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This list of sailors includes any seagoing person who does not qualify for the list of sea captains. It includes both professional and amateur sailors.


  • Raymond Bailey, American actor, Milburn Drysdale, on The Beverly Hillbillies
  • Rupert Davies, British actor, title role on the BBC's Maigret
  • Peter Falk, American actor, Columbo
  • James Garner, American actor, Jim Rockford on The Rockford Files
  • Sterling Hayden, American actor and author, Gen. Jack D. Ripper in Dr. Strangelove
  • Jack Lord, American actor, Steve McGarret on Hawaii Five-O
  • Carroll O'Connor, American actor, Archie Bunker on All in the Family
  • Denver Pyle, American actor, Uncle Jesse Duke on The Dukes of Hazzard
  • George Sewell, English actor, Frank Cottam on The Detectives; steward
  • Frederick Treves, much loved English character actor with over a hundred credits in theatre, television, and film
  • Clint Walker, American actor, Cheyenne Bodie on Cheyenne
  • Jack Warden, American actor, Emmy Award-winning, Academy Award-nominated


  • Dave Broadfoot, Canadian comedian
  • George Roper, English stand-up comedian best known for work on television series The Comedians


Labor leaders[edit]

Maritime industry[edit]


Musicians and composers[edit]


Politics and activism[edit]

  • Alvin Baldus, former Democratic member of Congress
  • Traian Băsescu, President of Romania, inaugurated in 2004
  • Gordon Canfield, Republican congressman from New Jersey
  • Alfonso J. Cervantes, forty-third Mayor of Saint Louis, Missouri
  • Frederick Arthur Cobb, Labour Party politician in the United Kingdom
  • Mark Croucher, Director of Communications for the UK Independence Party, pub landlord, journalist, former radio officer
  • Arthur Davidson, British Labour Party Member of Parliament
  • Jim Folsom, Democratic Governor of the U.S. state of Alabama
  • Ian Doric Glachan, Australian politician, member of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly
  • Brian Haw, British peace activist
  • Harry Haywood, a leading African American member of both the Communist Party of the United States (CPUSA) and the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU)
  • John Horner, British firefighter, trade unionist and politician
  • Emmanuel Iheanach, Minister of Federal Republic of Nigeria, Master Mariner, sea captain
  • Piet de Jong, Prime Minister of the Netherlands
  • Wayne Mapp, New Zealand politician
  • Alfred von Niezychowski, Polish noble, German Count, author and lecturer, and American politician
  • Jack O'Dell, prominent African-American member of the U.S. civil rights movement
  • Albert Owen, Welsh politician, Labour Party MP for Ynys Môn
  • John Prescott, British Labour Party politician, Deputy Prime Minister, First Secretary of State and Member of Parliament, a steward and waiter
  • Joseph Resnick, Democratic congressman from New York
  • Montfort Stokes, Democratic Senator
  • John S. Watson, New Jersey politician
  • Terry Wynn, retired Labour Party Member of the European Parliament for North West England


  • Alex Bonner, American Emmy Award-winning radio and television producer
  • John Clark, English actor, director, producer, and ex-husband of Lynn Redgrave
  • John Kenley, former American theatrical producer
  • Oliver Stone, three-time Academy Award-winning American film director and screenwriter

Radio industry[edit]

Real estate[edit]

Science, engineering, and architecture[edit]

Social scientists[edit]


Visual arts[edit]

Writers and publishers[edit]


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