List of non-marine molluscs of the Gambier Islands

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The non-marine molluscs of the Gambier Islands are a part of the molluscan fauna of French Polynesia.


There are ___ [clarification needed] species of molluscs living in the wild in the Gambier Islands area. There are a total of ___ species of gastropods, which breaks down to ___ species of freshwater gastropods, and ___ species of land gastropods in ___ genera, plus ___ species of bivalves living in the wild.

There is a high degree of endemism of these species. The gastropod fauna has been affected by severe alterations to the natural environment of the Gambier Islands.[1]

Freshwater gastropods[edit]

Land gastropods[edit]

Freshwater bivalvia[edit]

The status of non-marine bivalves in this area is currently unknown.

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