoni, FulvioFulvio Fantoni[15]  Italy   (1986–2009)  Monaco   (2012–2014)[14]
Nunes, ClaudioClaudio Nunes[16]  Italy   (1988–2009)  Monaco   (2012–2014)[14]
Helgemo, GeirGeir Helgemo[17]  Norway   (1988–2008)  Monaco   (2012–2014)[14]
Helness, TorTor Helness[18]  Norway   (1979–2008)  Monaco   (2012–2014)[14]
Gordon, FritziFritzi Gordon[19]  Austria United Kingdom Great Britain   (1950–1976)
Koytchou, BorisBoris Koytchou[20]  France  USA   (1957)
Rosenkranz, GeorgeGeorge Rosenkranz[21]  Hungary  Mexico   (1972–1996)
 USA   (1983)
Zogheb, Loula deLoula de Zogheb[22]  Egypt   Switzerland   (1983)
Levitina, IrinaIrina Levitina[23]  Soviet Union  USA   (1996–2013)
Zimmermann, PierrePierre Zimmermann[24]   Switzerland  Monaco   (2012–2014)[14]
 France 2009?[13]
Truscott, AlanAlan Truscott[25] United Kingdom Great Britain   (1958–1962)  USA (npc Bermuda, Brazil)
Garozzo, BenitoBenito Garozzo[26]  Italy   (1961–1985, ^2005)  USA
Shivdasani, JaggyJaggy Shivdasani[27]  India   (1984–1988)  USA
Pszczoła, JacekJacek Pszczoła[28]  Poland   (1990–2002)  USA   (coach 2005 2008)


Name of athlete From nation To nation
Sergiy Bezugliy  Ukraine  Azerbaijan
Valentin Demyanenko  Ukraine  Azerbaijan
Maksym Prokopenko  Ukraine  Azerbaijan
Kristian Dushev  Bulgaria
Mićo Janić  Yugoslavia  Croatia
Stjepan Janić  Yugoslavia  Croatia
Babak Amir-Tahmasseb  Iran  France
Michael Kolganov  Uzbekistan  Israel
Josefa Idem  Germany  Italy
Natasa Dusev-Janics  Yugoslavia  Hungary
Michał Śliwiński  Ukraine  Poland
Marcel Glavan  Romania  Spain
Sebástian Cuattrin  Argentina  Brazil
Benjamin Boukpeti  France  Togo
Benoît Peschier  France  Greece
Dalma Ružičić-Benedek  Hungary  Serbia
Krisztina Bedocs  Hungary  Serbia
Olimpia Dusheva  Turkey  Serbia
Fabien Lefèvre  France  United States


See List of nationality transfers in chess


Name of athlete From nation To nation
Kepler Wessels[29]  South Africa  Australia
 South Africa
Jonathan Trott  South Africa  England
Craig Kieswetter  South Africa  England
Grant Elliott  South Africa[30]  New Zealand
Kruger van Wyk  South Africa[30]  New Zealand
Neil Wagner  South Africa  New Zealand
Andre Botha  South Africa  Ireland
Luke Ronchi  New Zealand  Australia
 New Zealand
Thinus Fourie  South Africa  Ireland
Reinhardt Strydom  South Africa  Ireland
Albert van der Merwe  South Africa  Ireland
Max Sorensen  South Africa  Ireland
Jan Stander  South Africa  Scotland
Dewald Nel  South Africa  Scotland
Ryan Watson  South Africa  Scotland
Neil Carter  South Africa  Scotland
Bernard Loots  South Africa  Netherlands
Wesley Barresi  South Africa  Netherlands
Bradley Kruger  South Africa  Netherlands
Eric Szwarczynski  South Africa  Netherlands
Alexei Kervezee  South Africa  Netherlands
Stephan Myburgh  South Africa  Netherlands
John Traicos  South Africa  Rhodesia
Anderson Cummins  Barbados ( West Indies)  Canada
Amjad Khan  Denmark  England
Ed Joyce  Ireland  England
Eoin Morgan  Ireland  England
Jeremy Bray  Australia  Ireland
Trent Johnston  Australia  Ireland
Dave Langford-Smith  Australia  Ireland
Flavian Aponso  Sri Lanka  Netherlands
Peter Cantrell  Australia  Netherlands
Peter Borren  New Zealand  Netherlands
Balaji Rao  India  Canada
Rizwan Cheema  Pakistan  Canada
Nolan Clarke  Barbados ( West Indies)  Netherlands
Adeel Raja  Pakistan  Netherlands
Sammy Guillen  Trinidad and Tobago ( West Indies)  New Zealand
Dipak Patel  England  New Zealand
Roger Twose  England  New Zealand
Paul Hoffmann  Australia  Scotland
Faoud Bacchus  Guyana ( West Indies)  United States
Clayton Lambert  Guyana ( West Indies)  United States

Cue sports[edit]

Name of athlete From nation To nation
Stefan Mazrocis  England  Netherlands
Stefan Mazrocis  Netherlands  England


Name of athlete From nation To nation
Shari Leibbrandt-Demmon  Canada  Netherlands
Lars Vågberg  Sweden  Norway


Name of athlete From nation To nation
Andreas Mueller  Germany  Austria
Christiane Soeder  Germany  Austria
Elena Tchalykh  Russia  Azerbaijan
Igor Abakoumov  Ukraine  Belgium
Pino Cerami  Italy  Belgium
Andrei Tchmil  Moldova  Belgium
David Boucher  France  Belgium
Marion Clignet  United States  France
Zolt Der  Serbia  Hungary
Jaanus Kuum  Soviet Union  Norway
Linda Villumsen  Denmark  New Zealand
Daniel Caluag  United States  Philippines
Steffen Wesemann  Germany   Switzerland
Sergey Lagutin  Uzbekistan  Russia
Guido Trenti  Italy  United States
Chris Froome  Kenya  United Kingdom


Name of athlete From nation To nation
Irina Lashko  Russia  Australia
Uschi Freitag  Germany  Netherlands


Name of athlete From nation To nation
Alexander Baljakin  Belarus  Netherlands


Name of athlete From nation To nation
Rodrigo Pessoa  France  Brazil
Jos Lansink  Netherlands  Belgium
Samantha McIntosh  United Kingdom  Bulgaria
Franke Sloothaak  Netherlands  Germany
Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum  United States  Germany
Jessica Kürten  United Kingdom  Ireland
Santiago Lambre  Brazil  Mexico
Sven Rothenberger  Germany  Netherlands
Susan de Kleine  Netherlands  Netherlands Antilles
Eddy Stibbe  Netherlands  Netherlands Antilles
Jean-Claude Vangeenberghe  Belgium  Ukraine
Björn Nagel  Germany  Ukraine
Katharina Offel  Greece  Ukraine
Phillip Dutton  Australia  United States


Name of athlete From nation To nation
Luan Jujie  China  Canada
Igor Tikhomirov  Russia  Canada
Hajnalka Kiraly-Picot  Hungary  France

Field hockey[edit]

Name of athlete From nation To nation
Gaby Garreta  Argentina  Belgium
Vitali Kholopov  Belarus  Belgium
Tom Green  South Africa  Canada
Marilyn Agliotti  South Africa  Netherlands
Laurence Docherty  Scotland  Netherlands
Amjad Zia  Pakistan  United States

Figure skating[edit]

Name of athlete From nation To nation
Vazgen Azrojan (2)  Russia  Armenia
Samuel Gezalian (2)  Germany  Armenia
Tom Nutley (2)  United Kingdom  United States
Anastasia Grebenkina  Russia  Armenia
Evgeni Borounov (2)  Lithuania  Australia
Anthony Liu  China  Australia
Alexander Pavlov  Russia  Australia
Dmitri Matsjuk  Ukraine  Austria
Barbora Silná  Czech Republic  Austria
David Vincour (1)  Czech Republic  Austria
Barbara Hanley  Latvia  Azerbaijan
Alexandr Kirsanov (1)  Russia  Azerbaijan
Igor Lukanin (2)  Germany  Azerbaijan
Igor Pashkevich  Russia  Azerbaijan
Daria Timoshenko  Russia  Azerbaijan
Sergei Davydov  Russia  Belarus
Tatiana Navka (1)  Ukraine  Belarus
Julia Sheremet  Russia  Belarus
Julia Soldatova (1)  Russia  Belarus
Juri Kurakin  Estonia  Bulgaria
Maxim Shabalin (1)  Russia  Bulgaria
David DeFazio (1)  United States  Canada
Egor Golovkin  Russia  Canada
Victor Kraatz  Germany  Canada
Justin Lanning  United Kingdom  Canada
Arseni Markov  Russia  Canada
Piper Gilles  United States  Canada
Jessica Miller  United States  Canada
Utako Wakamatsu  Japan  Canada
Kaitlyn Weaver  United States  Canada
Jennifer Don  United States  Chinese Taipei
Annette Dytrt (1)  Germany  Czech Republic
David Vincour (2)  Austria  Czech Republic
Diana Rennik  Russia  Estonia
Florent Amodio  Brazil  France
Marina Anissina  Russia  France
Paul Duchesnay  Canada  France
Isabelle Duchesnay  Canada  France
Vanessa James (2)  United Kingdom  France
Ekaterina Zaikina  Russia  Georgia
Annette Dytrt (2)  Czech Republic  Germany
Samuel Gezalian (1)  Belarus  Germany
Igor Lukanin (1)  Russia  Germany
Aljona Sawtschenko  Ukraine  Germany
Andrejs Vlascenko  Soviet Union/ Latvia  Germany
Nelli Zhiganshina  Russia  Germany
Benjamin Blum  United States  Germany
Ashley Foy  United States  Germany
Ekaterina Zaikina  Russia  Georgia
Eric Neumann-Aubichon  Canada  Greece
Christa-Elizabeth Goulakos  Canada  Greece
Maria-Elena Papasotiriou  United States  Greece
Katherine Hadford  United States  Hungary
Ami Parekh  United States  India
Vadim Akolzin  Russia  Israel
Tamar Katz  United States  Israel
Sergei Kotov  Ukraine  Israel
Sergei Sakhnovski  Soviet Union  Israel
Roman Serov  Russia  Israel
Julia Shapiro  Russia  Israel
Michael Shmerkin  Soviet Union/ Russia  Israel
Fedor Sokolov  Azerbaijan  Israel
Ekaterina Sokolova  Azerbaijan  Israel
Jenna Syken  United States  Israel
Diane Gerencser   Switzerland  Italy
Ondřej Hotárek  Czech Republic  Italy
Rinat Farkhoutdinov  Russia  Japan
Alexander Markuntsov  Russia  Japan
Yuri Razguliaiev (1)  Uzbekistan  Japan
Chris Reed  United States  Japan
Cathy Reed  United States  Japan
Alexei Tikhonov (1)  Soviet Union  Japan
Yelena Berezhnaya (1)  Russia  Latvia
Yuri Razguliaiev (2)  Japan  Latvia
Evgeni Borounov (1)  Russia  Lithuania
Katherine Copley  United States  Lithuania
Nicolette Amie House  United States  Lithuania
Clover Zatzman  United States  Lithuania
Laura Munana  United States  Mexico
Luke Munana  United States  Mexico
Emily Naphtal  United States  Mexico
Sonja Mugoša  Serbia  Montenegro
Melissa Bulanhagui  United States  Philippines
Victoria Muniz  United States  Puerto Rico
Maria Bińczyk  Germany  Poland
Laura Czarnotta  Germany  Poland
Dmitri Khromin  Russia  Poland
Vazgen Azrojan (1)  Ukraine  Russia
Yelena Berezhnaya (2)  Latvia  Russia
Julia Soldatova (2)  Belarus  Russia
Yuko Kawaguchi  Japan  Russia
Tatiana Navka (2)  Belarus  Russia
Julia Obertas  Ukraine  Russia
Tatiana Volosozhar  Ukraine  Russia
Maxim Shabalin (2)  Bulgaria  Russia
Alexei Tikhonov (2)  Japan  Russia
Kate Louise Bagnall  United Kingdom  Serbia
Demid Rokachev   Switzerland  Serbia
Melania Albea   Switzerland  Spain
Taras Rajec  Ukraine  Slovakia
Nikola Višňová  Czech Republic  Slovakia
David DeFazio (2)  Canada   Switzerland
Jocelyn Ho  Canada  Chinese Taipei
Charissa Tansomboon  United States  Thailand
Victoria Maxiuta  Russia  Ukraine
Vitaliy Baranov  Ukraine  United Kingdom
Vanessa James (1)  Canada  United Kingdom
Daniil Barantsev  Russia  United States
Tanith Belbin  Canada  United States
Oleg Fediukov  Russia  United States
Mathew Gates  United Kingdom  United States
Kyoko Ina  Japan  United States
Rena Inoue  Japan  United States
Alexandr Kirsanov (2)  Azerbaijan  United States
Chuen-Gun Lee  South Korea  United States
Sergei Magerovski  Russia  United States
Denis Petukhov  Russia  United States
Vasily Serkov  Latvia  United States
Gorsha Sur  Soviet Union  United States
Peter Tchernyshev  Russia  United States
Tatiana Malinina  Russia  Uzbekistan
Alexander Shakalov  Ukraine  Uzbekistan
Trifun Živanović  United States  Yugoslavia

Football (soccer)[edit]