List of newspapers in Tajikistan

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This is a list of newspapers and news agencies in Tajikistan.


  • Asia Plus -
  • Avicenna in Tajik and Russian (Dushanbe)
  • DigestPress in Russian (Dushanbe)
  • Farazh Tajik (Dushanbe) -
  • Golos Tajikistana published weekly in Russian by the Communist Party
  • Jumhuriyat government-owned, published tri-weekly in Tajik (Dushanbe)
  • Khalq Ovozi government-owned, published tri-weekly in Uzbek
  • The Khujand Plov (Khujand) is an English-language newspaper. It caters to foreigners and specializes in satirical content.
  • Minbar-i Khalq published by the People's Democratic Party
  • Najot published weekly by the Islamic Rebirth Party
  • Narodnaya Gazeta government-owned, published tri-weekly in Russian
  • Neru-i Sukhan privately owned, published weekly
  • Nido-i Ranjbar published weekly in Tajik by the Communist Party
  • Tojikiston privately owned, published weekly in Tajik
  • Sadoi mardum is a thrice weekly newspaper published in Tajikistan. It is one of the most widely circulated papers in the country. It is written in the Tajik language.

News Agencies[edit]

  • Asia-Plus - private, English-language agency
  • Avesta - private, English-language
  • Khovar - state run
  • Varorud - private

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