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This is a list of newspapers in Ghana. In 2007, there were 136 newspapers.[1] Note that not all papers currently have a website.

List of newspapers[edit]

Newspaper Location First issued Publisher Website Notes
Accra Daily Mail [2] [1] private
All Ghana News [2] private/national
Business and Financial Times [3] private and four times weekly
Business Guide private weekly owned by the Daily Guide
Daily Ghana [4] private
Daily Graphic [5] state-owned; along with the Mirror, the most widely read newspaper in Ghana
Daily Guide [6] private
Daily Statesman private
The Dispatch private
The Entrepreneur Newspaper private, bi-monthly
The Evening News state-owned
The Finder Newspaper news from Ghana and Africa, politics, entertainment, world, health, business and sports
Today Newspaper North Ridge,


2007 Ghana Sports

Publications Limited private
Free Press private
The Gazette Newspaper weekly newspaper
The Ghanaian Chronicle [3] Accra 1996 [4] [7] privately owned daily
Ghanaian Times [8] state-owned daily
Ghanaian Voice private liberal weekly
Green Dove private bimonthly
Guide Young Blazers privately owned by the Daily Guide; weekly
The Guide private weekly
Heritage private
The Independent independent conservative weekly
Junior Graphic state-owned, sister paper of the Daily Graphic, aimed at 11- to 22-year-olds
The Mirror weekly, sister paper of the Daily Graphic
Network Herald Accra NBS Multimedia[5] private
News One Newspaper privately owned by the Daily Guide; weekly
The Ghanaian Observer
90 Minutes Newspaper privately owned by Arcadia Publication; three times a week
People & Places (P&P) private
The Public Agenda Accra-North P.A. Communications[5] private
The Pioneer independent semi-weekly
Catholic Standard weekly, privately owned
The Christian Scoop Newspaper South La Estate,


2015 Ropheka Media House weekly, privately owned
The Searchlight private
The Statesman Accra Kinesic Communications independent private weekly; organ of the New Patriotic Party[5]
Sunday Herald weekly
The Timeline Newspaper Ghana and Africa's first opportunities newspaper
News Ghana [9] independent
Vibe Ghana [10] independent
Weekly Express private weekly
GhanaStar [11] (formerly operated by World News Network, currently Private)
Weekly Insight private left wing
Weekly Spectator state-owned
Graphic Showbiz state-owned, sister paper of the Daily Graphic, targeting entertainment stories

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