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This is a list of newspapers in Ethiopia.

List of newspapers[edit]

Newspaper Location First issued Publisher Languages Website Notes
Addis Fortune Addis Ababa 2000[1] English Addis Ababa
Addis Neger 2007
Addis Tribune[1] Addis Ababa 1992 Tambek International
Addis Zemen Addis Ababa 1941 Government of Ethiopia Amharic
Awramba Times[2] Addis Ababa 2007 Amharic, English
Berhānenā salām[1] Addis Ababa 1925
Capital Ethiopia Addis Ababa 1998 English
Courrier d'Ethiopie Addis Ababa 1913-1936 Ceased
Daily Monitor[1] Addis Ababa 2000 Monitor Ltd
Democracia 1974 Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Party
'Efoytā[1] Addis Ababa 1997 Fānā démokrāsi Amharic
Ethiopian Herald[1] Addis Ababa 1943 Ethiopian Press
Ethiopian Reporter[3] Addis Ababa 1995[4] Media Communications Centre Amharic, English
Feteh 2008[5] closed by Ethiopian authorities in 2012 and chief editor Temesgen Desalegn arrested[6]
Serto Ader Addis Ababa 1980 Commission for Organizing the Party of the Working People of Ethiopia
Sun[1] Addis Ababa 1996 G.D Pub. House
Ṭobiyā[1] Addis Ababa 1993 ʼAkpāk Amharic
Voice of Ethiopia[1] Addis Ababa 1961-1969 National Patriotic Association Ceased
Ye'Zareyitu Ethiopia (L'Ethiope d'Aujourd'hui) 1952 Amharic, French[7]:359
Yäsäffiw hezb dems 1974
Yeroo 1999-2000,2018- Afaan Oromo, English[3]

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