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This is a list of novellas that have been recognised as the best examples of the genre. A novella is a fiction work longer than a short story but shorter than a novel.[1] It is generally thought to be between around 20,000 and 40,000 words in length.[2]

List of novellas[edit]

This list contains novellas that have been recognized as the best examples of the genre. The first table contains those books that are widely considered to be the best, through their appearance on multiple best-of lists.[3][4][5][6][7] The second table contains other notable novellas, that have appeared on only one best-of list.

Novellas that appear on multiple best-of lists
Title Author Published References
Animal Farm Orwell, GeorgeGeorge Orwell 1945 [3][4][6][7]
Billy Budd Melville, HermanHerman Melville 1924 [4][7]
Breakfast at Tiffany's Capote, TrumanTruman Capote 1958 [3][4]
A Christmas Carol Dickens, CharlesCharles Dickens 1843 [3][4][6]
A Clockwork Orange Burgess, AnthonyAnthony Burgess 1962 [3][5]
Ethan Frome Wharton, EdithEdith Wharton 1911 [4][5]
Goodbye, Columbus Roth, PhilipPhilip Roth 1959 [5][7]
Heart of Darkness Conrad, JosephJoseph Conrad 1899 [4][5][6][7]
I Am Legend Matheson, RichardRichard Matheson 1954 [5][6]
The Metamorphosis Kafka, FranzFranz Kafka 1915 [3][4][6][7]
Of Mice and Men Steinbeck, JohnJohn Steinbeck 1937 [3][6]
The Old Man and the Sea Hemingway, ErnestErnest Hemingway 1952 [3][5][6][7]
Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Stevenson, Robert LouisRobert Louis Stevenson 1886 [3][4]
The Stranger Camus, AlbertAlbert Camus 1942 [3][4][5]
The War of the Worlds Wells, H. G.H. G. Wells 1898 [4][7]
Other notable novellas
Title Author Published Reference
The Sense of an Ending Barnes, JulianJulian Barnes 2011 [5]
Seize the Day Bellow, SaulSaul Bellow 1956 [7]
The Awakening Chopin, KateKate Chopin 1899 [8]
The Alchemist Coelho, PauloPaulo Coelho 1988 [5]
I, Tituba: Black Witch of Salem Conde, MaryseMaryse Conde 1992 [8]
Pafko at the Wall DeLillo, DonDon DeLillo 2001 [5]
The Gambler Dostoyevsky, FyodorFyodor Dostoyevsky 1867 [7]
Silas Marner Eliot, GeorgeGeorge Eliot 1956 [7]
Heartburn Ephron, NoraNora Ephron 1986 [8]
The Bookshop Fitzgerald, PenelopePenelope Fitzgerald 1978 [8]
Chronicle of a Death Foretold García Márquez, GabrielGabriel García Márquez 1981 [7]
No One Writes to the Colonel García Márquez, GabrielGabriel García Márquez 1961 [7]
The Tenth Man Greene, GrahamGraham Greene 1985 [5]
Phaniyamma Indira, M. K.M. K. Indira 1977 [8]
The Aspern Papers James, HenryHenry James 1888 [7]
Daisy Miller James, HenryHenry James 1879 [7]
The Turn of the Screw James, HenryHenry James 1898 [7]
The Country of the Pointed Firs Jewett, Sarah OrneSarah Orne Jewett 1896 [8]
The Dead Joyce, JamesJames Joyce 1914 [7]
Flowers for Algernon Keyes, DanielDaniel Keyes 1959 [3]
Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption King, StephenStephen King 1982 [6]
The Sojourn Krivak, AndrewAndrew Krivak 2011 [5]
Passing[9] Larsen, NellaNella Larsen 1929 [4]
Quicksand (Larsen novel) Larsen, NellaNella Larsen 1928 [8]
The Fifth Child Lessing, DorisDoris Lessing 1988 [8]
The Wife of Martin Guerre Lewis, JanetJanet Lewis 1941 [8]
The Photograph Lively, PenelopePenelope Lively 2003 [5]
The Shadow Over Innsmouth Lovecraft, H.P.H.P. Lovecraft 1931 [5]
Fly Away Peter Malouf, DavidDavid Malouf 1982 [5]
Death in Venice Mann, ThomasThomas Mann 1912 [7]
Shopgirl Martin, SteveSteve Martin 2000 [5]
Property (novel) Martin, ValerieValerie Martin 2003 [8]
The Member of the Wedding McCullers, CarsonCarson McCullers 1946 [8]
Bartleby, the Scrivener Melville, HermanHerman Melville 1853 [7]
Something Special Murdoch, IrisIris Murdoch 1957 [5]
Black Water Oates, Joyce CarolJoyce Carol Oates 1992 [5]
The Housekeeper and the Professor Ogawa, YokoYoko Ogawa 2009 [8]
Last Night at the Lobster O'Nan, StewartStewart O'Nan 2007 [5]
True Grit Portis, CharlesCharles Portis 1968 [10]
Brokeback Mountain Proulx, AnnieAnnie Proulx 1997 [5]
The Crying of Lot 49 Pynchon, ThomasThomas Pynchon 1965 [5]
Wide Sargasso Sea Rhys, JeanJean Rhys 1966 [8]
Bonjour, Tristesse Sagan, FrancoiseFrancoise Sagan 1954 [8]
One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich Solzhenitsyn, AleksandrAleksandr Solzhenitsyn 1962 [7]
The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie Spark, MurielMuriel Spark 1960 [8]
The Pearl[11] Steinbeck, JohnJohn Steinbeck 1947 [4]
The Death of Ivan Ilyich Tolstoy, LeoLeo Tolstoy 1886 [7]
We the Animals Torres, JustinJustin Torres 2011 [5]
Candide Voltaire 1759 [5]
Two Old Women Wallis, VelmaVelma Wallis 1993 [8]
The Time Machine Wells, H. G.H. G. Wells 1895 [5]
The Bunner Sisters Wharton, EdithEdith Wharton 1916 [8]
Madame de Treymes Wharton, EdithEdith Wharton 1907 [8]
Kitchen (novel) Yoshimoto, BananaBanana Yoshimoto 1988 [5]


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