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Noodles are used in a variety of dishes
Fried misua noodles

This is a list of notable noodle dishes. Noodles are a type of staple food[1] made from some type of unleavened dough which is rolled flat and cut into one of a variety of shapes. While long, thin strips may be the most common, many varieties of noodles are cut into waves, helices, tubes, strings, or shells, or folded over, or cut into other shapes. Noodles are usually cooked in boiling water, sometimes with cooking oil or salt added. They are often pan-fried or deep-fried. Noodles are often served with an accompanying sauce or in a soup.

Noodle dishes[edit]

A bowl of kesme in broth




There is a great variety of Chinese noodles, which vary according to their region of production, ingredients, shape or width, and manner of preparation. They are an important part of most regional cuisines within China, as well as in Taiwan, Singapore, and other Southeast Asian nations with sizable overseas Chinese populations.

Hong Kong[edit]



Mi goreng with chicken and shrimp in Jakarta.
A soto mi with Bogor-style.
Kwetiau goreng served with acar pickles and fried shallot sprinkles.


Hōtō is a popular regional dish originating from Yamanashi, Japan made by stewing flat udon noodles and vegetables in miso soup.

Japanese noodles are a staple part of Japanese cuisine. They are often served chilled with dipping sauces, or in soups or hot dishes.[2]







Fideo is the Spanish word for noodle. While in other Spanish-speaking countries fideo can refer to many kinds of pasta, in Spain the word is reserved for the short variety of vermicelli.[citation needed]


Pad Thai from a street stall in Chiang Mai


United States[edit]



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