List of numbered roads in Muskoka District

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This is a list of numbered roads in the District Municipality of Muskoka, Ontario.

County Road # Local Name(s) Southern/Western Terminus Northern/Eastern Terminus Settlements served Additional Notes
1 Gravenhurst Parkway District Road 6 King's Highway 118 Muskoka Falls
2 Brunel Road
West Road
Ravenscliffe Road
District Road 117 Parry Sound district limits Baysville, Newholm, Britannia Road, Huntsville, Ravenscliffe, Ilfracombe
3 Aspdin Road
Main Street
Muskoka Road
Parry Sound district limits King's Highway 11 Tomelin Bluffs, Aspdin, Huntsville
4 Monck Road
Manitoba Street
Raymond Road
Windermere Road
District Road 118 5 Avenue, Windermere Bracebridge, Falkenburg Station, Beatrice, Ufford, Dee Bank, Windermere
5 Honey Harbour Road Highway 400 the South Bay, Honey Harbour Macey Bay, Honey Harbour
6 Doe Lake Road
Housey's Rapids Road
Kawartha Lakes city (old Victoria County) limits District Road 1 Riley Lake, Houseys Rapids, Doe Lake
7 Peninsula Road District Road 118 Parry Sound district limits Port Sandfield, Gregory, Minett
8 Limberlost Road King's Highway 60 West Camp Lake Road Brooks Mills, Camp Lake
9 South Portage Road
Sherbrooke Street
District Road 2 King's Highway 60 Bona Vista, South Portage
10 Port Sydney Road
Britannia Road
King's Highway 11 District Road 9 Port Sydney, Muskoka Lodge, Britannia Road
11 High Street Lake Joseph Road Healey Lake Road MacTier Part of Ontario Highway 612 prior to 1997.
12 12 Mile Bay Road O'Donnell Point Provincial Nature Reserve Highway 400 Galla Lake, Twelve Mile Bay, Moose Deer Point native reserve
13 Southwood Road King's Highway 11 District Road 169 Sophers Landing, Southwood, Woodward Station
14 Fraserburg Road District Road 37 Pine Lake 4 Road Bracebridge, Rocksborough, Fraserburg
15 Santa's Village Road
Golden Beach Road
District Road 118 District Road 118 Alport, Golden Beach, Bangor Lodge
16 Beaumont Drive
Ecclestone Drive
St. Elmo Drive District Road 42 St. Elmo
17 Muskoka Beach Road Winewood Avenue East, Gravenhurst District Road 118 Gravenhurst, Muskoka Beach
18 Muskoka Road District Road 169 Cliff Bay, Lake Muskoka Gravenhurst, Muskoka Beach
19 Beiers Road District Road 13 King's Highway 11 none minor connecting route
20 Doe Lake Road
Uffington Road
District Road 6 King's Highway 118 none minor rural route
21 Fox Point Road Echo Bay Road King's Highway 35 Bondi Village, Lumina, Fox Point
22 Port Cunnington Road Arts Road District Road 21 Port Cunnington, Bondi Village
23 Canal Road
North Portage Road
King's Highway 60 District Road 9 Canal, North Portage, South Portage
24 Deebank Road District Road 4 King's Highway 141 Dee Bank, Ullswater
25 Brackenrig Road District Road 118 District Road 4 Brackenrig
26 Mortimers Point Road
Foreman Road
District Road 169 District Road 118 Rossclair
28 Juddhaven Road District Road 7 Morinus Road Minett, Morinus, Juddhaven
29 Acton Island Road District Road 169 Innisfree Road Acton Island
30 Barlochan Road District Road 169 Breezy Point Road Barlochan
31 Yearley Road District Road 3 Axe Lake Road Aspdin, Stanleydale, Yearley
32 Go Home Lake Road Lagoon Road Highway 400 Potters Landing
33 South Gibson Lake Road Highway 400 Hungry Bay Road Gibson Lake
34 Whites Road Highway 400 Simcoe County limity Big Chute
35 Raymond Road District Road 4 King's Highway 141 none minor connecting route
36 Beaver Creek Drive District Road 1 Beaver Creek Institution gates Beaver Creek prison
37 Cedar Lane King's Highway 11 District Road 42 Bracebridge
38 District Road 38 Highway 400 District Road 169 Sahanatien, Bala Formerly Secondary Highway 660
39 Main Street King's Highway 35 District Road 117 Dorset
41 Bethune Drive North
County Road 40
Brock Street, Gravenhurst King's Highway 11 Gravenhurst
42 Taylor Road
Monsell Road
District Road 4 District Road 14 Bracebridge, Monsell
44 South Mary Lake Road King's Highway 11 District Road 10 Port Sydney
45 Etwell Road
Hoodstown Road
District Road 3 District Road 2 Norvern Shores, Etwell
46 Bonnie Lake Road
Stephenson Road 1 East
Deer Lake Road
District Road 117 District Road 10 Fawn Lake
47 Hewlitt Road
Falkenburg Road
District Road 118 District Road 4 Bardsville, Falkenburg Station
48 South Bay Road District Road 5 Highway 400 South Bay
49 Canning Road Simcoe County limits District Road 13 Hamlet
50 High Falls Road District Road 4 King's Highway 11 none minor connecting route
51 Echo Lake Road District Road 117 South Ril Lake Road Echo Lake, Ril Lake
117 District Road 117 King's Highway 11 King's Highway 35 Baysville, Nith Grove, Grandview, Browns Brae, Grove Park
118 District Road 118
Wellington Street
Ecclestone Drive
District Road 169 King's Highway 11 Glen Orchard, Port Carling, Valley Green Beach, Willow Beach, Bracebridge
169 District Road 169
Bay Street
Brock Street
Bethune Drive South
Lake Joseph Road King's Highway 11 Foot's Bay, Glen Orchard, Bala, Torrance, Hardy Lake, West Gravenhurst, Gravenhurst