List of non-marine molluscs of Sri Lanka

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Location of Sri Lanka

The non-marine molluscs of Sri Lanka are a part of the molluscan wildlife of Sri Lanka.

Naggs et al. (2003) listed 246 land gastropods for Sri Lanka.[1] Ranawana (2006) listed 18 species of non-indigenous land gastropods in Sri Lanka and he added some species to that list.[2]

The fauna of Sri Lanka also includes freshwater snails and freshwater bivalves.

Land Snails[edit]

Phylum: Mollusca
Class: Gastropoda
When considering mollusc diversity in Sri Lanka, snails are the major group that can be found within the island. About 246 land snails are known to occur in Sri Lanka, with 83% of endemism. This include 5 endemic and relict land snails. Majority of land snails are pulmonates.

Endemic species are highlighted with an asterix (*).

Subclass: Pulmonata[edit]

Family: Acavidae[edit]

Family: Achatinidae - Giant land snails[edit]

Family: Ariophantidae[edit]

Family: Bradybaenidae[edit]

Family: Buliminidae[edit]

Family: Camaenidae[edit]

Family: Cerastidae[edit]

Family: Charopidae[edit]

Family: Clausiliidae - Door snails[edit]

Family: Corillidae[edit]

Family: Diplomatinidae[edit]

Family: Endodontidae[edit]

Family: Euconulidae - Hive snails[edit]

Family: Ferussaciidae[edit]

Family: Gastrodontidae[edit]

Family: Glessulidae[edit]

Family: Helicarionidae[edit]

Family: Lirnacidae - Keelback slugs[edit]

Family: Pupillinae[edit]

Family: Pupinidae[edit]

Family: Pyramidulidae[edit]

Family: Streptaxidae[edit]

Family: Subulinidae[edit]

Family: Veronicellidae - Leatherleaf slugs[edit]

Family: Vertiginidae - Whorl snails[edit]

Family: Truncatellidae - Looping snails[edit]

Freshwater bivalves[edit]

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