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This page lists all of the numbered regional roads in the Regional Municipality of Halton, Ontario, Canada.

Number Names Western/Southern Terminus Eastern/Northern Terminus Major Communities Comments
Halton Regional Road 1.svg Guelph Line Interchange with Queen Elizabeth Way/Highway 403 (QEW Exit 102) Eramosa-Milton Townline (boundary with Wellington County, Ontario, continues as Wellington CR 44) Burlington, Milton, Campbellville Passes by the Mohawk Raceway
Halton Regional Road 3.svg Trafalgar Road, Speers Road Intersection with Erin-Halton Hills Townline, Wellington CR 24, and Wellington CR 42 (32nd SideRoad, boundary with Wellington County, continues as Wellington CR 24). Oakville, Hornby, Georgetown Very busy road which serves as the primary north-south artery of Oakville, and connects Oakville with Georgetown. Has a 4 km break northwest of Georgetown as Highway 7 follows its baseline.
Halton Regional Road 4.svg James Snow Parkway RR 7 (soon to be extended to Highway 407 Exit 18) West of RR 25 Milton, Oakville (future) Currently short, but extensions are planned, and the northern extension is already under construction. Planned southern terminus is an extended Neyagawa Boulevard, terminating at RR 38 (Upper Middle Road) in Oakville.
Halton Regional Road 5.svg Dundas Street Evans Road (boundary with the City of Hamilton; continues as Hamilton RR 5) 9th Line (boundary with the Regional Municipality of Peel) Burlington, Oakville Major artery in the southern part of Halton RM, quite busy at times.
Halton Regional Road 6.svg Britannia Road RR 22 9th Line (boundary with Peel RM, continues as Peel RR 3) Milton
Halton Regional Road 7.svg Derry Road Milburough Line (boundary with the City of Hamilton) 9th Line (boundary with Peel RM, continues as Peel RR 5) Kilbride, Milton
Halton Regional Road 8.svg Steeles Avenue RR 22 Winston Churchill Boulevard (Halton RR 25/Peel RR 19, boundary with Peel RM, continues as Peel RR 15) Kelso, Milton Brief concurrency with RR 25
Halton Regional Road 9.svg Campbellville Road Milburough Line (boundary with City of Hamilton, continues as Hamilton CR 518) RR 1 Milton (Campbellville)
Halton Regional Road 10.svg 10th Sideroad RR 3 Halton RR 25/Peel RR 19 Georgetown, Norval Passes along the southern edge of Georgetown before merging with RR25 on the west end of Norval.
Halton Regional Road 11.svg Maple Avenue RR 3 Ninth Line Georgetown Passes through Georgetown's downtown and central business district
Halton Regional Road 13.svg Mountainview Road, 9th Line RR8, Speers Road RR 10 Oakville, Halton Hills One of the main roads into Georgetown, discontinuous between RR8 and RR5 where Ninth Line is in the jurisdiction of the City of Mississauga.
Halton Regional Road 17.svg Dorval Drive Lakeshore Road RR 38 (Upper Middle Road) Oakville
Halton Regional Road 18.svg Brant Street Interchange with QEW RR 5 (Dundas Street) Burlington
Peel Regional Road 19.svg
Peel RR
signs used
Winston Churchill Boulevard, Adamson Street, King Street Lakeshore Road in Oakville Intersection with Wellington CR 42 (Boundary with Wellington County, continues as Peel RR 19/Wellington CR 25) Terra Cotta, Norval, Georgetown, Oakville Shared regional road with Peel Region, but signed as Peel RR19 only. Named after Sir Winston Churchill, former British Prime Minister during the Second World War. Acts as the boundary between Peel RM and Halton RM. Discontinuous from Steeles Avenue (RR 8) to Dundas Street (RR 5), as the Region line moves west and the road is fully in Peel RM (Mississauga).
Halton Regional Road 20.svg Appleby Line Interchange with Queen Elizabeth Way RR 7 (Derry Road) Burlington
Halton Regional Road 21.svg Burloak Drive, Upper Middle Road Interchange with QEW RR 20 (Appleby Line) Oakville, Burlington
Halton Regional Road 22.svg Tremaine Road RR 5 5th Sideroad Milton, Milton Heights
Halton Regional Road 24.svg Milburough Line RR 7 (Derry Road) Kilbride
Halton Regional Road 25.svg Bronte Road, Ontario Street, Steeles Avenue, Martin Street, Main Street Speers Road Erin-Halton Hills Townline (boundary with Wellington County, continues as Wellington CR 125) Burlington, Milton, Milton Heights, Acton Formerly Highway 25. Has a brief concurrency with RR 8. Note: Peel RR 19 is also signed as Halton RR 25 on maps from the Region boundary to Terra Cotta (roughly 5 km).
Halton Regional Road 27.svg Burnhamthorpe Road RR 25 RR 13 Oakville
Halton Regional Road 32.svg 32nd Sideroad Fourth Line Boundary with Wellington County
Halton Regional Road 34.svg 20th Sideroad Concession 11 (boundary with Wellington County, continues as Wellington CR 34) RR 1 Basically an extension of Wellington CR 34
Halton Regional Road 38.svg Upper Middle Road RR 25 Peel RR 19 (Winston Churchill Boulevard) Burlington, Oakville
40 William Halton Parkway RR 25 Third Line (with planned extension) Oakville

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