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This is a list of news presenters by nationality.

List of news presenters by nationality[edit]

American news anchors[edit]

Australian newsreaders[edit]

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Austrian newsreaders[edit]

Bangladeshi newsreaders[edit]

Brazilian newsreaders[edit]

British newsreaders and newscasters[edit]

Canadian news anchors[edit]

Chinese news anchors[edit]

The following are announcers on CCTV's Xinwen Lianbo, the official national news programme in mainland China:

Colombian newsreaders[edit]

Dutch newsreaders[edit]

Finnish newsreaders[edit]

Egyptian newsreaders[edit]

French newsreaders[edit]

German newsreaders[edit]

Greek newsreaders[edit]

Hong Kong news anchors[edit]

Indian newsreaders[edit]

Irish newscasters[edit]

Israeli news anchors[edit]

Japanese newscasters[edit]

Latin American newsreaders[edit]

New Zealand newsreaders[edit]

North Korean newsreaders[edit]

Palestinian news anchors[edit]

Pakistani news anchors[edit]

Philippine newscasters[edit]

Portuguese newsreaders[edit]

Singaporean newsreaders[edit]

Soviet and Russian newsreaders[edit]

Tatar newsreaders[edit]

Spanish newsreaders[edit]

Sri Lankan newsreaders[edit]

Swedish newsreaders[edit]

Trinidad & Tobago newsreaders[edit]

Turkish news anchors[edit]

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