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Newspaper stand, Dakar, 2008

The reading public for Senegal's diverse press is largely limited to Dakar and Thies. Le Soleil is the quasi-official daily. Other major popular independent newspapers include the dailies Sud Quotidien, WalFadjri, Le Quotidien, Le Matin, Le Populaire, Il Est Midi, and the economic weekly Nouvel Horizon. National newspapers are in French. English-language newspapers such as the International Herald Tribune are also available at many newsstands. Various trade organizations publish bulletins and newsletters such as those of the Dakar Chamber of Commerce and the periodical Entreprendre issued by the National Council of Business Leaders.


Below is the list of the main newspapers published in Senegal. All are in French, unless otherwise indicated

Newspaper Frequency Circulation (2014)[1] Owner (in 2014) [2]
Il Est Midi daily 15,000
Le Matin daily 10,000 Le Matin
Le Messager daily 10,000
Nouvel Horizon weekly 30,000
Le Quotidien daily 8,000 Groupe Avenir Communication SA
Le Soleil daily 25,000 SSPP Le Soleil SA
Sud Quotidien daily 7,000 Groupe Sudcommunication
Wal Fadjri daily 7,000 Groupe Wal Fadjri


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