List of non-marine molluscs of the Gambier Islands

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The non-marine molluscs of Gambier Islands are a part of the molluscan fauna of the Gambier Islands.

There are ???[clarification needed] species of molluscs living in the wild in Pitcairn Islands. There are a total of ??? species of gastropods, which breaks down to ?? species of freshwater gastropods, and ??? species of land gastropods in ?? genera, plus ?? species of bivalves living in the wild.

There is a high degree of endemism of these species. The gastropod fauna has been affected by severe alteration of the environment of the Gambier Islands.[1]

Freshwater gastropods[edit]

Land gastropods[edit]



Freshwater bivalvia[edit]

The status of non-marine bivalves in this area is currently unknown.

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