List of newspapers in Brunei

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This is a list of newspapers in Brunei.

  • Salam Seria - published in 1952 by the British Malayan Petroleum Company
  • Borneo Bulletin - which first appeared on November 7, 1953, The only newspaper in Brunei to publish seven days a week
  • Government's Pelita Brunei - which was first published in 1956
  • Berita Brunei - which was first published in March 1957, October 1959 it was renamed as Berita Borneo

publication by a former political party called *Suara Bakti - was published on October 1961

  • Bintang Harian and *The Daily Star - published in both Malay and English first appeared in March 1966
  • BruDirect - also known as Brunei Direct. An online newspaper and the largest online media information tool, and a pioneer in the field of online media in Brunei Darussalam. The website has an audience of 70,000 to 80,000 visits per day.
  • The Brunei Times - Introduced in 2006
  • Media Permata - Brunei's only daily newspaper in Malay language
  • Pelita Brunei

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