List of numbered roads in Simcoe County

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Simcoe County roads (blue) and Ontario Highways (green).

This is a list of numbered county roads in Simcoe County, Ontario.[1]

A newer-style Simcoe County Road shield.
An older-style Simcoe County Road shield.

County Road # Local Name(s) Western/Northern Terminus (&) Eastern/Southern Terminus (&) Cities it passes by (Within Simcoe County) Additional Notes/Traffic
Simcoe Road 1 sign.png 8th Line; Main Street Simcoe County / Dufferin County Boundary Simcoe County Road 27 New Tecumseth; Bradford West Gwillimbury; Adjala–Tosorontio
Simcoe Road 3 sign.png Shores Acres Road Simcoe County Road 4 Simcoe County Road 39 Innisfil
Simcoe Road 4 sign.png Barrie Street; Yonge Street Mapleview Drive East Line 8 Bradford West Gwillimbury; Innisfil Formerly part of Ontario Highway 11 Extension of Yonge Street
Simcoe Road 5 sign.png Simcoe County Road 5; Main Street Everett Mulmur Tosorontio Townline Road/Dufferin County Road 17 Intersection (Simcoe County/Dufferin County Boundary) Simcoe County Road 15 Everett, Adjala-Tosorontio
Simcoe Road 6 sign.png Simcoe County Road 6 Lafontaine Road Simcoe County Road 27 Wyevale, Perkinsfield, Tiny
Simcoe Road 7 sign.png Simcoe County Road 7 Wasaga Beach/Clearview Boundary Ontario Highway 26 Clearview
Simcoe Road 8 sign.png Canal Road Grencer Road Highway 9 Bradford West Gwillimbury
Simcoe Road 9 sign.png Simcoe County Road 9; Louisa Street Simcoe County Road 124/Grey County Road 124 Simcoe County Road 10 New Lowell, Creemore, Springwater, Clearview, Cashtown Corners, Dunedin
Simcoe Road 10 sign.png Queen Street; Tottenham Road; Mill Street; Brentwood Road; Sunnidale Road Wasaga Beach/Clearview Boundary Highway 9 New Tecumseth; Essa; Clearview Road is split into 2 portions. First portion goes from Highway 9 to Simcoe County Road 90 in Angus. Follow Simcoe County Road 90 east to access the second portion from Simcoe County Road 90 to Wasaga Beach
Simcoe Road 11 sign.png Old Barrie Road Simcoe County Road 93 Ontario Highway 11/Ontario Highway 12 South interchange Orillia, Oro–Medonte
Simcoe Road 12 sign.png Simcoe County Road 12; Main Street Lisle Mulmur-Tosorontio Townline (Simcoe County/Dufferin County Boundary) Simcoe County Road 13 Adjala-Tosorontio, Lisle, Airlie Originally had an eastern terminus of Canadian Forces Base Borden
Simcoe Road 13 sign.png Simcoe County Road 13 Main Street Lisle Ontario Highway 89 Everett, Lisle, Adjala-Tosorontio
Simcoe Road 14 sign.png 5th Line Simcoe County Road 50 Simcoe County Road 10 New Tecumseth; Adjala–Tosorontio
Simcoe Road 15 sign.png King Street North Canadian Forces Base Borden Ontario Highway 89 Essa
Simcoe Road 16 sign.png Simcoe County Road 16 Ontario Highway 12/Ontario Highway 400 Interchange Ontario Highway 12/Sturgeon Bay Road Intersection Tiny, Coldwater, Waubaushene Former Route of Ontario Highway 12 before it ran concurrent with Ontario Highway 400 between Exits 141 and 147
Simcoe Road 17 sign.png Upper Big Chute Road; River Street Big Chute Marine Railway Crossing (Simcoe County/Muskoka Region Boundary) Sturgeon Bay Road, Coldwater Severn Falls, Coldwater, Severn Township
Simcoe Road 18 sign.png West Street;Burnside Line Orillia; Port Severn
Simcoe Road 19 sign.png Queen Street East; South Orr Lake Road; Moonstone Road Simcoe County Road 27 Ontario Highway 12 Moonstone, Orr Lake, Elmvale, Oro-Medonte, Springwater Continuation of CR 92
Simcoe Road 20 sign.png Shanty Bay Road; Ridge Road; Oro-Medonte Line 11 Barrie/Oro-Medonte Town Boundary Ontario Highway 11 Oro–Medonte
Simcoe Road 21 sign.png Innisfil Beach Road; Robert Street; Murphy Road Simcoe County Road 15 20th Sideroad Innisfil Road is split into 2 portions. First portion is from Simcoe County Road 15 to Simcoe County Road 27 in Thornton. Follow Simcoe County Road 27 north to access second portion of road from Simcoe County Road 27 to Simcoe County Road 39.
Simcoe Road 22 sign.png Horseshoe Valley Road Ontario Highway 26 Ontario Highway 12 Springwater; Oro-Medonte Horsehoe Valley Road is considered Horseshoe Valley Road West from Highway 26 to Simcoe County Road 93 and is Horseshoe Valley Road East from Simcoe County Road 93 to Highway 12.
Simcoe Road 23 sign.png Vasey Road Ontario Highway 93 Ontario Highway 400/Ontario Highway 12 Waverley, Vasey, Coldwater, Tay, Oro-Medonte Runs along the border of Tay Township and Oro-Medonte Township
25 Balm Beach Road Simcoe County Road 6 Simcoe County Road 93 Midland, Tiny, Perkinsfield
26 Lafontaine Road Cedar Point Road Robert Street West (Penetanguishene/Tiny Township Town Boundary) Penetanguishene, Lafontaine, Tiny
Simcoe County Road 27.JPG Highway 27 Ontario Highway 93 Highway 9 New Tecumseth; Bradford West Gwillimbury; Innisfil; Essa; Elmvale Split into 2 portions. First portion from Highway 9 to Simcoe County Road 90. Second portion is from Midhurst (Bayfield Street/Highway 26 intersection) to Waverley.
Simcoe County Road 28.JPG George Johnston Road Highway 26 Simcoe County Road 90 Springwater
29 Crossland Road Horseshoe Valley Road Concession Road 4 W, Tiny Township Crossland, Allenwood, Gibson, Springwater
30 (Defunct)
Essa Road Mapleview Drive Simcoe County Road 27 Barrie; Downloaded to the expanded city of Barrie as of January 1, 2010.,[2] No longer signed as Simcoe County Road 30
32 Sixth Street, Poplar Sideroad, Nottawasaga Concession 10 North Simcoe County Road 34/Grey County Road 19 (Simcoe County/Grey County Boundary) Ontario Highway 26 Clearview, Collingwood
33 (Defunct)
Nottawasaga Sideroad 33/34 Simcoe County Road 34/Grey County Road 19 (Simcoe County/Grey County Boundary) Simcoe County Road 124 Clearview Decommissioned and no longer signed as Simcoe County Road 33
34 Osler Bluff Road Highway 26 Grey County Road 19/Collingwood Clearview Townline intersection Follows boundary between Simcoe County and Grey County. Concurrently known as Grey County Road 19
37 (Defunct)
Talbot Street Paradise Point Highway 12 Port McNicoll Decommissioned. Formerly the access road to Port McNicoll from Ontario Highway 12
38 (Defunct)
South Sparrow Lake Road Highway 11 Orillia; Port Severn; Decommissioned. Only indication that road was formerly a county road is signage on Ontario Highway 11
Simcoe County Road 39.JPG 20th Sideroad Simcoe County Road 21 Shore Acres Road Innisfil
Simcoe County Road 40.JPG Sunnidale Road; Baldwick Lane Simcoe County Road 90 Barrie/Springwater Town Boundary Springwater
41 (Defunct)
Simcoe Road Holland Street West (Simcoe Road 88)/Holland Street East (Simcoe Road 4)/Barrie Street (Simcoe Road 4) Intersection Canal Road Bradford, Bradford West Gwillimbury Decommissioned
Simcoe Road 42 sign.png Airport Road
Highway 26 Simcoe County/ Dufferin County Boundary Links Simcoe County with Toronto Pearson International Airport. One of the busiest rural roads in Simcoe County.
Simcoe County Road 43.JPG Snow Valley Drive George Johnston Road Highway 26 Springwater
44 Rama Road Simcoe County Road 169 Highway 12 Rama
45 Monck Road Rama Road Simcoe County Road 46; Simcoe County/Kawartha Lakes Boundary Ramara
46 Kirkfield Road; Simcoe County Road 46 Simcoe County Road 169 Simcoe County/Kawartha Lakes Boundary Ramara
47 Mara Carden Boundary Road; Simcoe County Road 47 Ontario Highway 12 Simcoe County/Kwartha Lakes Boundary Ramara
49 Memorial Avenue Ontario Highway 11/Oro-Medonte Line 15 Interchange Woodland Drive (Orillia/Oro-Medonte Boundary) Oro–Medonte; Orillia
50 Simcoe County Road 50 Highway 89 Highway 9, or the Simcoe County/Peel Region Boundary Adjala–Tosorontio Formerly Highway 50.
52 Coopers Falls Road Ontario Highway 11 Simcoe County/Muskoka Boundary Port Severn, Ontario This road is also referred to as Muskoka Road 6
53 Wilson Drive; Ferndale Drive North; 5th Line Innisfil; 5th Line Bradford West Gwillimbury Ontario Highway 26 Simcoe County Road 88 Springwater, Bradford West Gwillimbury, Innisfil Road split into two portions. First portion runs from Ontario Highway 26 to Barrie/Sprinwater town boundaries. Second portion runs from Barrie/Innisfil town boundaries to Simcoe County Road 88.
54 Huronia Road Barrie/Innisfil Townline Simcoe County Road 88 Innisfil
55 15th Sideroad New Tecumseth Ontario Highway 9 No longer signed. Only indication that road was formerly a county road is signage on Ontario Highway 9
56 Simcoe County Road 56 Simcoe County Road 90 Ontario Highway 89 Essa
57 Oro–Medonte Line 3 Oro–Medonte Often referred to as Gasoline Alley, for there are many gas stations and pumps along the intersection of this road and Highway 11
58 Old Fort Road Ontario Highway 12 Vasey Road Vasey, Tay
59 Quarry Road Ontario Highway 400 No longer signed. Only indication that road was formerly a county road is signage on Ontario Highway 400
60 River Road East, Tiny Beaches Road South, Concession Road 4 West Main Street, Wasaga Beach Simcoe County Road 6 Wasaga Beach, Tiny Former county road, no longer signed. Some GPS systems may still refer to road(s) as County Road 60
64 30/31 Sideroad Nottawasaga Ontario Highway 26 Site 10 Nottawasaga Landfill Clearview
Simcoe Road 88 sign.png Simcoe County Road 88 Ontario Highway 27 Simcoe County Road 4 Bradford West Gwillimbury Formerly Ontario Highway 88
Simcoe Road 89 sign.png Simcoe County Road 89 Highway 400 Simcoe County Road 4 Innisfil Extension of Ontario Highway 89
Simcoe Road 90 sign.png Mill Street; Simcoe County Road 90 Mill Street/Canadian Forces Base Borden Barrie/Essa Town Boundary Essa Formerly Ontario Highway 90
Simcoe Road 91 sign.png Simcoe County Road 91 Simcoe County Road 95/Grey County Road 31(Grey County/Simcoe County Boundary) Ontario Highway 26 Stayner, Duntroon, Clearview Formerly Ontario Highway 91 for portion between Stayner and Duntroon
92 River Road West; Queen Street Wasaga Beach/Springwater Boundary Simcoe County Road 27 Wasaga Beach, Springwater, Elmvale Formerly Ontario Highway 92, Originally had a western terminus of Ontario Highway 26
93 Penetanguishene Road Robert Street Springwater/Oro-Medonte/Barrie Townline Springwater, Midland, Dalston, Penetanguishene, Craighurst Formerly Ontario Highway 93, Split into 2 sections (First Section from Barrie to Highway 400/Highway 93 interchange, Second portion from Highway 12 to Penetanguishene)
95 Osprey-Clearview Townline Road Grey County Road 31/Osprey-Clearview Townline Road intersection Simcoe County Road 124/Grey County Road 124 Clearview Follows Simcoe County/Grey County Boundary. Concurrently labeled as Grey County Road 31.
96 Nottawasaga Sideroad 27/28 Ontario Highway 26 Simcoe County Road 7 Clearview
Simcoe Road 124 sign.png Simcoe County Road 124, Hurontario Street Collingwood/Clearview Boundary Nottawasaga/Mulmur Townline Road, Dufferin County (Simcoe County/Grey County/Dufferin County Boundary) Collingwood, Duntroon, Nottawa, Clearview, Singhampton Formerly Ontario Highway 24, shares portion of road between Singhampton and Nottawasaga/Mulmur Townline with Grey County (Concurrently labeled as Simcoe County Road 124/Grey County Road 124).
169 Simcoe County Road 169 Ontario Highway 11 Ontario Highway 12 Washago Formerly Highway 169.