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The number of national daily newspapers in Norway was 96 in 1950, whereas it was 83 in 1965.[1] A total of 191 newspapers was published in 1969.[2] There were 221 newspapers in the country in 1996.[3] The number of the newspaper was 233 in the country in 1999.[4] The Institute for Information and Media Science at the University of Bergen listed 296 newspapers in 2003. There were 297 titles in 2012.[2]


Norwegian newspapers fall into several categories:

  • National newspapers, i.e., those that target readers in all regions.
  • Political party newspapers, i.e., those that function more or less as a party or political movement's mouthpiece.
  • Regional newspapers, i.e., those that target readers in a geographic area.
  • Tabloid and broadsheet papers.


Following is a sample of newspapers published in Norway.

Newspaper Category Frequency[5] Circulation (2014)[5] Owner (in 2014) [5] Notes
Adresseavisen ("Adressa") regional daily 75,835 Adresseavisen ASA
Aftenposten national daily 250,179 Aftenposten AS Circulation numbers are for the national morning edition.
The regional evening edition's circulation is 155,366 (ranked 4th).
Agder regional twice a week 8,479 Avisen Agder AS
Agderposten regional daily 23,329 AS Agderposten
Akershus Amtstidende ("Amta") regional daily 8,621 Akershus Amtstidende AS
Andøyposten regional twice a week 2,010 Andøyposten AS
Askøyværingen regional twice a week 5,311 Askøyværingen AS
Avisa Nordland regional daily 23,716 Avisa Nordland AS
Bergens Tidende regional daily 83,086 Bergens Tidende AS
Bergensavisen regional daily 27,406 Bergensavisen AS
Bladet Tromsø regional 11,071 (2003)
Bladet Vesterålen regional daily 9,692 Bladet Vesterålen AS
Bondebladet national weekly 82,995 (2003) agriculture
Brønnøysunds avis regional daily 4,516 Brønnøysunds Avis AS
Budstikka regional daily 28,264 Asker og Bærums Budstikke ASA
Dag og Tid national 6,982    Nynorsk
Dagbladet national daily 105,255 AS Dagbladet tabloid
Dagen national daily 10,842 Dagbladet Dagen AS conservative Christian
Dagens Næringsliv national daily 81,391 Dagens Næringsliv AS business
Dagsavisen national daily 29,041 Stiftelsen Dagsavisen social democratic
Dalane Tidende regional twice a week 8,418 Dalane Tidende og Egersunds Avis AS
Demokraten regional twice a week 8,282 Demokraten AS
Drammens Tidende regional daily 40,954 Drammens Tidende og Buskeruds Blad AS
Driva regional twice a week 4,217 Driva-Trykk AS
Enebakk Avis regional weekly 2,984 Enebakk Avis AS
Fanaposten regional twice a week 4,403 Fanaposten AS
Finnmark Dagblad regional daily 8,813 Finnmark Dagblad AS
Finnmarken regional daily 7,169 Dagbladet Finnmarken AS
Firda regional daily 13,875 Avishuset Firda AS
Firda Tidend regional twice a week 3,056 Avisdrift Gloppen A/S
Firdaposten regional twice a week 5,484 Firdaposten AS
Fiskaren national fisheries
Fiskeribladet national fisheries
Fjordabladet regional twice a week 2,800 Fjordabladet AS
Fjordenes Tidende regional twice a week 5,485 Fjordenes Tidende AS
Fjordingen regional twice a week 4,285 Fjordingen AS
Fjuken regional weekly 4,075 Skjåk Mediautvikling AS
Framtid i nord regional twice a week 5,303 Mediaselskapet Nord-Norge Samkjøringen AS
Fredriksstad Blad regional daily 23,442 Fredriksstad Blad AS
Fremover regional daily 8,835 Fremover AS
Friheten national weekly 2,800 Norges Kommunistiske Parti communist
Fædrelandsvennen regional daily 41,326 Fædrelandsvennen AS
Gjesdalbuen regional weekly
Glåmdalen regional daily 19,370 Glåmdalen AS
Grannar regional 3,883    139   
Gudbrandsdølen Dagningen regional 28,003    22   
Halden Arbeiderblad regional 9,494    64    social democratic
Hallingdølen regional
Hamar Arbeiderblad regional 28,490    21    social democratic
Hamar Dagblad regional 4,607    123   
Harstad Tidende regional 14,749    42   
Haugesunds Avis regional 34,811    13   
Helgeland Arbeiderblad regional 9,402   
Indre Akershus Blad regional 7,035    85   
Jarlsberg Avis regional 3,288    149   
Jærbladet regional
Klassekampen national daily 12,109 Klassekampen AS socialist
Koordinatoren online only
Kvinnheringen regional
Laagendalsposten regional 10,823    55   
Levanger-Avisa regional 4,706    121   
Lofotposten regional 8,208    72   
Lofot-Tidende regional
Magazinet national conservative Christian
Morgenbladet national 8,255    70    conservative
Moss Avis regional 16,169    35   
Moss Dagblad regional 7,551    80   
Møre-Nytt regional twice a week 5,526 Møre-Nytt AS
Nationen national 16,987    34    agriculture
Nettavisen online only
Nordlys regional 29,437    19   
Norge Idag national conservative Christian
Ny Tid national 4,519 (2003) socialist
Nye Troms regional twice a week 5,051 Nye Troms AS
Opdalingen regional twice a week 2,655 Opdalingen AS
Oppland Arbeiderblad regional daily 26,578 Oppland arbeiderblad AS social democratic online only music
Porsgrunns Dagblad regional daily
Rana Blad regional daily 10,622 AS Rana Blad
Ringerikes Blad regional 12,787    47   
Rjukan Arbeiderblad regional
Rogalands Avis regional 12,787    47   
Romerikes Blad regional daily 38,337    11   
Romsdals Budstikke regional daily 18,639    32   
Saltenposten regional twice a week 4,032    133   
Sandefjords Blad regional daily
Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad regional daily 14,578 Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad AS social democratic
Sogn Avis regional daily 10,085 Sogningen/Sogns Avis AS
Stavanger Aftenblad regional daily 68,010 Stavanger Aftenblad ASA
Strandbuen regional twice a week 4,354 Strandbuen AS
Sunnhordland regional daily 7,832 Bladet Sunnhordland AS
Sunnmørsposten regional daily 32,667 SUnnmørsposten AS
Svalbardposten regional weekly 3,095 Stiftelsen Svalbardposten
Telemarksavisa regional daily 22,282 Telemarksavisa AS
The Foreigner online only online, English
The Oslo Times online only online, English
Tidens Krav regional daily 15,412 Tidens Krav AS
TradeWinds international 7,800    maritime business
Troms Folkeblad regional daily 7,779 Troms Folkeblad AS
Trønder-Avisa regional daily 23,142
Tysvær Bygdeblad regional weekly
Tønsbergs Blad regional daily 29,785 Edda Vestfold AS
Upstream international 6,500 (2003)
Varden regional daily 26,091 Varden AS
Varingen regional
VG national daily 284,414 Verdens Gang AS tabloid
Vest-Telemark Blad regional twice a week 5,530 Vest-Telemark Blad AS
Vesteraalens Avis regional twice a week 2,388 Vesterålens Avis AS
VestNytt regional twice a week 6,143 Vestnytt AS
Vårt Land national daily 26,344 Avisen Vårt Land AS Christian
Østkantavisa regional weekly 70,000 Nordstrands Blad AS
Østlandets Blad regional
Østlands-Posten regional
Østlendingen regional

Online editions[edit]

The Institute for Journalism provides a directory of online newspapers.


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