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Newspapers in Morocco are primarily published in Arabic and French, and to a lesser extent in Berber, English, and Spanish. Africa Liberal, a Spanish daily, was the first paper published in the country which was launched in 1820.[1] Al Maghrip was the first Arabic newspaper of the country, and was established in 1886.[1]

In 1999, the number of French language newspapers distributed in the country was 130,000 while it was 62,000 in 1981.[2] As of 2013, 71% of the papers were published in Arabic and 27% in French.[3] Below is a list of newspapers published in Morocco:


Title Type Publisher Founded Website Lang Editor Affiliation Circ.
Morocco World News           MWN 2011 En/Ar/Fr Samir Bennis and Adnane Bennis Independent NA
The Moroccan Times           2012 En Independent NA
Morocco Business News           2008 En Independent NA
MBC Times           2013 En Independent NA
Morocco Newsline           New Commerce Group 2007 En Independent NA
La Dépêche marocaine           1905 NA Fr None NA
Al Alam           1946 Ar Istiqlal
Attajdid  Ar Attawhid Wal Islah 5.120
Al Ittihad Al Ichtiraki           1983 Ar Socialist Union of Popular Forces 15.425
Liberation           1964 Fr Socialist Union of Popular Forces 15.425
Al Bayane           1971 Fr Party of Progress and Socialism 2.567
Bayane Al Yaoume  Ar Party of Progress and Socialism
L'Economiste           1991 Fr Independent 15.690
La Nouvelle Tribune  Fr Party of Progress and Socialism 7.863
La Vie Eco  Fr Independent 14.279
Le Matin           Maroc Soir Group 1972 Fr Royalist 60.000[4]
Assabah           2000 Ar Independent 125.000
Al Bidaoui           Ar Independent 12.445
Al Mounaataf  Ar National Rally of Independents
Al Ahdath Al Maghribia           1998 Ar 48.250
Assahifa Al Maghribia Weekly Ar 22.534
Aujourd'hui Le Maroc           2001 Fr 20.000
Al Ayam Weekly Ar 29.678
L'Opinion           1965 Fr Socialist Union of Popular Forces 29.678
La Gazette Du Maroc  Fr 5.787
Finances News Hebdo  Fr
Tawiza      Br
La Mañana           Maroc Soir Group Sp Royalist
Al Mountakhab  Ar Independent
Annoukhba  Ar Independent
Al Haraka  Ar Popular Movement
Assahra Al Maghribiya           Maroc Soir Group 1989 Ar Royalist
L'Independent           Fr
Sahafat Alyawm  Ar Independent
Les Nouvelles Du Nord  Fr Independent
Le Journal de Tanger  Fr Independent 7.000
Morocco Board News      MoroccoBoard News Service En Independent
Almassae           2006 Ar Independent 170.000
Assahifa           Ar Independent
Assabahia (disfunct, 2009)           Maroc Soir Group Ar Independent 35.000
Marocpress           2004 Ar Independent NA
Khbirate           2013 Ar Independent NA


KooraMag           2004 Ar Independent NA
Oujda Portail           2013 Ar Independent NA


Defunct daily newspapers[edit]

These newspapers are no longer published:

Title Type Publisher Founded Website Lang Editor Affiliation Circ.
Morocco Mirror           2012 En Independent NA

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