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This is a list of newspapers in Ghana. In 2007, there were 136 newspapers.[1] Note that not all papers currently have a website.

Newspaper Location First issued Publisher Website Notes
Accra Daily Mail [2] [1] private
All Ghana News [2] private/national
Business and Financial Times [3] private and four times weekly
Business Guide Private weekly owned by Daily Guide
Daily Ghana [4] private
Daily Graphic [5] state-owned; along with the Mirror, most widely read newspaper in Ghana
Daily Guide [6] private
Daily Statesman private
The Dispatch private
The Entrepreneur Newspaper private, bi-monthly
The Evening News state-owned
The Finder Newspaper News from Ghana, Politics, Africa, entertainment, world, health, business and sports
Focus private
Free Press private
The Gazette Newspaper weekly newspaper
The Ghanaian Chronicle [3] Accra 1996 [4] [7] privately owned daily
Ghanaian Times [8] state-owned daily
Ghanaian Voice private liberal weekly
Green Dove private bimonthly
Guide Young Blazers privately owned by Daily Guide; once a week
The Guide private weekly
Heritage private
The Independent independent conservative weekly
Junior Graphic state owned, sister paper of the Daily Graphic, aimed at 11- to 22-year-olds
The Mirror weekly, sister paper of the Daily Graphic
Network Herald Accra NBS Multimedia[5] private
News One Newspaper privately owned by Daily Guide; once a week
The Ghanaian Observer
90 Minutes Newspaper privately owned by Arcadia Publication and THRICE a week
People & Places (P&P) private
The Public Agenda Accra-North P.A. Communications[5] private
The Pioneer independent semi-weekly
Catholic Standard Weekly, privately owned
The Searchlight private
The Statesman Accra Kinesic Communications independent private weekly; organ of the New Patriotic Party[5]
Sunday Herald weekly
The Timeline Newspaper Ghana and Africa's First Opportunities Newspaper
Vibe Ghana [9] independent
Weekly Express private weekly
Weekly Insight private left wing
Weekly Spectator state owned
Graphic Showbiz state owned, sister paper of Daily Graphic, targeting entertainment stories

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