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This is a partial list of newsgroups that are significant for their popularity or their position in Usenet history.

As of October 2002[needs update], there are about 100,000 Usenet newsgroups, of which approximately a fifth are active.[citation needed] This number varies, depending on the news server carrying the newsgroups.

The Big 8 hierarchies[edit]

These are the most widely distributed and carefully controlled newsgroup hierarchies. See Big 8 (Usenet) and the Great Renaming for more information.


Computer-related topics.


Topics related to the humanities (fine arts, literature, philosophy, Classical Latin, etc.).


Miscellaneous topics. Examples include:

  • — A moderated legal forum.
  • misc.taxes.moderated — A moderated professional tax forum open to the general public.


Matters related to the functioning of Usenet itself. Examples include:


Recreation and entertainment topics. Examples include:


See also: sci.* hierarchy

Science-related topics.


Discussion related to society and social subcultures.


Discussion of various topics, especially controversial ones.Includes political topics as well. Examples include:

The alt hierarchy[edit]

See also: alt.* hierarchy

This is the most extensive newsgroup hierarchy outside of the Big 8. Examples include:

Other newsgroups[edit]

These newsgroups fall outside of the official Big 8 hierarchies, as well as the less formal alt hierarchy. Other newsgroups can consist of geographic regions (official or unofficial), corporations, and other institutions or groups.