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Location of Argentina

The non-marine molluscs of Argentina are a part of the molluscan fauna of Argentina.

There are hundreds of species of molluscs living in the wild in Argentina.

There are a total of ??? species of gastropods, which breaks down to 101[1][2] species of freshwater gastropods, and ??? species of land gastropods in ?? genera, plus 65 species of bivalves living in the wild.[1]

There are ?? non-indigenous species of gastropods (4[2] freshwater and ?? land species: ?? snails and ?? slugs) and ? species of bivalves in the wild in Argentina. This is a total of ? freshwater non-indigenous species of wild molluscs.

Potamolithus is the largest genus (with highest species richness) of recent freshwater snails in Argentina.[1]

Summary table of number of species
freshwater gastropods 101[1]
land gastropods  ???
gastropods altogether  ???
bivalves 65[1]
molluscs altogether ???
non-indigenous gastropods in the wild 4 freshwater and ?? land
non-indigenous synantrop gastropods  ?
non-indigenous bivalves in the wild  ?
non-indigenous synantrop bivalves  ?
non-indigenous molluscs altogether 4

Freshwater gastropods[edit]

There are 10 families of freshwater gastropods in Argentina.[2] There are 40 species of freshwater gastropods endemic to Argentina.[2] There are about 45 endangered freshwater gastropods in Argentina.[2]

Ampullariidae - 12 species, one endemic[1]

Thiaridae - 4 species, 3 endemic[1] but extinct in the wild

Cochliopidae - 16 species, 10 endemic[1]

Lithoglyphidae - 22 species[1][2]

Glacidorbidae - 1 species[1]

Chilinidae - 17 species,[1][7] 12 endemic[1][7]

Lymnaeidae - 5 species, 2 endemic[1]

Planorbidae - 20 species[1]

Physidae - 5 species, 2? endemic[1]

Land gastropods[edit]





Scolodontidae (Systrophiidae is a synonym for Scolodontidae)




Freshwater bivalves[edit]

Hyriidae - 1? endemic[1]

Etheriidae - 1? endemic[1]

Sphaeriidae - 25 species, 10 endemic[1]



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Further reading[edit]

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