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The list of non-carrier aircraft flown from aircraft carriers includes aircraft not designed for carrier operations that have landed or taken off from carrier decks but excludes helicopters and aircraft that were only transported by aircraft carriers.


Aircraft type Occasion Origin Year # used Notes
Aeromarine 39 Carrier trials US 1922 1+ [1][note 1]
Bell Airacobra I Trials for nosewheel aircraft, landed on HMS Pretoria Castle US 1945 1 [2]
Bristol Scout First flight from moving ship, HMS Vindex UK 1916 1 [3]
Britten-Norman Islander Sales demonstration flights aboard HMS Hermes UK 1968 1 [4]
Caudron Luciole Negotiators to recruit for the Free French flew from HMS Ark Royal France 1940 2 [5]
Cessna O-1E Bird Dog VNAF landing on USS Midway during the Fall of Saigon US 1975 1
Cessna OE-1B Bird Dog USMC aircraft flown from USS Princeton (LPH-5) US 1962 3 [6]
Curtiss Model D First takeoff from ship, from USS Birmingham US 1910 1
Curtiss Model D First landing on ship, on USS Pennsylvania US 1911 1
Curtiss P-36 Hawk Flown from USS Enterprise during delivery to Pearl Harbour US 1941 31
Curtiss P-40F Warhawk Flown from USS Chenango & HMS Archer during Operation Torch landings in North Africa US 1942 109
de Havilland Canada L-20 Beaver flown from USS Corregidor during 1958 Lebanon crisis Canada 1958 2 [7]
de Havilland Canada DHC-3 Otter UNEF flown off HMCS Magnificent for Suez Crisis Canada 1957 4 [8]
de Havilland Canada DHC-5 Buffalo QSRA trials from USS Kitty Hawk Canada 1980 1
Douglas R4D-5 Flown from USS Philippine Sea for Operation Highjump US 1947 6
Fairey Fox Mk.IA Deck trial on HMS Furious UK 1926 1 [9]
Gloster Gladiator II Flown from HMS Glorious during Norwegian Campaign UK 1940 18
Gloster Meteor F.3 (Derwent 5) Carrier trials from HMS Implacable and HMS Illustrious UK 1948–1949 2 [note 2]
Hanriot HD.1 Carrier trials from Bapaume France 1920 1+
Hanriot HD.2 Carrier trials from Bapaume France 1920 2
Hanriot HD.3 Carrier trials from Bapaume France 1920 1
Hawker Hurricane I Flown from HMS Glorious during Norwegian Campaign UK 1940 18
Lockheed XJO-3 Electra Junior Trials for nosewheel aircraft, flown from USS Lexington US 1939 1
Lockheed KC-130F Hercules USMC carrier trials from USS Forrestal US 1963 1
Lockheed P-80A Shooting Star Trial with USAAF jet flown from USS Franklin D. Roosevelt US 1946 1
Lockheed P2V-3C Neptune Interim nuclear bomber trials from USS Franklin D. Roosevelt US 1948–1951 13
Lockheed U-2C Monitoring French nuclear tests from USS Ranger US 1963 1 [10]
Lockheed U-2R Carrier trials from USS America US 1969 1 [10]
Morane-Saulnier MS.500 Criquet Operated from Arromanches during the First Indochina War France 1945–1949 unk.
North American Rockwell OV-10A Bronco Carrier trials aboard USS John F. Kennedy US 1968 unk.
North American Rockwell OV-10D Bronco LPH & Carrier trials including on USS Saratoga US 1985 unk.
North American B-25B Mitchell Doolittle Raid launched from USS Hornet US 1942 16
North American L-17 (Navion) Korean War Courier/VIP transport US 1950 unk.
Nieuport 21 Carrier trials from Bapaume France 1919–1920 1
Percival Vega Gull Flown from HMS Courageous, led to Percival Proctor UK 1937–1938 1 [11]
Piper L-4B Grasshopper Flown from LSTs during Pacific & Mediterranean invasions US 1944 26+
Piper L-4 Grasshopper Used Brodie device on various LSTs US 1
Republic P-47 Thunderbolt Flown off USS Manila Bay to defend her when she was attacked off Saipan while ferrying P-47s US 1944 4
Slingsby T.20 Flight trials from HMS Pretoria Castle and HMS Illustrious, examining flight deck air turbulence UK 1945 1
Sopwith Camel Zeppelin interceptors flown from towed barges. UK 1918 unk.
Stinson L-5 Sentinel Used Brodie device from USS City of Dalhart and various LSTs US 1943 unk.
Stinson OY Sentinel Korean War US 1950 1+
Taylorcraft Auster Carrier trials on HMS Argus, Ravager and Illustrious UK 1945–1946 3+


  1. ^ All examples converted from aircraft not originally intended for shipboard use.
  2. ^ The first Meteor F.1 prototype was used for deck handling trials aboard HMS Pretoria Castle in 1946 however no flights were attempted at that time.


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