List of non-marine molluscs of Mexico

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Location of Mexico

The non-marine molluscs of Mexico are a part of the molluscan wildlife of Mexico. A number of species of non-marine molluscs are found in the wild in Mexico.

There are about 1,178 species and subspecies of terrestrial gastropods in the Mexico.[1]

Summary table of number of species:
Numbers of molluscs by habitat Number of species
Freshwater gastropods  ?
Land gastropods 1,178 species and subspecies[1]
Total number of non-marine gastropods over 1200
Freshwater bivalves  ?
Total number of non-marine molluscs ?

There are not enough records of terrestrial gastropods from states of Aguascalientes and Tlaxcala.[1]

Freshwater gastropods[edit]

Land gastropods[edit]

an unidentified slug from Mexico
probably Drymaeus serperastrus from Mexico
an unidentified land snail from Mexico

Helicinidae - 72 species[1]



Urocoptidae - 265 species[1]

Spiraxidae - 246 species[1]

Orthalicidae/Bulimulinae = Bulimulidae - 140 species[1]

Pupillidae - 47 species[1]

Polygyridae - 65 species[1]

Xanthonychidae - 58 species[1]

Humboldtianidae - 49 species[1]


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