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This is a partial, alphabetical list of actual victims whose confidential information was reportedly targeted or actually acquired in conjunction with the news media phone hacking scandal.[1][2] Dates in parentheses, when included, indicate the approximate time frame during which information was acquired. The reference citations, in many cases, indicate who accessed the individual's information.

The precise number of victims is unknown, but a Commons Home Affairs Select Committee report noted in July 2011 that "as many as 12,800 people may have been victims or affected by phone hacking."[3][4]

In 2003, a raid by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) was made as part of Operation Motorman on the home of private investigator Steve Whittamore. This resulted in seizure of records including more than 13,000 requests for confidential information from newspapers and magazines.[5] In 2006, Information Commissioner Richard Thomas "revealed that hundreds of journalists may have illegally bought private information.[4][6]

In 2006, the Metropolitan Police Service (Scotland Yard) seized records from another private investigator, Glenn Mulcaire, and found a target list with over 4,000 names on it.[7][8] Release of "the totality of the Mulcaire information" has not yet been achieved but has been requested through the courts.[9][10] Accordingly, "the seized material included 4,332 names or partial names; 2,987 mobile phone numbers; 30 audiotapes of varying length; and 91 pin codes of a kind needed to access voicemail with the minority of targets who change the factory settings on their mobile phones."[11]

In contrast, John Yates told the House of Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee in September 2009 that the police had only found evidence indicating that "it is very few, it is a handful" of persons that had been subject to message interception.[12][13]

In January 2011, claims made in the suit filed by Kelly Hoppen suggest illegally accessing voicemail occurred as recently as March 2010.[14][15] Jade Goody believed she and her mother were being hacked as recently as August 2008.[16]

As of June 2011, according to The Guardian, "Scotland Yard is believed to have collected hundreds of thousands of documents during a series of investigations into private investigator Jonathan Rees. Rick Davies, reporter for The Guardian, believes these "boxloads" of paperwork "could include explosive new evidence of illegal news-gathering by the News of the World and other papers." According to his sources, confidential information sold to newspapers may have been obtained through blagging, burglaries, bribery, and blackmail, sometimes involving corrupt customs officers, VAT inspectors, bank employees and police officers.[1]

In July 2011, it was estimated that only 170 people had so far been informed out of the up to 12,800 people that may have been affected by the illegal acquisition of confidential information .[4][17] In October 2011, it was estimated that only 5%, or about 200, of people whose confidential information had been acquired by Glenn Mulcaire had been notified.[18][19]

At News Corporation's annual meeting on 21 October 2011, a shareholder asked how the board was conducting its inquiry into the "thousands" of people whose phones were hacked by News of the World journalists. Chairman Rupert Murdoch responded, “It’s not thousands. I’ve not heard that figure before.”[20]

On 3 November 2011, Metropolitan Police, referring to the complete list of full names whose phones were possibly hacked by Glenn Mulcaire for News of the World, said "the current number of identifiable persons who appear in the material, and are thus victims, where names are noted, is 5,795. This figure is very likely to be revised in the future as a result of further analysis."[21] As of 23 July 2012, the Met had identified 4,775 potential victims of phone hacking, of which 2,615 have been notified and 702 people are likely to have been victims.[22]

As of 31 August 2012, the Met had identified 4,744 victims of phone hacking by News of the World whose names and phone numbers had been found in evidence. Of the victims, 658 had been contacted, but 388 were not contactable and police chose not to contact another 23 "for operational reasons". Of the victims, 1,894 had been contacted but 1,781 were not contactable.[23]

The broad public became aware of phone hacking in 2006 when police determined that Prince William's phone messages had been intercepted to write stories for News of the World.[24]
Former prime minister Gordon Brown alleged his bank records and family medical records were illegally obtained. He commented that "the family has been shocked by the level of criminality and the unethical means by which personal details have been obtained."[25]
Phone messages between Paul McCartney and his then girl friend Heather Mills may have been intercepted by the Daily Mirror in 2001.[26]
Solicitor Mark Stephens, who had represented James Hewitt during allegations of his affair with Diana, Princess of Wales and Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, had his phone hacked to obtain confidential information about his high-profile clients.[27]
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  2. Alam, Faria; football association secretary[29]
  3. Anderson, John; father of Sally King
  4. Andrew, Sky; football agent[2][9][24][30]
  5. Archer, Jeffrey; author, politician, convicted perjuror exposed by News of the World.[31]
  6. Armstrong, Jo; legal adviser to Professional Footballers' Association[32][33]
  7. Ash, Leslie and son; actress[2][9][34][35]
  8. Asprey, Helen; (1 November 2005 to 9 August 2006) aide to Prince Charles[2]
  9. Badger, Ruth; businesswoman and contestant on The Aprentice.[36]
  10. Barker, Linda; interior designer and television presenter.[31]
  11. Beckham, David and Victoria; footballer[37][38]
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  13. Best, Calum fashion model, TV personality, son of George Best.[29][39]
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  37. Clapton, Eric; singer[1]
  38. Clarke, Charles; Labor MP, home secretary and education secretary to Tony Blair[29]
  39. Clifford, Max; publicist[9][24][47]
  40. Cole Ashley; footballer[48]
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  52. Dell'Olio, Nancy; property lawyer and girlfriend of England football manager Sven-Göran Eriksson;[51]
  53. Dowler, Milly; (March 2002) murdered teenager[29][52]
  54. Edwards, Alan; founder of the Outside Organization that represented Sir Paul McCartney[29]
  55. Elliot, Jennifer; daughter of the actor Denholm Elliott[53]
  56. Eriksson, Sven-Göran; England football manager[29][31]
  57. Fallon, Kieren; jockey;[2]
  58. Families of 9/11 victims; (2001)[54]
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  62. Family of Madeleine McCann; ( May 2007) missing child[57]
  63. Family of Jean Charles de Menezes; innocent Brazilian man mistakenly killed by police as a terror suspect[2]
  64. Family of Robert Kilroy-Silk;[28]
  65. Family of Soham Children; two 10-year-old Soham girls, Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells, who were abducted and murdered by Ian Huntley on 4 August 2002.[52]
  66. Family of Peter Sutcliffe, the serial killer[1]
  67. Feltz, Vanessa; TV and radio presenter[2][31]
  68. Ferguson, Sir Alex; Manchester United football manager[58][59]
  69. Ferraina,Elisa; died in the attack on New York's World Trade Center on 11 September 2001.[28]
  70. Field, Mary Ellen; former business manager to Elle Macpherson. Dismissed by Macpherson, who thought Field was providing confidential information to the press and publicly criticized her. Field was reportedly making $250,000 annually before being dismissed and was unable to reestablish her earnings. Glenn Mulcaire later admitted hacking Macpherson's phone.[60][61][62]
  71. Finnigan, Judy; TV presenter[1]
  72. Frost, Sadie; actress and designer, ex-wife of Jude Law[29][31]
  73. Galloway, George; Respect politician[1][2][50]
  74. Gascoigne, Paul; footballer;[2]
  75. George, Eddie; Governor of the Bank of England;[1]
  76. Gilgrest, Andy; (2003-2003) union leader; voicemail allegedly accessed by agents of The Sun[29][63]
  77. Goody, Jade and her mother, Jackiey Budden; (August 2008) celebrity who may have been hacked in August 2008, while she was dying of cancer.[16]
  78. Grant, Hugh; actor and film producer[2]
  79. Gray, Andy; footballer and broadcaster[2][64]
  80. Giggs, Ryan footballer[2]
  81. Hames, Jacqui; TV presenter[65]
  82. Hammell, Joan; aide to the Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott[29][66]
  83. Harrison, George' Beatle for whom the Mirror Group tried but apparently failed to obtain ex-directory numbers.[28]
  84. Haverson, Paddy; (1 November 2005 to 9 August 2006) communication secretary to Prince Charles[2]
  85. Henry, Lenny; actor, writer, comedian[31]
  86. Henry, Sheila; mother of 7/7 victim Christian Small[67]
  87. Henson, Gavin; rugby player[19]
  88. Hicks, Lady Pamela; daughter of Lord Mountbatten[28]
  89. Hislop, Ian; journalist, editor of Private Eye magazine whose phone records were reportedly purchased from hackers by newspaper photographer Jason Fraser.[28]
  90. Hoddle, Glenn; former England football manager[28]
  91. Hoppen, Kelly; (between June 2009 and March 2010) interior designer and Sienna Miller's stepmother[2][14]
  92. Horton, Richard; (May 2009) police constable and the anonymous author of the "Nightjack" blog that described a constable's life. He was publicly identified by The Times, reportedly as a result of computer hacking, leading to termination of the blog and to his receiving a reprimand by his police superiors.[68]
  93. Hughes, Simon; politician[1][2][9][69]
  94. Hurley, Elizabeth; model and actress[35]
  95. Huthart, Eunice; winning contestant on "Gladiators", stunt double for Angelina Jolie[29]
  96. Hurst, Ian; (2006) British intelligence officer, handler for agent "Stakeknife"; personal computer allegedly hacked with Trojan programme which copied emails and relayed them to the hacker, putting at risk two agents who informed on the Provisional IRA and who may have been high-risk targets for assassination. Hurst was one of the few people who knew where they were.[70][71][72][73][74]
  97. Imbert, Lord; former commissioner of the Metropolitan police and a former special branch detective who investigated terrorist groups, making him a potential terrorist target. His home address and ex-directory phone number were acquired by deception from British Telecom.[28]
  98. Jackson, Ben; personal assistant for Jude Law[29]
  99. Jagger, Mick; singer[1]
  100. Jackson, Ben; personal assistant to Jude Law[60]
  101. Jefferies, Christopher; the former landlord of Joanna Yates at one time suspected in her murder and who successfully sued eight newspapers for defamation in connection with articles relating to his arrest[75]
  102. Johansson, Scarlett; actress, singer; pictures of herself taken by herself may have removed from her mobile phone without her consent and posted online. The FBI is investigating.[76]
  103. Johnson, Boris; London mayor[1][2]
  104. Jones, Dave; football manager, a Fleet Street reporter bought his home address and ex-directory number.[28]
  105. Jolie, Angelina; actress, wife of Brad Pitt[29]
  106. Jonsson, Ulrika; TV presenter[77]
  107. Jowell, Tessa; Member of Parliament and Culture Secretary, estranged wife to David Mills;[1][29][78]
  108. Katona, Kerry TV personality and former Atomic Kitten singer[36][79]
  109. Kaufman, Gerald; senior Labour politician[1]
  110. Kensit, Patsy; actress, singer, model[31]
  111. Keswick, Archie; friend of Sienna Miller[80]
  112. King, Mervyn; Governor of the Bank of England;[1]
  113. King, Anderw; husband of Sally King[29]
  114. King, Sally; estate agent and friend of David Blunkett[29]
  115. Khan, Jemima; (2006) writer, associate editor of The Independent[81]
  116. Kirkham, Susan;[36]
  117. Knatchbull, Norton; grandson of Lord Mountbatten[28]
  118. Law, Jude; actor, film producer and director, ex-husband of Sadie Frost and former partner of Sienna Miller[2][29][31][36]
  119. Lawrence, Frances wife of Philip Lawrence, who was stabbed to death at the school where he was headmaster in 1995[28]
  120. Lawson, Nigella; journalist and broadcaster[31]
  121. Lewis, Mark; solicitor representing as many as 70 alleged victims of phone hacking. He may also have been "put under surveillance by a private investigator acting for the News of the World"[27]
  122. Leslie, John; TV presenter[29]
  123. Lineker, Gary; footballer, TV presenter[1]
  124. Lowther-Pinkerton, Jamie; (1 November 2005 to 9 August 2006) private secretary to Princes William and Harry[2]
  125. Lumley, Joanna; Actress, author. "In one 18-month period, News International paid a total of £1,726...apparently for printouts of phone numbers she had been dialing."[28]
  126. Madeley, Richard; TV presenter[1]
  127. Mandelson, Peter and brother Miles Mandelson; politician[1][2]
  128. Mansfield, Michael; barrister representing the Fayed family at Diana, Princess of Wales's inquest[2]
  129. Macpherson, Elle; model[2][9][24]
  130. MacShane, Denis; politician[60]
  131. McAlpine, Joan; Scottish National party MSP and aide to Alex Salmond[49]
  132. McCoist, Ally; football club manager, reportedly one of a dozen Scottish public figure targeted for hacking by News of the World[49]
  133. McConnell, Jack and his two adult children Scottish politician, former Labor politician, peer in House of Lords; now Baron McConnell of Glenscorrodale, First Minister of Scotland from 2001 to 2007.[49][82]
  134. McDonagh, Siobhain; (2010) Member of Parliament since 1997.[83]
  135. McGuire, Fiona; acquaintance of Tommy Sheridan[49]
  136. McFadden, Brian; formerly of boyband Westlife and former husband of Atomic Kitten singer Kerry Katona.[36]
  137. McGuire, Mick; former deputy chief executive of the Professional Footballers' Association[84]
  138. McLean-Daily, Niomi Arleen aka Ms Dynamite; A newspaper "commissioned three illegal searches of the Police National Computer at £500 a time, looking for any sign of a criminal record for Ms Dynamite, her boyfriend or her manager."[28]
  139. Mellor, David; politician[1]
  140. Michael, George; singer[1]
  141. Middleton, Kate; then girlfriend to Prince William[1]
  142. Miller, Sienna; actress, model, fashion designer, former partner of Jude Law[2][16][29][85]
  143. Mills, David; lawyer and Tessa Jowell's estranged husband[29][86][87]
  144. Mills, Heather; (2001) then girlfriend of singer Sir Paul McCartney[26][29][88]
  145. Minogue, Dannii; singer, actress, television personality[19]
  146. Mitchell, Clarence; spokesman for Madeleine McCann’s family[2]
  147. Montague, Brendon; freelance journalist[2]
  148. Neil, Andrew; BBC presenter and former editor of The Sunday Times[2][50]
  149. Nesbitt, James; actor[40]
  150. Noakes, Benedict Grant; television producer, close friend of Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills[89]
  151. Oaten, Mark; former Liberal Democrat politician[19][29]
  152. O'Grady, Paul; presenter and comedian[2]
  153. Opik, Lembit; Liberal Democrat politician[2]
  154. Osborne, George; politician[90]
  155. Paddick, Brian; senior officer, Metropolitan Police[2][28]
  156. Paltrow, Gwyneth; actress and singer[91]
  157. Parkes, Ciara; Sienna Miller's publicist[60]
  158. Pawlby, Hannah; special adviser to Charles Clarke[29]
  159. Payne, Sarah; (2000) media campaigner and mother of daughter Sarah Payne murdered by pedophile[92][93]
  160. Pelly, Guy; London nightclub owner and a confidant of the Princes William and Harry[94]
  161. Phillips, Nicola; assistant to Max Clifford[2]
  162. Pitt, Brad; actor, husband of Angelina Jolie[29]
  163. Prescott, John; Member of Parliament, deputy prime minister under Tony Blair[1][2][29][36]
  164. Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall[2][24]
  165. Prince Edward, Duke of Kent and Katharine, Duchess of Kent[1]
  166. Prince Edward and Sophie, Countess of Wessex and aides; (1 November 2005 to 9 August 2006)[1]
  167. Prince William and aides; (1 November 2005 to 9 August 2006) members of the royal family and household[24]
  168. Quinn, Kimberley; Spectator magazine publisher and friend of David Blunkett[29]
  169. Rebh, George and Richard; owners of FLOORgraphics; company computer allegedly hacked[95]
  170. Regan, Gaynor; the second wife of Foreign Secretary Robin Cook[1]
  171. Robinson, Anne; journalist and television presenter[31]
  172. Rooney, Laura; may have been targeted simply due to her last name being the same as Wayne Rooney[29]
  173. Rooney, Wayne; footballer[2][29][40]
  174. Ross, Jonathan; TV and radio presenter[96]
  175. Rowe, Natalie; (2005) dominatrix[97][98]
  176. Rowland, Tom; freelance journalist[60]
  177. Rowling, JK; author[60][99]
  178. Schmidt, Jade; nanny for the children of Jude Law and Sadie Frost[29]
  179. Schofield, Alan; press aide to John Prescott[29]
  180. Russell, Shaun; (1996) father of Josie Russell, who survived a murder attempt.[19]
  181. Shear, Graham; partner at Berwin Leighton Paisner (BLP), solicitor for Mary Ellen Field and Ashley Cole[100]
  182. Shearer, Alan: footballer, football manager, TV pundit[58][59]
  183. Sheridan, Alice; mother to Tommy Sheridan[49]
  184. Sheridan, Tommy; Scottish politician[31][49][101][102]
  185. Shipman, Christopher[60]
  186. Smith, Joan; author, journalist, human rights activist[60]
  187. Silcott, Winston; jailed for the murder of PC Keith Blakelock during the 1985 Tottenham riot and later released[28]
  188. Small, Christian; 7/7 victim[67][103]
  189. Smith, Delia; celebrity chef, TV presenter and joint majority shareholder of Norwich City FC with husband Michael Winn-Jones[29]
  190. Snowdon, Lisa; fashion model, television personality and presenter[31]
  191. Stagg, Colin; accused in Rachel Nickell murder[2]
  192. Stevens, John; Metropolitan Police Commissioner[1]
  193. Stephens, Mark; solicitor, whose clients have included James Hewitt, Sven-Göran Eriksson; John Leslie; Sara Payne; Jemima Khan; Kerry Katona; Cornelia Crisan; David Beckham; Shaun Russell and Julian Assange, and is acting in several phone-hacking cases.[27]
  194. Stirling, Angus; former director general of the National Trust[28]
  195. Storie, Valerie;, gunshot victim who nearly died in the 1961 crime for which James Hanratty was hanged[28]
  196. Straw, Jack; politician[1]
  197. Tarrant, Chris; TV Presenter[2]
  198. Taylor, Gordon; of Professional Footballers' Association;[9][24][33]
  199. Temple, Tracy; former secretary to John Prescott; affair with Prescott reported by Daily Mirror in 2006.[29]
  200. Tierney, Patricia; grandmother linked to Wayne Rooney[29]
  201. Titmuss, Abi; model and TV presenter[29][60]
  202. Tomlinson, Clifton; (late 1990s) son of the actor Ricky Tomlinson[43]
  203. Tulloch, John; professor, survivor of the 7/7 London bombings in 2006[29]
  204. Wallace, Jessie; (late 1990s) EastEnders actor[43]
  205. Williams, Zoe;[36]
  206. Windsor, Lord Frederick; son of Prince and Princess Michael of Kent[29]
  207. Winskell, Robin; sports lawyer who has acted for footballers in disciplinary trials, Fifa arbitrations, and libel cases.[36]
  208. Witness to the murder of Jill Dando; illegal privacy violation had the potential for interfering with a live police inquiry[31]
  209. Woodhead, Chris; then head of the Office for Standards in Education (OFSTED)[28]
  210. Wynn-Jones, Michael; writer, publisher, former editor of Sainsbury's magazine, joint majority shareholder of Norwich City FC with his wife, Delia Smith[29]
  211. Yates, John; (1990s-) Assistant Commissioner in the London Metropolitan Police Service[1][2]


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