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The number of national daily newspapers in Hungary was 21 in 1950 and it increased to 40 in 1965.[1] In 1986 the Press Act became effective, regulating the newspaper market in the country.[2] Following the collapse of the communist regime the act was revised in January 1990.[2]

This is a list of Hungarian newspapers and other papers.

Daily newspapers[edit]


Hungary has 9 daily newspapers (4 political, 1 sport, 1 business, 2 tabloid and 1 daily free newspaper). Dailies in the country are all privately owned.[3]

Name Headquarters Format Circulation[4] Political alignment Ownership Founded Website
Magyar Hírlap Budapest Broadsheet right, anti-globalization, patriotic 1968
Magyar Idők Budapest Broadsheet right, conservatism 2015
Magyar Nemzet Budapest Broadsheet 30,559 conservatism 1938
Népszava Budapest Broadsheet 23,387 left, social-democratic 1877
Blikk Budapest Tabloid 181,440 populism 1994
Bors Budapest Tabloid 95,998 populism (2003) 1989


Weekly newspapers[edit]

Name Headquarters Category Circulation[5] Political alignment Ownership Founded Website
168 Óra Budapest News magazine 23,067 left, liberalism 1989
Demokrata Budapest Political, Cultural magazine 19,000 conservatism 1989
Élet és Irodalom Budapest Literary, Political magazine left, liberalism 1957 (1923)
Hetek Budapest News magazine left, yellow journalism 1997
Heti Válasz Budapest News magazine 22,645 conservatism 2001
Magyar Fórum Budapest News magazine christianity, national 1988
Magyar Narancs Budapest Political, Cultural magazine liberalism, gonzo journalism 1989
Szabad Föld Budapest Rural magazine 83,310 rural area 1944
Vasárnapi Hírek Budapest News magazine
Vasárnapi Reggel Budapest News magazine
Nők Lapja Budapest Women's magazine 271,337 populism 1949
Story Budapest Celebrity magazine 209,291 populism


Monthly newspapers[edit]



  • Bravo (German paper, Hungarian tabloid)
  • POPCORN (music)

Other papers[edit]






Defunct newspapers[edit]

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