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This is a partial list of newsgroups that are significant for their popularity or their position in Usenet history.

The Big 8 hierarchies[edit]

These are the most widely distributed and carefully controlled newsgroup hierarchies. See Big 8 (Usenet) and the Great Renaming for more information.


Computer-related topics.


Topics related to the humanities (fine arts, literature, philosophy, Classical Latin, etc.).


Miscellaneous topics. Examples include:

  • — A moderated legal forum.
  • misc.taxes.moderated — A moderated professional tax forum open to the general public.


Matters related to the functioning of Usenet itself. Examples include:

  • — discussion related to the use of blocklists to deal with spam and other unwanted network traffic.
  • — discussion of abuse of email by spammers and other parties.


Recreation and entertainment topics. Examples include:

  • rec.arts.movies.current-films—The latest movie releases.
  • rec.arts.movies.past-films—Past films.
  • rec.arts.poems
  • rec.arts.comics—Discussing comic books, current and past
  •—Discussing general television SF (i.e. science-fiction, or "speculative fiction").
  •—discussion of Babylon 5 and other projects of J. Michael Straczynski.
  •—Television, its history, and past and current shows, i.e. the main television newsgroup.
  •—discussion about soap operas broadcast by the CBS television network.
  •—discussion of the TV series Mystery Science Theater 3000.
  •—General discussion of the X-Factor tv show and all its worldwide editions.
  •—"discussion of cooking in general. Recipes and requests for recipes are welcome here, as are discussions of cooking techniques, equipment, etc."[1]
  • rec.humor.funny—moderated humor group that featured daily editor-selected jokes[2]
  • rec.humor.oracleInternet humor
  • rec.musicMusic
  • music
  •—general discussion of world cricket.
  •—general discussion of world football (soccer).
  • rec.woodworking—general discussion of woodworking.


Science-related topics.


Discussion related to society and social subcultures. Examples include:

  • soc.culture.usa— for the discussion of culture in the USA.
  • soc.culture.iraq— for the discussion of Iraq.
  • soc.genealogy— for the discussion of genealogy.
  • soc.motss— for the discussion of gay and lesbian issues.[3]
  •— for the discussion of nonprofit organization management issues.[4][5]
  •—clubs.misc— for the discussion of service clubs such as Kiwanis, Lions, Rotary International, Civitan International and Optimists.
  • soc.penpals— to find penpals
  • soc.politics— for the discussion of politics
  • soc.religion.bahai— for the discussion of the Baháʼí Faith
  • soc.religion.christian— for the discussion of Christianity
  • soc.rights-human— for the discussion of human rights[6]


Discussion of various topics, especially controversial ones. Includes political topics as well. Examples include:

The alt hierarchy[edit]

This is the most extensive newsgroup hierarchy outside of the Big 8. Examples include:

Other newsgroups[edit]

These newsgroups fall outside of the official Big 8 hierarchies, as well as the less formal alt hierarchy. Other newsgroups can consist of geographic regions (official or unofficial), corporations, and other institutions or groups.


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