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Saskatoon neighbourhood boundaries as of 2014

The city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada currently has 65 neighbourhoods divided amongst 9 designated Suburban Development Areas (SDAs). Some neighbourhoods underwent boundary and name changes in the 1990s when the City of Saskatoon adjusted its community map.[1]


Saskatoon SDA map
  • Neighbourhood: the basic unit of residential development, comprehensively planned and maintained over the long term. Many older neighbourhoods were defined by elementary school catchment areas. The boundaries of some neighbourhoods were adjusted when the school boards no longer required students to live in their school catchment area. The boundaries of neighbourhoods are now defined by "natural" barriers such as major streets, railways, and bodies of water.
  • Suburban Development Area (SDA): a collection of neighbourhoods organized to facilitate long range planning for infrastructure and related community facilities. Each SDA has approximately ten neighbourhoods, 50,000 people, district and multi-district parks, a mixed-use suburban centre, and high schools.
  • Suburban Centre (SC): a neighbourhood that is the primary mixed-use focal point for a suburban development area. They are designed to provide commercial, institutional and recreational lands serving the basic needs of the SDA. Medium to high density residential development is encouraged within SCs and the ones within Saskatoon each include at least one major enclosed or "strip mall" shopping centre.
  • Management Area (MA): a term used to classify areas that are generally not covered by residential, industrial or future development characteristics. The main campus of the University of Saskatchewan and surrounding lands is an example.
  • Development Area: an area within the city limits that is designated for future neighbourhood development. The term is also applied to remnant land that at the present time is not earmarked for any notable development.


Core Neighbourhood SDA[edit]

Holmwood SDA[edit]

  • Brighton[2]
  • U of S Lands - East Management Area
  • The City of Saskatoon Project Growth Concept Plan dated June 28, 2012 sketches out 4 additional residential communities, a mixed-use suburban centre, and a business park/industrial area in this region.[3]

Lakewood SDA[edit]

Nutana SDA[edit]

University Heights SDA[edit]


Blairmore SDA[edit]

Confederation SDA[edit]

Core Neighbourhood SDA[edit]

Lawson SDA[edit]

North Industrial SDA[edit]


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