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The State of Vermont has the highest number of covered bridges per square mile in the United States. Not surprisingly, replica covered bridges have also been built throughout the state to capture the essence of the historic bridges. Non-authentic covered bridges are those that do not use traditional truss construction. Usually they are built with stringer construction. This list is bound to be incomplete as "backyard bridges", as most of these can be, are not publicized.

Bridge access by the public[edit]

The "access" column indicates whether the bridge is publicly accessible or not.

  • Public bridges: There are some bridges in this list that are truly public... bridges at parks, etc. Other bridges that are technically privately owned, but on property generally open to the public (condominium projects, hotels, stores, etc.) are also listed as "public". It can be assumed that easy access to these bridges without trespassing is possible.
  • Private bridges: Bridges that are definitely privately owned and not open to the public are marked as "private", despite whether or not visitors are welcomed. In the case of these bridges, it is noted (when known) whether they can be seen or accessed from public land (a road) without trespassing.

GPS coordinates[edit]

Longitude and latitude coordinates are given when confirmed either by personal observation or satellite imagery.

The list[edit]

Name County Location Built Length (ft) Crosses Access Coordinates Photo Notes
Hemingway Addison Granville 1973 20' unknown stream Private
Casey Addison Starksboro 1991 16' Baldwin Brook Private
Gilley Addison Starksboro 1991 12' unknown brook Private
Little Otter Creek Addison Ferrisburgh 1973 16' Little Otter Creek Private 44°10′46.2″N 73°11′43.8″W / 44.179500°N 73.195500°W / 44.179500; -73.195500 (Little Otter Creek Covered Bridge)
Heath Addison Waltham  ? 11' pond outlet Private 44°08′35″N 73°13′20″W / 44.14306°N 73.22222°W / 44.14306; -73.22222 (Heath Covered Bridge)
Kreffer Crossing Bennington Sandgate 1976 39' Green River on Sandgate Road Private
Grace Christian School Bennington Bennington 1979 30' Furnace Brook Public 42°53′42″N 73°11′54″W / 42.89500°N 73.19833°W / 42.89500; -73.19833 (Grace Christian School Covered Bridge)
Armstrong Bennington Bennington 1985 40' Jewett Brook Private
Gregory Bennington Manchester  ? 30' Unknown brook Private
Bennington Covered Bridge Museum Bennington Bennington 2003  ? on dry land Public This bridge may be authentic since it is at a covered bridge museum. Confirmation needed.
Bondville Fair Bennington Winhall 2004 24' on dry land Public This "bridge" uses Town lattice construction, but it has no floor, so is it really a bridge?
Jeudevine Falls Caledonia Hardwick 2001 24' brook Private 44°32′56″N 72°22′19″W / 44.548796°N 72.371911°W / 44.548796; -72.371911 (Jeudevine Falls Covered Bridge)
Joe's Pond Caledonia West Danville 1977 37' outlet of Joe's Pond Public 44°24′30″N 72°11′42″W / 44.40833°N 72.19500°W / 44.40833; -72.19500 (Joe's Pond Covered Bridge)
Riverside Park Chittenden Jericho 1972 37' Browns River Public 44°30′59″N 72°56′48″W / 44.51639°N 72.94667°W / 44.51639; -72.94667 (Riverside Park Covered Bridge)
LaRue Chittenden Underhill 1982 40' Browns River Private 44°31′01″N 72°55′38″W / 44.51694°N 72.92722°W / 44.51694; -72.92722 (LaRue Covered Bridge)
Circus Building Chittenden Shelburne  ? 21' on a path Public at Shelburne Museum, paid admission required
Potbin Chittenden Underhill  ? 8' pond outlet Private
P&S Country Furniture Barn Essex Concord c1980 18' pond outlet Public 44°26′40″N 71°55′04″W / 44.44444°N 71.91778°W / 44.44444; -71.91778 (P&S Country Furniture Barn Covered Bridge)
Jackson Essex Lemington c1970 16' Jones Brook Private
Nelson Essex Lunenburg 1990 16' unknown brook Private
Beebe Franklin St. Albans 1968 17' pond outlet Private 44°47′36″N 73°02′43″W / 44.79333°N 73.04528°W / 44.79333; -73.04528 (Beebe Covered Bridge)
can be seen from the road
Mediaway Franklin Montgomery 1981 25' unknown brook Public(?) 44°53′07″N 72°32′23″W / 44.88528°N 72.53972°W / 44.88528; -72.53972 (Mediaway Covered Bridge) Looks to be at a place of business, visible from the road
Sylvester Franklin Montgomery 2000 14' pond outlet Private 44°52′53″N 72°39′32″W / 44.881497°N 72.658795°W / 44.881497; -72.658795 (Sylvester Covered Bridge) Fairly close to road
Blondin Franklin Montgomery 1996 24' pond outlet Private 44°52′28″N 72°39′29″W / 44.87444°N 72.65806°W / 44.87444; -72.65806 (Blondin Covered Bridge) Might be able to photograph from the road with a long telephoto lens
Homestead Franklin Franklin 1993 17' unknown brook Private
Pont De Columb Un Franklin Franklin 2001 16' unknown brook Private 44°59′57″N 72°56′22″W / 44.99917°N 72.93944°W / 44.99917; -72.93944 (Un Pont de Columb Covered Bridge) Not sure which of these two bridges is "Un" and which is "Deux"
Pont De Columb Deux Franklin Franklin 2001 16' unknown brook Private 44°59′56″N 72°56′21″W / 44.99889°N 72.93917°W / 44.99889; -72.93917 (Deux Pont de Columb Covered Bridge) Both can be seen from the road on the same property
Granger Franklin Franklin 1972 16' unknown brook Private
Pattees Franklin Enosburg 1979 22' unknown brook Private 44°51′53.1″N 72°45′44.5″W / 44.864750°N 72.762361°W / 44.864750; -72.762361 (Pattees Covered Bridge) May be able to photograph from the road with a long telephoto lens
Edward's Lamoille Belvidere  ?  ? brook Private 44°44′14″N 72°44′09″W / 44.737185°N 72.735929°W / 44.737185; -72.735929 (Edward's Covered Bridge)
White Caps Lamoille Stowe 1970 56' West Branch of Waterbury River on Brook Road Public 44°29′50″N 72°44′43″W / 44.497104°N 72.745314°W / 44.497104; -72.745314 (White Caps Covered Bridge) Entrance to residential area. Concrete deck, but authentic Howe trusses supporting dead load.
Sidewalk Lamoille Stowe 1973 150' Waterbury River on Vermont Route 108 Public 44°27′59″N 72°41′17″W / 44.46639°N 72.68806°W / 44.46639; -72.68806 (Sidewalk Covered Bridge)
unknown Lamoille Stowe  ?  ? unknown brook Private 44°28′59″N 72°39′49″W / 44.483134°N 72.663622°W / 44.483134; -72.663622 (unknown covered bridge)
Mountain Road Motel Lamoille Stowe 1975 15' unknown brook Public 44°28′23″N 72°41′56″W / 44.473172°N 72.698845°W / 44.473172; -72.698845 (Mountain Road Motel Covered Bridge)
Morse Mill Lamoille Cambridge 1988 45' Brewster River Private 44°35′18.3″N 72°47′28.8″W / 44.588417°N 72.791333°W / 44.588417; -72.791333 (Morse Mill Covered Bridge) Can be seen from road
Lynch & Burt Lamoille Waterville 1992 12' unknown brook on Village Green Public 44°41′22.5″N 72°46′8.1″W / 44.689583°N 72.768917°W / 44.689583; -72.768917 (Lynch & Burt Covered Bridge)
Adair Lamoille Waterville 1987 17' pond inlet Private
Gentle Giants Sleigh & Carriage Rides Lamoille Stowe  ?  ? swampy area Public 44°29′35″N 72°44′29″W / 44.49314°N 72.741366°W / 44.49314; -72.741366 (Lynch & Burt Covered Bridge)
Golden Eagle Resort #1 Lamoille Stowe  ? 8' unknown brook Public
Golden Eagle Resort #2 Lamoille Stowe 1999 12' unknown brook Public
Weltman Lamoille Morristown 1972 32' Sterling Brook Private
Faith Lamoille Waterville 1998 10' pond outlet Private 44°41′11″N 72°46′10″W / 44.68639°N 72.76944°W / 44.68639; -72.76944 (Faith Covered Bridge) can be seen from the road
Kneeland Beauty Salon Lamoille Hyde Park  ? 10' Unknown brook Public
Braley Orange Tunbridge 1990 20' artificial pond Private 43°55′19″N 72°24′31″W / 43.92194°N 72.40861°W / 43.92194; -72.40861 (Braley Covered Bridge) may be able to photograph with long telephoto lens
not to be confused with the Braley Covered Bridge
Roystan Orange Newbury 1996 21' unnamed brook Private
unknown Orange Newbury  ?  ? unnamed brook Private 44°05′32″N 72°05′35″W / 44.092228°N 72.093074°W / 44.092228; -72.093074 (unknown)
Driscoll Orange Fairlee  ? 8' pond Private
English Rose Inn Orleans Westfield 1973 14' pond outlet Public 44°53′16.5″N 72°32′8.6″W / 44.887917°N 72.535722°W / 44.887917; -72.535722 (English Rose Inn Covered Bridge)
Auger Sugarmill Orleans Barton 1988 40' Barton River Private 44°43′43″N 72°11′11″W / 44.72861°N 72.18639°W / 44.72861; -72.18639 (Auger Sugarmill Covered Bridge) on private road, but may be able to access
St. Onge Orleans Lowell 1988 32' ditch Private
Quesnell Orleans Lowell 1999 8' ditch Private 44°46′25″N 72°27′25.4″W / 44.77361°N 72.457056°W / 44.77361; -72.457056 (Quesnell Covered Bridge) easily seen on side of road
Neshobe Golf Club Rutland Brandon 1986 39' Neshobe River Public 43°48′39.5″N 73°04′28″W / 43.810972°N 73.07444°W / 43.810972; -73.07444 (Neshobe Golf Club Covered Bridge) can be seen from road, might be able walk onto course to get closer?
Borrelli Rutland Mount Holly  ? 16' pond Private
Getzinger Washington Moretown  ?  ? unknown brook Private 44°13′20″N 72°42′39″W / 44.222345°N 72.710795°W / 44.222345; -72.710795 (Getzinger Covered Bridge)
Battleground Washington Fayston 1974 51' Mill Brook Public 44°12′03″N 72°53′42″W / 44.20083°N 72.89500°W / 44.20083; -72.89500 (Battleground Covered Bridge) entry to condominium complex
Chamberlin Washington Northfield 1956 19' tributary of Stony Brook Private 44°08′55″N 72°43′05.5″W / 44.14861°N 72.718194°W / 44.14861; -72.718194 (Chamberlin Covered Bridge)
ChamberlinBridge Northfield.JPG
easily seen close to road
Not to be confused with Chamberlin Covered Bridge
Best Western Washington Waterbury 1962 50' mountain stream Public 44°20′43″N 72°44′59.2″W / 44.34528°N 72.749778°W / 44.34528; -72.749778 (Best Western Covered Bridge)
Floyd Fitch #1 Washington Calais 1962 10' Pekin Brook Private
Floyd Fitch #2 Washington Calais 1984 12' Pekin Brook Private
Rea Washington Calais 1992 13' ditch Private
Santa's Sweetheart Windham Putney 1957 29' unnamed brook Public At Santa's Land theme park.
Santa's Land Railroad Windham Putney 1962 18' unnamed brook Public At Santa's Land theme park.
Santa's Land Swan Windham Putney 1990 19' unnamed brook Public At Santa's Land theme park.
Covered Bridge Lodge Windham Dover 1964 38' Blue Brook Private Can be seen from the road
Grafton Cheese Factory Windham Grafton 1967 62' South Branch Saxtons River Public 43°09′59″N 72°36′47″W / 43.16639°N 72.61306°W / 43.16639; -72.61306 (Grafton Cheese Factory Covered Bridge)
Great American Recreation Cafe Windham Wilmington 1977 34' Bill Brook Public 42°54′32″N 72°50′50″W / 42.90889°N 72.84722°W / 42.90889; -72.84722 (Great American Recreation Cafe Covered Bridge)
Island Properties Windham Jamaica 1989 62' West River Private? 43°05′23.5″N 72°46′05.5″W / 43.089861°N 72.768194°W / 43.089861; -72.768194 (Island Properties Covered Bridge) Was the entrance to an apparently abandoned condominium project... may be private drive now??
John Tyler Sherwin Windham Brattleboro 1988 16' drainage ditch Public At Living Memorial Park
Dummerston School Windham Dummerston 1994 12' ditch Public
Chase Windham Brattleboro 1962 16' unknown brook Private
Snow Windham Stratton 1998 62' ski trail Public 43°06′40″N 72°55′00″W / 43.11111°N 72.91667°W / 43.11111; -72.91667 (Snow Covered Bridge) Entrance to condominium development
Hermitage Road Windham Dover 2009 50' Cold Brook Public 42°55′42″N 72°53′20″W / 42.92833°N 72.88889°W / 42.92833; -72.88889 (Hermitage Road Covered Bridge)
Kindle Farm School Windham Townshend 2006 17' ditch Public 43°01′11″N 72°39′27.5″W / 43.01972°N 72.657639°W / 43.01972; -72.657639 (Kindle Farm School Covered Bridge)
Noway Farm Windsor Barnard 1981 13' Gulf Stream Private
Seven Cedars Farm Windsor Barnard 1985 24' Pond Brook Private 43°45′14″N 72°37′58″W / 43.75389°N 72.63278°W / 43.75389; -72.63278 (Seven Cedars Farm Covered Bridge)
Mill Brook Windsor Reading 2009 59' Mill Brook Private 43°28′57″N 72°33′05″W / 43.48243°N 72.551485°W / 43.48243; -72.551485 (Mill Brook Covered Bridge)
Green Mountain Horse Association Windsor Woodstock 1998 6' dry land Public

Destroyed by Hurricane Irene[edit]

The following bridges were destroyed by Hurricane Irene on August 28, 2011 and removed from this list:

  • Giorgetti Covered Bridge formerly in Pittsfield
  • Toll Covered Bridge formerly in Dover
  • Pickle Barrel Covered Bridge formerly in Sherburne
  • Spring Hill Farm Covered Bridge formerly in Barnard
  • Quechee Covered Bridge formerly in [[Quechee, Vermont|Quechee] Bridge has been restored 2013]
  • Seven Cedars Farm formerly in Barnard ( Visited by Dan Brock )

The Giorgetti and Pickle Barrel covered bridges were not destroyed by Hurricane Irene. They still stand today. Source is my visiting these sites after Hurricane Irene. By Dan Brock

Other losses[edit]

  • The Hayes Covered Bridge formerly in Brookline was removed due to rot in November 2010 and removed from this list.
  • The Deer Park Covered Bridge formerly in Bennington is reportedly gone and was removed from this list.

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