List of newspapers in the United Arab Emirates

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The first newspaper in the United Arab Emirates was published in 1970.[1] In 2009 there were 13 daily newspapers in the country.[2]

Newspapers in the United Arab Emirates[edit]

Note that the main English Newspapers in UAE are mainly operated by Indian employees who mainly address their coo-national minority of Indian expats, therefore they contain mostly Indian and local Dubai news

English language

Arabic language

Malayalam language

  • Gulf Madhyamam Daily (Dubai)
  • Manorama Daily (Dubai)
  • Mathrubhumi Daily (Dubai)
  • Siraj Daily (Dubai)

Tamil language

  • Daily Thanthi (Dubai)

Chinese language

  • Nihao Newspaper (Dubai)

Russian language

  • Komsomolskaya Pravda (Dubai)

Spanish language

  • El Correo del Golfo (Dubai)


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