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Hadikat al-Akhbar (The News Garden in English) is the first daily newspaper of Lebanon which was launched in 1858.[1] From 1858 to 1958 there were nearly 200 newspapers in the country.[2] Prior to 1963 the number of newspapers was more than 400.[3] However, the number reduced to 53 due to the 1963 press law.[3]

Censorship of the press in the country began in the Ottoman era.[4] It was also frequent in 1976 following the intervention of Syrian military in the Lebanese Civil War on behalf of Maronite Christians.[5] As of 2012, the newspapers were being published in three major languages of Arabic, English and French[6] and there were 12 Arabic dailies.[3]

The following is a list of well-known newspapers published in Lebanon.

Lebanese Daily Newspapers[edit]

All published in Beirut

In Arabic
Defunct Arabic daily
In Armenian
In English
In French

Lebanese Non-Daily Newspapers[edit]

In Arabic
In French
  • La Revue du Liban (weekly) [7] (Beirut)
  • Le Commerce du Levant (periodical) [8] (Beirut)
In English

Lebanese online news portals (Arabic and English )[edit]

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