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Below is a list of newspapers in France.

Evolution in circulation, 1999-2011


French newspapers[1]
Newspaper Frequency Political alignment Circulation Publisher/parent company Website
L'Express weekly centre-right 437,800 Socpresse
L'Humanité daily communist/far-left 52,800
La Croix daily centre-left/Catholic 104,901 Groupe Bayard Presse
Le Canard enchaîné weekly satirical 420,300 Les Editions Marechal/Le Canard Enchaine
Le Figaro daily right [2] 321,500 Socpresse
Le Monde daily centre-left[citation needed] 314,000 Le Monde SA
Le Nouvel Observateur weekly centre-left 511,900 Le Nouvel Observateur
Libération daily left[citation needed] 134,800






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