List of non-marine molluscs of Colombia

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Location of Colombia

The non-marine molluscs of Colombia are a part of the molluscan fauna of Colombia.

There are 559 species of non-marine molluscs living in the wild in Colombia.[1]

There are a total of ??? species of gastropods, which breaks down to ?? species of freshwater gastropods, and ??? species of land gastropods in 82 genera,[2][3][4] plus ?? species of bivalves living in the wild.

There are 20 non-indigenous species of gastropods (? freshwater and 20 land species: 13 snails and 7 slugs)[5] and ? species of bivalves in the wild in Colombia. This is a total of ? freshwater non-indigenous species of wild molluscs.

The non-marine mollusc fauna of Colombia is not fully surveyed yet. There are still 6 departments of Colombia, especially in the southwest, from which there are no records of land gastropods yet (as of 2008).[2][needs update]

Summary table of number of species
freshwater gastropods  ??
land gastropods  ??? (82 genera)
gastropods altogether  ???
bivalves  ??
molluscs altogether 559[1]
non-indigenous gastropods in the wild  ? freshwater and 20 land
non-indigenous synantrop gastropods  ?
non-indigenous bivalves in the wild  ?
non-indigenous synantrop bivalves  ?
non-indigenous molluscs altogether 20

Freshwater gastropods[edit]


Land gastropods[edit]

There are 80 genera (79 genera in this list) of land gastropods in (continental) Colombia.[2]


Cyclophoridae Gray, 1847

Neocyclotidae Kobelt & Möllendorff, 1897

Arionidae Gray, 1840


Philomycidae Gray, 1847

Scolodontidae Baker, [1925] (include Systrophiidae Thiele, 1926)

Camaenidae Pilsbry, H. A., 1895


Helicidae Rafinesque, 1815

Xanthonychidae Strebel & Pfeiffer, 1879

Euconulidae Baker, 1928

Agriolimacidae Wagner, 1935

Boettgerillidae Van Goethem, 1972

Limacidae Rafinesque, 1815

Polygyridae Pilsbry, H. A., 1894

Thysanophoridae Pilsbry, H. A., 1926

Sagdidae Pilsbry, H. A., 1895

Succineidae Beck, 1837

Milacidae Ellis, 1926


Vitrinidae Fitzinger, 1833

Zonitidae Mörch, 1864

Achatinidae Swainson, 1840


Subulinidae Crosse H. & Fischer, 1877


Cerionidae Pilsbry, H. A., 1901

Urocoptidae Pilsbry, 1898 (1868)

Clausiliidae Mörch, 1864

Spiraxidae Baker, 1939

Charopidae Hutton, [1884]

Punctidae Morse, 1864

Streptaxidae Gray, 1806

Strophocheilidae Thiele, 1926

Pupillidae Turton, 1831

Vertiginidae Fitzinger, 1833

Strobilopsidae Pilsbry, H. A., 1893

Valloniidae Morse, 1864

Freshwater bivalves[edit]

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Further reading[edit]

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