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Zimbabwe is host to some of the oldest newspapers in Africa; The Herald, Zimbabwe's major newspaper, replaced the Mashonaland and Zambesian Times, which was present from the late 1890s. The Herald, once an influential paper, has seen a decline in readership from 132,000 to between 50,000 and 100,000 in recent years.[1] The influential Daily News, which regularly published criticism of the government, was shut down in 2002, however its director Wilf Mbanga started The Zimbabwean soon after to continue challenging the Mugabe regime.[1] The first daily independent Zimbabwean daily newspaper, following Daily News, NewsDay, started publishing in 2010. Journalists can be fired by the Ministry of Information if content is deemed inappropriate.[2] Other notable Zimbabwean newspapers in print include The Chronicle (Zimbabwe), The Financial Gazette, the Zimbabwe Independent, and the Zimbabwe Daily News. Zimbabwean online newspapers include, iHarare.comThe Zimbabwe Daily[3] and Bulawayo24 News.[4]

Daily newspapers[edit]

Newspaper Est. City/region Ownership Circulation Type Language
Bulawayo24 News 2010 Bulawayo Private Online daily English
Business Weekly Private Weekly English
The Chronicle 1894 Bulawayo Government Daily English
Daily News 1999 Harare Private 100,000+ Daily English
The Financial Gazette Harare Private 50,000+ Weekly English
The Harare Tribune 2001 Harare Private Online daily English
The Herald 1892 Harare Government 50,000+ Daily English Harare Private Online daily English
Kwayedza Harare Government Weekly Shona
The Mail 2003 Harare Private Daily English
The Manica Post Manicaland Government English
The Midlands Observer Kwekwe Government English, Ndebele
NewsDay 2010 Harare Private Daily English
The Patriot Private
Southern Eye 2013 Harare Private Daily English
The Standard Harare Private Weekly English
The Sunday Mail Harare Government Weekly English
uMthunywa Bulawayo Government Weekly Ndebele
The Zimbabwe Daily Online daily English
Zimbabwe Daily News 2004 Private Online daily English
Zimbabwe Independent Harare Private Weekly English
Zimbabwe Metro 2007 Gaborone, Botswana Private Online daily English
Zimbabwe Telegraph 2008 Private Daily English
Zimbabwe Tribune 2009 Private Online daily English
The Zimbabwean 2005 Private Weekly English

Defunct newspapers[edit]

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